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June 20, 2012
The suggester says: "Colorful, well-designed and free! A useful pack of icons that everyone should check!"
20 Free Group Avatars: Collaboration! by ~TehAngelsCry & =Chibisuke-Chan
Featured by Hardrockangel
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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20 Free Group Avatars: Collaboration!

*phew* so, this collaboration with Chibisuke-Chan started off as an idea to make a whopping 100 free avatars! Over time that declined due to us both being in University, and having obvious university-esque constraints. In the end, we stopped at 10 each, making 20 freebies in total. Still the largest free group avatars pack on dA! Correct me if I'm wrong? XD

So yes, I made the 10 on the left, she made the 10 on the right. Also, to help with listing the fonts, this is the order which they are in:

- :icontehangelscry:- | - :iconchibisuke-chan: -
(1) ---- (6) | (11) --- (16)
(2) ---- (7) | (12) --- (17)
(3) ---- (8) | (13) --- (18)
(4) ---- (9) | (14) --- (19)
(5)----(10) | (15)----(20)

Fonts used:

1: Sketch Block
2: Century Gothic
3: Times New Roman
4: VAGRounded BT & Vivaldi
5: Baskerville Old Face
6: Book Antiqua
7: Elephant
8: Neuropol
9: Sylfaen
10: FTF Indonesiana Serif Hijauwana
11: Neon Club Music
12: Walkway Condensed Bold
13: RNS Camelia
14: Algerian
15: Courier
16: EthnocentricRg Regular
17: Times New Roman
19: Times New Roman
20: Arial

Credits:… | |… | | | |… | |…

How to use:

1 - Download the .zip.
2 - Extract the .PSD file.
3 - Open it in Photoshop.
4 - Select the avatar you want to use from the Group Layers, and look for the "Group Name" text file.
4a - If you don't have the required font, you can download them from:
5 - Edit the text to your own group name.
6 - Save as .PNG!

If you decide to use one of these buttons, let me know and I'll feature your group here =)

:iconmegsinkdragon: :icontutorialscollect: :iconyugiohfancharacters: :iconschool-protips: :iconmoonstruck-theatre: :iconshow-off-your-art: :iconoutcastsoftheworld: :iconshoe-designs: :iconfluphloversanonymous: :iconcommissions-unite: :iconeveryartist: :iconarteverything: :iconpleasant-adopts: :iconcreatanimegroup: :iconsocialphobics: :iconmonsterestates: :iconfantasy-trip: :iconresources-finder: :iconfashiongroup: :iconfmnf-books: :icondoodle-days:

Other free packs:
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© 2012 - 2021 TehAngelsCry
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Schemabunny's avatar
Hello! Can i commissioned you for one of these custom versions? :,0c
TehAngelsCry's avatar
I don't do commissions anymore :)
SilverAndFold's avatar
Hi, I don't have photoshop and was wondering if you could add the text for me? I'd like number 5, with the text, "3D Origami Creations", please. Sorry to bother you
la-mantra-mori's avatar
the files not opening and im sorry to bother you but could i have the galaxy one in the preview with the text rp wonderland if its not too much trouble? ;v;
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Hmm.. odd D: What are you trying to open it in? 
Could you confirm the number of the one you want? The numbers are listed in the description :)
la-mantra-mori's avatar
its 2 i believe!
and i tried opening it in gimp as i dont have photoshop
TehAngelsCry's avatar
la-mantra-mori's avatar
thank u very much!
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Quin-Arts's avatar
Can I change number 5 a bit, I dont have the correct editing thing to do it...
TehAngelsCry's avatar
What did you want doing to it? I can add a name for free, but I'd have to charge for any other amends.
Quin-Arts's avatar
i want it to say animadoptables but the only way on my tablet for me to do that is to take a screenshot of it white out the insert name here is and put animadoptables and im done, but it would be nice if you could name it for me
TehAngelsCry's avatar
I can certainly add the name on it for free :)
Quin-Arts's avatar
Thx I would love that
TehAngelsCry's avatar
eroticdesigns's avatar
Nice Colab and sharing Good Job
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Thank you :3 Do let me know if you decide to use one !
Rockin-Anime's avatar
Thank you :D I used it for my group
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Looks great! I've featured your group above ^_^
Nixxily's avatar
Thank yo! :)
Used for my group:
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Awesome! :la: I've featured your group above!
Nixxily's avatar
o wow! :blush: Thank you so much!!!
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