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Photoshop Brush Basics

By TehAngelsCry
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A tutorial which was created from a suggestion on #Divine-Tutorials. It shows beginners how to use the brush tool, and the different options available.

I hope it's easy to understand, and if there's anything which you feel should be added, or something which doesn't quite make sense, do let me know.

After just downloading CS5 Extended, I've noticed that the symbols are different from CS3 Extended. If beginners are using CS5, just look for the brush tool ( the B shortcut still works ).

Comments and criticisms greatly appreciated :+fav: if you find this useful!
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Very useful tutorial.
The explanations are very clear and easy to understand for everybody, which is nice since not all tutorials are meant for people without any knowledge about the topic.

The lay out is also very good and well arranged...The graphics are used in a very helpful way and illustrates the theory making the concepts easier to understand.

I think you did a great work with this tutorial and I thank you for it, since it helped me to understand some things I always wanted to know about but never found a good theoretical resource.

It is very nice when experts take their time to help other people, specially for free...thank you again <img src="…" width="25" height="20" alt=":wave:" title="Hi!"/>
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I agree, I think this tutorial if very useful for beginners
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This is fantastic, I'm glad that you have considered this. Photoshop is very daunting in the beginning, I think that's why so many people turn to Paint Tool SAI because it was easier to learn. I'm also glad that people have suggested this for a DD because it will be useful to so many. :)
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I'm glad you found it useful! ^^ Are you new to Photoshop? I'll be happy to help with any problems you may have :) 
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Thank you for the offer, but I'm fine. I have been using Photoshop for nearly seven years now, but I still remember how hard it was when I first started. There was plenty of help with more complicated things, assuming you knew the basics. But there were no tutorials on the basics when I started out, so to see one for others is fantastic.
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Ahh! You're as ancient as me then :P I was lucky when I first started, my now fiance knew how to use it, and he taught me XD He took control of my PC to show me things (since I'm in the UK, and he was in NL) XD
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Thank you! :hug: Did you find this useful? :D
it's best :D thanks so much for the help :hug: :)
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No problem! ^_^ If you have any questions, just let me know! 
:hug: please look my note :)
ok my friend i wait your send :hug: :D
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No problem! If you have any specific problems, don't hesitate to ask ;)
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Thank you, again! :)
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nice for novice, good work
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Thank you! =) I hope it helped you learn something~!
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Good coverage on the basics for me!
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This is a very nice tutorial.
I was wondering ...since i love your tutorial so much i was
wondering if you can register on my site (Forum) and Post this tutorial in
the tutorial section of my forum located in the Graphics Area..
I would really appreciate it if you do.

You can check out the site here:
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Thank you for the offer, but no I won't be registering =)
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how much does photoshop cost like... i saw someone to about 1200 pounds... is it THAT expensive?? srsly.. that's more than my computer....
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