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Custom MLP Desktop/Shortcut Icon Pack 1

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Here's my first pack of custom MLP desktop/shortcut icons. There's 20 different icons.

Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Bon Bon
DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch)
Big Macintosh
Sweetie Belle
Apple Bloom
Daring Do

There are two separate versions of each icon. One is a normal, 30x30 icon...and the other is a larger 45x45 icon which is for if you run the "large icons" option. Each one has a transparent background. I have not tested this out on any OS other than XP, so if you have another OS and try this, let me know how well it works.

EDIT: Confirmed working on Windows 7.

Here's a....preview of sorts. These are the icons from this that I am currently using. I don't show desktop icons, so these are the only ones you see.


Also, after I do one more icon pack of in-show characters, I plan to do an OC-only icon pack. There's no minimum or maximum to the number of OCs I'll put in there, so feel free to shoot me a message or comment or whatever if you want your OC in on it...I WILL need previously-done art of your OC first though, preferably in vector format (I can deal with some non-vector stuff though, like if there's a background).
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Nice job awesome work it's really amazing