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Lovecraft's Introduction

H.P. Lovecraft is being introduced to the Necronomicon and the Cthulhu Mythos by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred (made it into Spectrum 12)
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The Great Cthulhu awaits them ;)
How some fans imagine Lovecraft came upon the Necronomicon. Atmosphere is hemorrhaging inquisitiveness very much like the Black Church in the Haunter of the Dark. Most Excellent you deserve a follow and watch! Going to purchase this except your link is broken. Please repair and PM me when up.
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Makes me think of Abdul AlHazred investigating a shrine where a victim of the Nng formula *lay.

*, a terrible incantation wisely omitted from the Necronomicon after what happened to one seeker after immortality who misprounced ONE syllable of the spell...
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Beautiful work! That darkness and sense of foreboding :-) I love it!
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damn, that's a sweet bit of art there. The concept and design are on point! I especially enjoy the lighting and colouring it creates a really nice atmosphere!!!
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Wow, this is amazing, it's gorgeous!  
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Very nice! great shadowing.
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I was wondering how all this began! I :heart: it!
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Nicely done, captures the lovecraft spirit :)
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Mad arab and made an perfect amalgamation ,,,,Respect man.
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Beautifully detailed work, thank you so much for creating this! :)
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Really great vision of HPL's imaginary ventures, perfectly resembling the mood of his works. Depiction of any Mythos beings and motifs also very precise. One hell of an artwork, sir!
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This is how i imagine!
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A wonderful work of art, and an interesting start! It would be cool if the Mythos started off like this, with Lovecraft narrating..
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Ey Tegehel, watch the min 37! [link]
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Ey Tegehel, watch the min 37! [link]
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A great picture! Several Lovecraft-story-elements brought to life - without showing too much of them!
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Oh this doesn't bode well...
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Finest painting indeed.
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Looks old and most “HPL style” should be...great work...
I recently painted something about Lovecraft...and many old photos give me a Déjà vu...the black and white image remind me some kind of “Obama look”...
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