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Can someone please send me fanfiction where it shows Stiles actually transforming into a Werewolf. Because I've read lots of fanfiction where he gets bitten but it always skips over the transformation and shows him getting used to the powers. So can someone please send me one if you find one? Thanks.
Hi :heart: I have a question. Do you also allow (free-to-use) pixel icons of the characters to be submitted to your group? And if so, which folder should I use?
I am bored No, I disagree! so I willing to make Lunaii avatars from any picture that you guys send me or of any character you want! This can be from your fav TV show or movie, or of you & your pals. All for free!
Thanks guys :D (Big Grin) 
From Luce Heart 
Are you a Supernatural fan?
Doctor who fan?
Sherlock fan?
Do you enjoy watching superhero movies?
If the answer's YES I know a very cool blog to keep you entertained. 
Go follow: geeky-ps-edits.tumblr.com/ and and you'll see a lot of graphics connected to many fandoms. When I say many I mean 20+ fandoms. I am very sure you won't regret clicking the link.
THANK YOU :heart:
anybody who like want to talk about stiles or dylan~ let's be friend!! I'm new to the fandom it we'll be lovely to find some friend in here. you guys don't even have to watch me!^^ we can just talk~
Stiles :heart4: 

Scott :heart4: 

Derek :heart4: 

Lydia :heart4: 

Isaac :heart4: