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I've been working on a jumble of different things, but its time to focus! I was getting sidetracked by trying some design work. Which is fun but time consuming and well, its not much to be proud of. But now that its my turn to write in the Shattered Halo scene (YES epic battle time!), I've been reinspired to update all the character art…to start. Hopefully in due time I can get a whole new website made for it…that fits more with the theme than Lime Rose does.

And if I'm lucky one day I can make everyone write on a we can actually share what we do. Damn you gaia, damn you and your dress up avatars that make it impossible to run away. I'll dream anyways. While I'm dreaming one day everything we write will be accompanied by art so if the writing sucks at least theres something shiny to look at.

/way to wishful thinking
  • Listening to: sara bareilles
  • Reading: children being terroized
  • Watching: cupcake drama
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  • Eating: raisin bread
  • Drinking: water
over the last...few months by now?.. I was slowly redesigning my website. I think it's one of those occasional hobbies. Sit in front of comp for hours at a time and pay no heed to any other distractions but codecodecode! Because if theres a problem I will find a way to fix it. I really need some cheap coding books for dreamweaver and wordpress.

anyways ...
  • Listening to: joydrop
  • Reading: not code!
  • Playing: plants vs zombies
  • Drinking: juice
I know I never use this thing. But I just gotta say that my living situation is getting less and less bearable by the day. And its annoying. And I can't say that on facebook, haha. Oh status updates, how I hate thee.

But I am trying to sneak a hidden corner of this house into a little place for art. So I can make things again. Not on a (still) broken tablet. And then maybe I'll fashion myself a desk so I'm not typing on my bed anymore...
  • Listening to: typing.
  • Reading: what I'm typing
  • Watching: type being entered...
  • Playing: ok I give in. Ratched and Clank.
  • Eating: halloween candy.
  • Drinking: water..