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December 26, 2010
Butter-Free by ~tehAne5ta ~tehAne5ta's stickers are awesome.
Featured by Ricardo-Rick
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Jan 8, 2011, 1:25:14 AM
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woxys's avatar
vynikající :aww:
Bart-vd-hout's avatar

& I'm not even french!


tehAne5ta's avatar
Thank You, glad YOu like it.
kiwi-pdd's avatar
Congrats on the DD :D
tehAne5ta's avatar
Well, my first DD, probably the las one. I jsut logged after a long time and said - oh my god, I have really huge number of messages, am I logged in a correct account? ( :
kiwi-pdd's avatar
Lol. I'm still waiting for one, probably in vain really :P
tehAne5ta's avatar
Maybe one day( : I have never thought that stickers could be that favourite.
kiwi-pdd's avatar
Well I'm onto a losing game because I'm most likely to get one for my stencil work. And quite frankly other peoples stencils are better :shrug:
tehAne5ta's avatar
it is all about the training( : My first stickers were really awful, shame that I do not have any of my old works. Just do not give it up( ;
kiwi-pdd's avatar
Oh I won't give up. Still headed for world domination, mhaha!
ElementChaosu's avatar
moc pěkně ty ( : a nejenom tenhle kousek. byla by z něj luxusní šablona...

/a pozdravuj trubky na zpovědce :D/
tehAne5ta's avatar
Na zpovedce zdech pes, obcas se juknu, napisu neco neslusneho 14ti letym trumpetam a zase mazu pryc. Sablony se mi z toho nechteji delat, na to jsem moc lina.
oh, wow. The first thing I saw was the face. Then I realized it formed a butterfly, and I was just... astounded. :)

I can totally see this on a wall, as a decal... or even a tattoo? That would be awesome :D
hail-the-oblivious's avatar
first I was like: "I dont know what's so special about this"
then I noticed the wings look like two faces and went: OMG AWESOME
tehAne5ta's avatar
Thanks for the comment, well, I am wondering how many people just looked at that picture and thought "I dont know what's so special about this", but it would be a huge number I guess.( :
hail-the-oblivious's avatar
well, that only shows who's actually paying attention and caring about art. People who appreciate art will take a closer look rather than just moving to another, "prettier" picture :la:
I personally think effect you've achieved with this sticker is very impressive. It seems so simple yet there's moar behind it, and I like that. :dummy:
tehAne5ta's avatar
i can understand those people, because there are wonderful pictures in the daily deviations, and my picture was really awful. I decided to capture a better picuture, so I guess that people will now pay more attention to that simple idea. (I felt really bad that picture like that was a DD ( :
Sympli-Me's avatar
-whines- I want one lol beautiful works! :bow:
tehAne5ta's avatar
I am really glad that You like this sticker, not the best Ive made, but its a DD ( :
Sympli-Me's avatar
Any tutorials in ur future? ^_^
tehAne5ta's avatar
I made one in the past [link]

but I was thinking about another one, and especially better one( :
Sympli-Me's avatar
It does help but I have no clue what material would work to make it a sticker ><
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