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:postit::postit:CLICK HERE...To see the second part of Kermits Adventures :postit::postit:

:postit::postit:CLICK HERE...To see the third part of Kermits Adventures :postit::postit:

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A big big ty to dear :iconmosredna: for designing the one and only  Kermit Stamp :dance:

If you support little Kermit add his stamp to your journal :w00t:

You can find the code for this stamp below :D

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Kermit Goes Around Australia!!!

Yes  you heard it right:D

I’m sending my dear beloved Kermit … The love of my life for an all around trip of Australia!

I’ve found 28 lovely caring and trustworthy people in just about every state to take care of little Kermit, have fun with him and take some wacko and out of this world photos like I’ve been doing with him over the past year! Woohoo I’m so :excited:

He will be leaving my side on the 1st of February 2006 this Wednesday   I  wont be expecting him home until around  Mid February 2008 sometime omg thats two years with out my baby :cries: So that means all you kind people that will be taking care of him over the next 2 years or so will have to give Kermit lots of big kisses and hugs from me and also from my two girls for there really going to miss him very much as well :love:

P.s Don’t forget the postcards guys I’m so excited to read them when they get home with Kermit :D

In the order below is where Kermit will be heading for his exciting holiday so Keep your eyes open guys for some funny moments bought to you all by the lovely deviants below:dance:

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:thumb28789222:   Poor little Elmo:lmao:

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She Made You Do What... by RawBonesStudio Where is Kermie? by RawBonesStudio Kermits Trip by RawBonesStudio Kermit Crashes the Set by RawBonesStudio

Mature Content

Let The Show Begin by Teeslpscreations


Photos By ^ RawBonesStudioand I



Hang Tight Kermie by Suebie


Simone must have found her phone :w00t: Here are her pics of Kermit omg hes wearing girls panties:giggle:

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Image Description Image Description

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:w00t:WOOHOO everyone  Kermit has been found yes yes yes yes :excited:
He got lost in the post but hes now at his next destination:dance:


Kermits been found drinking and Hitch-hiking!

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Woohoo Kermit has just landed in Sydney and turned up on dear Tash's door step.
Can't wait to see what exciting things that await  him :dance:



Kermit has made it to his next stop safe and sound with scottb:XD:
And by the sounds of it hes been having a WILD TIME already!
Kermit had the pleasure to meet up and run a muck with some
DA friends last night at a party... C-E-R-I-D-W-E-N  Akashaqueen    lilugirl  willb

Tree Frog by scottb Hi Tracie II by scottb

Mature Content

Nic n Kermie by scottb


Image By willb >


Fun times had at the park with dear Turdy;p and family looks like they had a blast  :giggle:
I hope Kermit tought your kids that fruit is good for them  :lmao:
Happy Birthday for next Wednesday Trudes you OLD FART :nana: :heart:



:frog: :frog: :frog: :spotlight-right::icondravien::spotlight-left: :frog: :frog: :frog:

Kermits been having a nice little rest away from modeling he felt more like being a tourist.
  So dear Danica took him to do some  sightseeing for a little bit then she managed to get Kermit in touch with his inner goth at Waverly.
:giggle: He looks so relaxed :XD:

Kermit does Sydney by dravien Kermit does Sydney - 3 by dravien Kermit does Sydney - 4 by dravien


CLICK HERE...To see the second part of Kermits Adventures

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:iconangelus-confectus: :frog: :iconjaggedtoothgrin::frog::iconmidnight-flyer:

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:iconc-lue::frog::iconmrgone::frog::icondalaiharma: :frog::iconpoisonedpure::frog::iconxxangelicfruitcakexx::frog::icongeewiz:

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:iconchamaelirium: :frog::iconbryan-cuttance::frog::iconcoffee-eggs-bacon:

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Then all the way back to me :excited: :love:

:bulletred:I Think it would be a fantastic idea if everyone that is getting  the chance to spend a week  with Kermit bought one Post Card and on the back write about your little adventures you had together :D

Note* These post cards will not be sent to me, the next person that Kermit gets passed onto will get them so on and so on and at the end of his trip around Australia i will get to see them all and get them framed.... And who knows what will happen to them after that ;)


:bulletpurple: 1. Please know where Kermit is at all times I would be so sad to get a note saying ahhhhh I’m sorry Tracie I left him at the bus shelter ,pub ect…

:bulletpurple: 2. I’m really not keen on getting him wet for he might fall apart :cries:
:bulletpurple: 3. You’re not to do any sexual things to dear Kermit …. :no:

:bulletpurple: 4. You have one week with Kermit then its time to pass him on.

:bulletpurple: 5. No Makeup….. If anyone is to turn him into a drag queen that will be me :lol:

Thanks so much to all the lovely people that put there hand up for this and I’m sure your all going to have so much fun together :lol:

I can’t take credit for this great idea it was all :iconravenmacabre: Idea I was like :omfg: I love it! He suggested I send him around the world but I think I might start with Australia first and see how he goes  If all goes well then I’ll think about sending him to America and so on.

So a big thanks to Stephen :heart:

Here is the code  for the stamp

<*br /><*a href="…"><*img src="…"><*/a><*/br>

You have to REMOVE all the * though for it to display

The stamp will only work if your a Subscriber!

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Party Time With Kermit by Teeslpscreations Designated Driver Needed ASAP by Teeslpscreations
Kermits Last Words by Teeslpscreations Kermits Last Words Part Two by Teeslpscreations A Lesson Learned by Teeslpscreations
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MiotOne's avatar
haha, just great work on the kermit stuff ;)
serene-gemini's avatar
I :heart: your use of Kermit!
Karl-Inge's avatar
Love the concept, and there are som many great pictures! ^^
But I was wondering - where did you buy him from? :D
Teeslpscreations's avatar
my husband found him at the markets :)
The-Painted-Lady's avatar
when is is comming to south america? ^^ i'll be waiting for him
ticklemeimsexy's avatar
Lilyas's avatar
When is Kermit coming to Europe? I want him!!! :love:
Sofisofas's avatar
I say he should go around Europe next! :D :#1:
Teeslpscreations's avatar
;p damn his a wanted frog
angeleye7's avatar
this is so cool!

greetings from germany!

________ :chix0r:________
tanguera's avatar
That is so sweet :love:
Reminds of Amélie :)
If you ever decide to send Mr Kermit to Europe feel free to contact me.
d0mayn-Media's avatar
when does Kermit come to NSW Snowy Mountains - Thredbo ???
Teeslpscreations's avatar
No one put there hands up for that area when I called out for people and he's no longer taking on any more areas his booked up and I miss him and want him home :)
Scubaozgirl's avatar
Thats is so funny, love it, what an amazing concept :clap:
negative-eight's avatar
When I first saw *hotburrito2's pictures of Kirmit I had no idea =O. Sending him around is such a cool idea! Kudos to *RavenMacabre for thinking of it and you for doing it =). Very awesome stuff.
Teeslpscreations's avatar
Thanks it's been a great adventure to many :XD:
k1t10's avatar
whoah what a trip!!
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