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Hope man

By TeeterGlance
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take me by the hand lead me to the land

fanart for Zander-The-Artist 
i've been meaning to draw Best Boi for a while but i've never had the inspiration for it. here's an experimental doodle because the art muse smiled upon me today :V
consider checking out Zander's comic Hope in Friends, it goode
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TeeterGlance isn't god tier art, god is TeeterGlance tier art.

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Ooo love the shading on this! What brushes do you use for shadows? 👀
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i use the regular pen brush from Sai 2 for shading, then smooth out the shadows with a Watercolor brush

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I’ve never tried smoothing with a watercolor brush! I’ll have to play around with that! Thanks!
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That's a cool mew! I like it! Great job drawing him or her! I love this!

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oh god its ADORABLE

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This looks so good!

I really wanna draw like you someday!

This piece is just phenomenal, no other way to say it.

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you already draw super good (ovo)b

thank you!!!

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He is best ❤️

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You draw a cute boy of hope!

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I LOVE the shading and nature-like colours of the background and Enone! It's so professional and awe inspiring to look at! :D

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Very fluffy Mew! His expression is adorable. The style of the background is great, he's quite hidden by that forest.

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Enone looks amazing in your style Teeter!

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Very cute and very detailed
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Ahhhhhhujhgjh, look at this little mannnn! Look at his little beaaaaannnns!!!

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He looks so happy and pure and NOW I FEEL SO SAD.

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*starts singing High Hope*
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High Hope (M Artist: Panic At The Disco)
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oh, because there are plenty of popular songs called High Hopes, and that i mean two,

High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco


High Hopes by Pink Floyd

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hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope-
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Oh wow~! 0w0 love all the details~! >w<

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This looks amazing
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