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Zelda Race Meme

Oh my God this took so long you have no idea
But oddly, it was all fun. (the colouring and shading not so much but still. Usually I get sick of memes when still doing the lines and shizz.)

My computer can't really handle the filesize. Whoops.

Anyway um. Yes. I love Zelda, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone really. I'd wanted to do this meme for a long time but could never decide who to use. Finally settled on En cause... idk. I just did.

One thing I really liked about this meme was how differntly I had to draw some of them. Like the really round face for Goron and pointy noses for Zora and Gerudo and all that fun stuff. I need more diversity in my characters...

Ya'll know I like to over-explain so:

Hylian: Obviously just normal old Endrant but with elfy ears and more medieval-y made clothes.

Fairy: Because I didn't wanna cop-out and just do a little ball of light. He's so unhappy. =w=

Garo: Okay so. I actually added Hylian, Fairy and Garo. (Great Fairy down there was originally just Fairy) Because I wanted to. And because it made sense to me. idk why there was no Hylian or just a plain "this is what my character looks like normally" box but... Meh. Garo was because I couldn't find another race on the Wiki and this had their own page as a race so yeah. And love MM.

Goron: Never liked Gorons. (Fun fact: When I was little, I thought they were Potato People. I still call them that sometimes.) Though it was nice to know I CAN draw a fatty if I wanted to =w=

Zora: Much love for the Zora. Everyone loves the Zora (as far as I can tell). Even n is kinda happy to be a Zora :D

Deku: Deku were always so cute. I kept fighting with myself about having En have normal wooden hands or those leaves, but he needs long sleeves anyway so leaves it was. (fun fact: I always used to pronounce Deku as "Dew-ka." I'm retarded.)

Rito: I always liked the Rito, too. And ya'll know I love wings.

Skull Kid: Now, while I do love love LOVE MM Skull Kid, he's a character. So I went for the TP design. Which, after drawing my version and looking at some other people's versions, I actually quite like.

Twili: The little glowy markings were fun. Twili have like, long thin faces, though it doesn't look too much like it here... meh.

Gerudo: NOSE. It makes him look more manly xD Also gems and stuff cause, you know, the whole one man born every however many years is king and shit.

Sheikah: NINJA. You can't see his tiny ponytail because it's too dark, but no biggie. (fun fact: I pronounce Sheikah as "She-ki-ah." It's wrong, but I like it better.)

Minish: Everyone loves the minish. They're such cuties. Big eyyyes.

Oocca: and everyone hates the Oocca xD Hid him in a pot so I didn't have to draw much of it, but it's also fitting so HAW.

Great Fairy: I always loved the Wind Waker's Great Faries. Shading was awkward though, but it looks cool.

Tokay: I never played the Oracle games... /shame. Though I like Tokay!En, he's a cutie.

Kokiri: He doesn't look as young as he should, I guess. Maybe I should draw kids more...

Korok: I always liked these little guys. En is a sad one :c

Anouki: I played PH, but I don't remember these guys much xD Still, kinda cute I guess.

Keaton: It's hard to make Keatons look different than the normal ones. I just changed the colour and gave him a little bit of hair. And opened his eyes a tad.

Poe: (Originally "Any Enemy") Looking at other memes, seems Poe is the favourite. But I'm not gonna change my mind because of that, no sir Bc I originally did TP-Poe, but didn't like it much.

"En-En": (Originall "A Boss") So the original meme says to make a boss that suits the character, but you can use a Zelda boss if you want. I took Bongo-Bongo and edited him to be more En-ish, is all =w=

Yes, I'm done now, haha sorry xD

Endrant & art (c) ~TehArtMonkey
Zelda & races (c) Nintendo
Original Meme by *Ganea-Rebecca
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How the hell do I actually draw one of those characters!?  There's no maker for every one of them... is there?