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Favourite Movies
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2006), Shaolin Soccer, The Fearless Hyena, Anything by Studio Ghibli.
Favourite TV Shows
Most Anime, Bleach, Cartoon Network, Paranormal State, Criminal Minds.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Plastic Tree (band), Motoi Sakuraba (composer)
Favourite Books
Tartuffe, Victorian/Edwardian/1800-esque plays, poetry, almost anything by my favorite Authors or similar works..
Favourite Writers
William Shakespeare, Edgar Alan Poe, Molière, Lord Byron and the like.
Favourite Games
StarOcean: the second story (PSx).
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS1-PS2, DS, Gamecube, XBox360, PSP.
Tools of the Trade
Common sense, a computer with a keyboard and mouse, creativity, and an aesthetic view.
Other Interests
gaming, anime, manga, writing, jewelry, old english literature, MMORPGs, victorian, edwardian, 1800s


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Just thought I'd let all my dA watchers, know that I'll be switching accounts. This is my new account -> ~SweetChocoPrince (https://www.deviantart.com/sweetchocoprince) I'm still in the process of moving deviations (mostly pixels and sprites) as well as refaving (everything outside of the folders), and rejoining groups and things from this account. So please bare with me.. Rewatch and fav my new uploads though, because the old deviations might get deleted if I decide to deactivate this account; which is LIKELY. Once again, sorry for the move.. but this username isn't my thing anymore, plus I need to get a boost of organization. Happy holidays and soon a new year. ^^
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OC Meme

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1) Choose one or more of your own characters. 2) Make them answer the following questions. 3) When you're done, tag as many people as you want. 4) Have fun! Let's start! 1 Dallas (AE) 2 Edward (AE) 3 Kael (AE) 4 Kuja (AE) 5 Salem (AE/CH) 1) Can you tell me your name? Dallas: "Dallas Redd, but I have lot's of aliases.. *holds out arm, bragging* I think it's safe to go with real names for now, though." Edward: "Edward Langley. Pleased to meet you. ^_^" Kael: "Kael Ch'ien! Sun Temple Master and future hero of Tresern! ...Hey, it needs a hero.. so I think it's up for grabs. >.> Oh you weren't asking who I was? Just my name? Well that
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Trying out Tegaki, since an artist on dA linked me to the site. I only drew my profile pic. ._. http://tewi.us/tegaki/about.php?u=138422 I love how the eye on the left came out. *bows to his shiny, sexy right eye* XDD Why can't I replicate it on the other side?? Urgh. Lolz @ the bedroom eyes. I didn't intend that.. *waves* Nor did I intend his eyebrow higher on one side... Also excuse the orangey bright palette, I didn't see the add your own palette option until I had finished. I took so long on that dumb picture, can you even tell? >.< I don't like how the right-click zoom in tends to make a line through my art like MSPaint..
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'Ello! Founder of :iconwelovepoppycock: poppin' in. Just thought I'd let you know that we're hosting a new monster-themed contest (in case you didn't catch the journal entry). :meow: You can read up on it here if you're curious! We're allowing a lot of artistic freedom with this one, so it should be a lot of fun.

We'd love to get a lot of entries, so if you feel inclined to join, don't hesitate! We hope you'll consider it! :3
Happy birthday! ??
Thank you for the fav!
Thankyou for the Fav. <3
thanks for the fave~
Thanks for the fav in my adventuire time meme!
No problem, but may I ask if you know where to find the blank meme? I can't seem to find it. Every time I see a link, the page was no longer there. : <