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Wow just got my 200th favourite on the parchment texture, least artsy thing i've done but sure is successful :D
  • Listening to: Pink Floyd
  • Drinking: Tea
Search google images for "Parchment texture" and my image is the most popular result. Wow!

  • Listening to: Andy McKee
  • Watching: Cleveland show
  • Playing: Nothing till my 5850 arrives :(
  • Drinking: Fruit and barley :)
Tonight I've been playing around alot with good old photoshop :)

And I invented a new game/tool/thingy;
I call it Sing song ping pong, and basically you agree to play with a friend on IM. They choose a song, and you listen in unison, then you pick. it's quite enjoyable to hear what other people like and share what you do, give it a go!
  • Listening to: Radiohead-Nude (my turn in sing song ping pong =D)
  • Watching: Run out of stuff to watch :/
  • Playing: Dragon age origins!!
  • Drinking: Orange squash :/