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Now with more links!

If you're going to get butthurt over someone being blunt about this, then stop reading now.

Good grief people. Start doing your own research. Look at the Library of Congress site there is no such 'orphaned works' bill currently up for debate ANYWHERE. Stop getting your freaking panties in a twist and stop taking biased websites' word on how the evil government just wants to own everything and get money off of us. Yes, art websites are biased because they're going to want to protect their own field and nothing is more threatening than the big scary American government ;_;. They're basing their articles off of old information, if that, and paranoia. Loads of paranoia.

If you want some information from people who actually took the time to investigate this thing, check out the links I've posted. You'll quickly find that while orphaned works are indeed a real issue and bills dealing with them have been suggested in the past, this current 'bill' is nothing more than a bunch of people foaming at the mouth and wearing tin foil hats.
These are links to a recent discussion of the issue and contain other links, including the actual proposed bill itself, that you may find more informative than a bunch of conspiracy theorists:………………

If you're THAT worried about the government stealing your art, then the ONLY solution is to NOT POST YOUR WORK ONLINE, OR ANYWHERE ELSE, EVER. I've yet to see anyone actually suggest or do this though. I guess righteous anger is more important than actually being proactive on your own end and protecting your work in the most sensible way possible.

Why no, I'm not fed up with hearing this issue brought up every six months by people who never take the time to find the facts.
Off to worry about more real and pressing issues now.

EDIT: This is a nice summary of what this bill actually proposes to do, plus more links and discussion:…
Another nice one, about the misconceptions of 'orphaned works':…
The proposed 2008 update to this orphaned works bill:…
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Yanno, I figured something like this wasn't detramental to my personal work.