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Incineroar sketches
These were done for the Sonic vs. Smash series. I do wish I drew him doing a more iconic wrestling move. More than anything though I realized Incineroar is just kind of fun to draw.


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United States
I started drawing again maybe 4 months ago, came back to DA 2 months ago today, and have been drawing and uploading every day since. It feels good to be creating again.

Since I came back to DA my gallery has doubled in size. I'm fast approaching 150 deviations. I've drawn more in 2 months than I did in the last 10 years prior.

Strangely enough when I came back to art, it wasn't with any of the tools I was familiar with. No pen, pencil or paper, no computer programs, but instead,  a dry erase board and markers. My workplaced removed paper and pens from our cubicles for security purposes, and provided us with dry erase marker boards instead. I went out and bought some colors, and found drawing with them to be a lot of fun!

So, some pros and cons, let's start with the bad stuff.

- As far as I know,  there are only about 12 colors.
- That means no grayscale
- And no skin tones
- Not even online.
- Some colors are hard to find, unless you order online.
- Markers dry out quickly
- If you draw over a dark color with a lighter one, say goodbye to that marker. It will never be the same.
- Drawing over a light color with a darker one can be just as dangerous, but less risky.
- If you do color over another color, you can "clean" the marker by drawing on a white space, repeatedly, but this will cause you to overuse the marker and dry it out quicker.
- Sometimes drawing a marker over the SAME COLOR will just lift the color right off of the board.
- Sometimes when you do that, it will cause a "thread" of color to unravel right off the dry erase board, which is both hilatious and frustrating, I wasn't making a sweater, so why is this happening!?
- Coloring those spots a second time increases your risk of this happening AGAIN!
- Storing markers vertically saves space, but destroys your markers.
- if you accidentally touch your drawing, it will most likely be wiped clean off or at least ve terribly smudged.
- You probably won't notice that you're doing this until you've erased a big chunk of something.
-If you have kids, they will want to touch what you're drawing, without fail.
- Erase too slow, and you'll leave little fabrics all over your drawing. Erase too fast and you can erase more than what you intended to.
- It takes a LONG time to color a drawing with lots of detail.
- Everything you draw, will be erased shortly after you finish it.
- If you want to save your drawing you will need to take a picture of it. Camera phones are acceptable, but you better have some amazing lighting if this is a full color picture!
- You will need to take the picture dead on, otherwise your drawing will be angled in the photo.
- Dry erase boards are VERY reflective, which makes them hard to photograph.
- Yellow and blue light will wash your colors out, so natural light is recommended.
- Which makes drawing at night frustrating, because you will have to photograph your picture in the morning. Better keep that board somewhere the cat can't reach.
- A cat's fur is PURRFRCT for erasing dry erase marker!

And the Pros:
- It's fun to find work arounds for all of the above stated cons.
- Colors you do have are bright and vibrant, and long as you keep your markers clean.
- Limited colors makes you think of different ways to use color effectively.
- Erasing sonething properly gives you a clean slate to redraw on, almost like a physical undo button, which I LOVE.
- Dry erase, when done right can almost look like a mix between a digital drawing and a physical painting.
- Dry erase lends itself well to my personal drawing style, which is bright, colorful, and cartoony with harsh black lines.
- In my opinion, it's less intimidating then pencil and paper.
- It reminds me of coloring as a child.

The cons list is long, but it's worth it for just how fun, interesting, and different it is!
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