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Marsh - Urban Rivals Fan Clan (WIP)
EDIT: Added missions for Dundee and Holder
EDIT 2: Added reaction to Mythos
EDIT 3: Added bios for Coltrane, Old Stan, Yongyi and Holder
EDIT 4: Added reaction to Kinderlot
EDIT 5: Changed Lafayette's ability, Added new characters!
EDIT 6: Added reaction to Jethokz, Added bios for Vieil Fou and Lafayette
EDIT 7: Added bios for Caulker, Ricky, Paysan, Rene, Zydeco, and Goodluck. Edited some of the clan responses.
EDIT 8: Added reaction to Courtz. Added bios for Croc and Broussard.
MARSH: A moss point on the map
Bio: If you head to the South of Clint City, you'll probably notice an extensive marsh with no apparent ending. That is Marshalnd, a peaceful fishermen village that is heavily connected with nature. However, their lifestyle became endangered by the pollution of the swamp, which took almost all the wildlife of the place. Convinced by Coltrane, the villagers decided to join their forces to stop this nonsense, und
:icontefllon:tefllon 4 4
Bonus: Piet Bare Card - Urban Rivals by tefllon Bonus: Piet Bare Card - Urban Rivals :icontefllon:tefllon 2 0 Piet Bare - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) by tefllon Piet Bare - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) :icontefllon:tefllon 1 3 Krudam - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) by tefllon Krudam - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) :icontefllon:tefllon 0 0 Stackup - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) by tefllon Stackup - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) :icontefllon:tefllon 3 0 Avatar Formr Robert Cobb by tefllon Avatar Formr Robert Cobb :icontefllon:tefllon 1 0 Kamayuk - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) by tefllon Kamayuk - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) :icontefllon:tefllon 1 0 Tanaereva Cr - lvl 5 (Urban Rivals) by tefllon Tanaereva Cr - lvl 5 (Urban Rivals) :icontefllon:tefllon 1 1 Tanaereva Cr - lvl 4 (Urban Rivals) by tefllon Tanaereva Cr - lvl 4 (Urban Rivals) :icontefllon:tefllon 0 0 Tanaereva Cr - lvl 3 (Urban Rivals) by tefllon Tanaereva Cr - lvl 3 (Urban Rivals) :icontefllon:tefllon 0 0 Couple - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) by tefllon Couple - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) :icontefllon:tefllon 3 3 Shakra (Urban Rivals) by tefllon Shakra (Urban Rivals) :icontefllon:tefllon 0 0 Avatar Formr Surfing Sloth by tefllon Avatar Formr Surfing Sloth :icontefllon:tefllon 1 0 Avatar Last Battle (Guild Logo) by tefllon Avatar Last Battle (Guild Logo) :icontefllon:tefllon 2 0 Avatar Formr Flash by tefllon Avatar Formr Flash :icontefllon:tefllon 1 0 Helium King - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) by tefllon Helium King - Urban Rivals (Fake Character) :icontefllon:tefllon 1 0


Zed unmasked by TheFearMaster Zed unmasked :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 150 10 The Virtuoso by TheFearMaster The Virtuoso :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 322 22 Don't the drink the INK! by LUVKitty13 Don't the drink the INK! :iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 3 9 K/DA by NeoArtCorE K/DA :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 4,671 63
UR: Courtz (Fan Clan) (WIP)
LATEST EDIT: Added clan reactions (and some responses) to the majority of canon/fan clans.
Courtz (originally Shoal, giving them an early revamp/reboot/reshuffle/etc)
Bio: For years, the residents of Shoal Court have been keeping their noses clean and stayed out of the clan warfare. But things changed once loveable rogue and hacker Fawkes moved into the tower blocks. All those normies needed was someone to bring them together and see the bigger picture- knowledge is power, and their unassuming identities are perfect for getting that information. All for the greater good, of course! But not everyone is on board just yet- could this make or break the cause?
Bonus: Protection: Power
Ability Focus?: Not so much a focus but a 'gimmick'. Those on board with Fawkes' little proposal have support, those who aren't sure it's a good idea or just decline it don't have support.
Projectile: Keys. It's all I got right now.
Support: +1 Life
If you need any sort of relationship advic
:iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 5 0
Coraline by Fat--Cow Coraline :iconfat--cow:Fat--Cow 1,305 198 The Loony Citizens from Inkieville by LUVKitty13 The Loony Citizens from Inkieville :iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 8 4 citizen ghost. by DonWily-ROBOTNIK citizen ghost. :icondonwily-robotnik:DonWily-ROBOTNIK 312 80 YUKI (LAST BLADE) by zipskyblue YUKI (LAST BLADE) :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 119 21 Nakoruru - Samurai Shodown by Quasimodox Nakoruru - Samurai Shodown :iconquasimodox:Quasimodox 41 0
UR: One In A Million (MegaMart/Tribune)
Like any other day, the MegaMart was bustling with customers ready to snap up the latest deals. But instead of just the usual automatic doors that marked the entrance, the customers were greeted with the sight of the store's senior members, the two Tribune members accompanying them and an arch of green and gold bunting.
"The one millionth customer will be here soon," Martin said, seeming to get a little anxious. "I hope everyone is ready."
"You worry too much, Martin," Sapheia replied, gently putting him on the back. "This is going to go well. Plus the Tribune are going to be covering it."
"You do realise Charlotte will kill you for letting them come here?"
"You seem to forget who my brother is. If he can get his grizzly crook friends off the hook, he can keep that little psycho bitch off my back. No offense, of course."
"Where is that rather, ahem, spirited daughter of yours anyway?" Barbara asked, seeming to be noting something down on her notepad.
"Purposely away, but she'll
:iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 2 1
Final Fight by HeavyMetalHanzo Final Fight :iconheavymetalhanzo:HeavyMetalHanzo 262 9 Inktober Day 2: Tranquil by TsaoShin Inktober Day 2: Tranquil :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 4,296 340 Ultra Instinct Sh*t Post by Mgx0 Ultra Instinct Sh*t Post :iconmgx0:Mgx0 475 121 Powerpuff Girls by kawacy Powerpuff Girls :iconkawacy:kawacy 7,493 143
UR Fan Clan: Jethokz (WIP)
5TH EDIT: Recently added three more characters.
6TH EDIT: Added few more characters.
7TH EDIT: Added two more characters and a wave. Fixed some typos.
4TH EDIT: Fixed some abilities and added a new character.
Jethokz: The Airline Clan
Symbol: An admiral blue colored hawk with mint green eyes and a white colored airplane on front.
Bonus: Heal 2, Max. 10
Projectlie: A mint green marshalling wand
HQ: An airport located across the Bangers' Ghetto; Zlatar Airlines
Knock-Out: A butt-load of baggages coming out the chute, piling up the card. (Pre-Makma Depart) A happy flight attendant woman voice saying, "Enjoy your flight, or else!" (Post-Makma Depart)
Color Scheme: Admiral blue and mint green, with charcoal, cyan, magenta and white
Passenger - Win 5 fights by using at least 2 Jethokz
Gate Attendant - Win 15 fights by using at least 2 Jethokz
Customer Service - Win 50 fights by using at least 2
:iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 4 6



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