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ArtTrade Red Tailed Dragoness

Finally finished my art trade ^_^
this Art Trade is for :icongrzanka: of their dragon referred to as Red-Tailed Dragoness. She was so beautiful to paint with all those colours and patterns, it was such an awesome challenge so thank you Grzanka for the opportunity to trade with me.

p.s. Backgrounds always gives me nightmares so i'm sorry for this wimpy Background =A=

Dragon is (c) to :icongrzanka:
Art (c) to :iconteggy:
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© 2011 - 2021 Teggy
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Awesome picture!

How do you get those in the computer so cleanly?
manaista's avatar
Such a very elegant pose :D
Zanizaila's avatar
Very well done, I can't really list all the things I love about this, but I have to take one, it's the lack of big, hooked claws at the end of the wing fingers. ;)
It's almost impossible to find a dragon that doesn't have them, which I find strange.
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Inemiset's avatar
absolutely wonderful! I love the muscles.
ThisOneisHaku's avatar
She is quite handsome. I think a detailed background might detract from her.
grzanka's avatar
Oh my...! Oh my...!

Firstly, sooooooorry for being dead on DA for so long ^^; I've finnaly finished my part too, but now when I see yours I'm sure it sucks... D:

Every single part of your art is amazing. I love colours, dragon's pose, and mostli i love the anathomy :D It really made my day :D
anyway, I think that background is good enough, because it's not distracting from the dragoness :D

yup, sorry for my English
let me say it in Polish: Zajebiście :D
Teggy's avatar
Thank you so much ^^ and its all lies, of course your work is going to be amazing and i'll like anything you post!
i'm glad you like this maybe we can Trade another time ^^
grzanka's avatar
thank you ^^

IMO that would be great :D
xSerpientex's avatar
She's gorgeous. Great work! :D
skyefeather's avatar
those talons and hands are GORGEOUS

i've also been in love with her coloration for awhile now :3
dschunai's avatar
eep <3 great pose and coloring C:
Dragonsong93's avatar
Awesome painting skills! I love the way the belly scales look, exactly like a snake. :D
Teggy's avatar
i think this dragon was inspired by a boa, so you have a goood eye ^^
Iagal's avatar
Awesome painting! I like this character a lot, you drew her great. 8D
AguaRush11's avatar
i absolutely love the pose and the shading *jealous* xD
Dreikaz's avatar
That's so beautiful painting! :la:
Teggy's avatar
thank you ^^
VipertheWyvern's avatar
wow one awesome dragon
goosechimera's avatar
Ah I love how you draw legs (that sounds a bit weird) but I love how realistic they look! And the character's colors and patterns are painted brilliantly!
Teggy's avatar
its sorta one of my passions to get the anatomy of a creature correct, so you can imagine i have so many sketch books of just legs and arms ^^ thanks for commenting Goosechimera
Shegoran's avatar
bwaaaah I wish I could draw like you! D: Yes I know, practice, practice! But your shade and anatomy looks so real, so fluid, it is realy natural :D
Teggy's avatar
you've got a ripper gallery, what are you Bwaaaah'ing at cutie ^^
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