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Darths and Droids Retelling 1

By Teh-Gardy
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My interpretation of the players of Darths and Droids comic 70 [link]
I made some of the panels too small, so do forgive me for that.
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phineas81707's avatar
Look at the last panel with the knowledge the two eventually get married.

...Not the weirdest first meeting.
garciarael's avatar
Where's retelling 2 coming out? 
X-I-L2048's avatar
OMG! Someone actually did fanart for D&D! Everyone looks great, but I do like how you drew Jim. =D
VoadorChama's avatar
Behind the scenes, eh? :XD: Pete looks...evil for some reason; but Sally is adorable! I think Jim, Sally, and the GM are my favorites in the whole strip. :)
CookieAdrian's avatar
Can't you see? He has a morning shadow... morning shadow leads to a beard, a beard leads to goatee....
How excellent? Very. Very excellent. I'm a little disturbed that Jim looks like how I looked when we were writing that episode (complete with ponytail). And the GM is clearly DMM, which is quite wonderful. Oh, oh, and Ben looks very much like Mr Coker, right down to the polo shirt!
KingKuranes's avatar
Great interpretation! Sally's my favorite
joshthecartoonguy's avatar
I wanted to see if someone had done this yet. I always imagined Sally as a brunette, but you've conveyed their different personalities well by their facial features.
LizzywithaWhy's avatar
This is basically exactly how I imagine them. XD Love it.
AaronKTJ's avatar
Thanks! Glad I managed to draw them to fit their personalities.
eeveeon22's avatar
Jim is so smart.
AaronKTJ's avatar
Too smart for the common rules of the world.
Jpegurl-chan's avatar
XD Awesome! I love how Jim and Pete look.

Jim is the best, nya!
AaronKTJ's avatar
Thanks. He certainly is. =)
Zorua076's avatar
Oh Jim. You and your humor. Don't think I haven't noticed your goatee.

Or Pete's goatee stubble. Following Jim's logic, that explains so much.

Love the expressions. Annie's like WTF in the last panel.
AaronKTJ's avatar
Thanks! That Pete's a shifty one.
Kingofsouls's avatar
very gunny. I like how you gave Jim a ponytail and a beard.
Teh-Gardy's avatar
Thanks. Fairly obvious choice of design if you ask me.
booksandanimals2000's avatar
Jim's expressions made me lawl.
Teh-Gardy's avatar
Glad you like them.
MechPlasma's avatar
You really should start your own webcomic. I mean, you have the arts for it!
Teh-Gardy's avatar
Planning one, I'm drawing a few character pictures soon.
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