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I'm not really one for Christmas, like a lot of people I have my reasons. But I am one for presents, not that it has to be big or expensive... So long as it's wrapped. 

This year, for my family - small and adorable as it is - we had a massive lunch cooked and prepared lovingly by me and my partner! It was cosy, it was delicious and it was fairly simple. I just hope everyone else had something similar. 

So to everyone out there, warm hugs, best wishes and sleep well once you get there!! (I like to keep it short and sweet.) 

Wamble on!! <3 
I need some inspiration! My well of creation seems to have run dry... 
I have a project hiding in the shadows begging for my attention, I'd like to share it but first I need to get it in order and finish some character designs! For now though, I'll just try to upload some old art of mine, keep an eye out and wamble on! ;) :P 
Oopsee Daisie but you can call me Daisie!
Meet Oopsee Daisie, my Firbolg rogue from a D&D campaign I participate in! She's clumsy, she's sweet, she loves animals and her beloved lady Druid and together they kidnap Kobolds, for which reason? Only they know! 

Unfortunately for Oopsee Daisie she was cast out of her home due to the fact that, one time she tripped and it burnt down the surrounding forest. Oopsee...Oops emote 

Did I mention that despite being 7 and a half feet tall she has an incredible sneak ability and if all else fails her intimidation is pretty great too! ;P 

Too scared to even think about inking or colouring since I'm happy with how she turned out!


This is a piece I wrote several years ago, It's not for the faint of heart. It involves some very touchy subjects, brutal murder, sexual assault and just all around messed up themes. The main character is of age.

So please, know that if you read this, it's on you.

There is a subtle aroma of cinnamon surrounding me as I look around the dimly lit room. I draw shallow breaths, taking in my surroundings quietly as I pace the area. There are several candles lit and I have no clue what for as I search for a possible exit.

I run my hand slowly along the wall as the gentle sounds of a flute kiss through the air, notes clinging to the cinnamon scent. The sound is almost hypnotic, but moments later some of the notes don't quite add up. I strain my ears, searching for the origin of the music, feeling along the walls as I twist my head like an owl. Searching in the dim light.

My hand finds something and I take hold of it, it's warm and soft yet feels dangerous. I turn to look at the object slowly, unsure of what to expect. I look upon what at first seems to be nothing more than a mere statue, but it's too warm for that. I recoil as I see the gleam of a cruel and twisted grin. I flinch, hand twitching to throw the statue before stopping. This makes little sense to my mind, but the statue is so mesmerising.

Before I can make a move or realise that the music has stopped, the statue begins singing. It's voice is childlike and cold. Moments later there is a chorus of two, three, four, too many to count. The words are frightening and send shivers down my spine as I try to back away, but find myself frozen to the spot. I mutter to myself trying to make sense of the events unfolding before me. No such clarification can find its way to the surface of my conscious mind.

I stay glaring at the statue as it sings a little louder, as if daring the others to do so as well. The sound soon begins closing in on me, suffocating me. I can feel the words weighing on me, like a leaden weight. Panic and fear set in, my fingers gripping the statue like a vice as I fight for control of myself. Alarms sound off in my head and my hand finally releases it and the singing stops.

Silence. Darkness. Are all that surrounds me now. Logic fights for a voice in the fear that envelops my mind. I try turning, unsure if I am, or if I'm still rooted to the spot. I feel my shoe brush the statue, and I step back reflexively. I close my eyes and listen to the silence.

I mutter under my breath "I need to know where I am, why it doesn't feel real." My sweaty hands clench and unclench. I try to balance my breathing, failing as I gulp down lungfuls of air. I tremble slightly, hands twitching as I reach my arms out in front of me, feeling for something, anything. I scream as something clenches it's claws around my throat. I try to fight it when I suddenly feel as though I'm being dragged, but not by the claws.

I sit bolt upright in bed drenched in sweat gasping and shaking, "the same nightmare...again?" I look around, breathing erratic as I wipe the sweat from my forehead. I blink several times, nerves aflame with fear as I glance at the clock. 03:24. "The exact same time..." I get out of bed sliding into my slippers and dragging on my dressing gown as I do.

I look at my bed, "Now I need to readjust the damn sheets" I grit my teeth trying to stop them from chattering. My room was cold again. I shiver slightly, holding the dressing gown close around me with one arm, the other working at adjusting the sheets. I turn to the window, making sure it was still shut against the chill of the night.

I walk over to it checking it was firmly secured, oddly enough it was. I look to my bedroom door before examining my room, "Nothing out of place." I fetch the glass of water from my bedside table and guzzle down several mouthfuls before placing it back nearly empty. I try to steady myself, sitting back on the edge of the bed gently, arms around my waist.

"Is it a message? A terror?" I ask myself. None of the images make sense, nothing I see or do any different. It’s always the exact same path. I laugh nervously as I drag my fingers through my now damp hair, "a shower is definitely in order... I will never sleep again now" I stand up once more and head towards my bedroom door when I freeze with my hand on the doors neatly crafted handle.

I could smell...cinnamon. My mind stopped, panic attacking me again as I almost stopped breathing. The synapses in my brain were all firing, all warning me of something but I had no idea what. "It can't be..." I whisper. I turn on my heel expecting to see...something at least. But there was nothing.

I cursed at myself for being so foolish before opening the door and screaming as out in the hall, strung from the ceiling by their neck. Was my ten year old sister. Tears stung at my eyes as I stood there frozen, registering the dead, cold expression on her fear stricken features.

I stopped dead at the sight. Ice flooded my veins, the cold grip of dread, of sorrow and despair, ripped apart what little resolve I had left. I scrambled for an unknown amount of time, trying to get her down, hopelessly trying to save her. Tears were streaming down my face and my hands were shaky, but I finally did it.

I scooped her into my arms, her body so stiff, so cold. I ran to my parents room and bashed my way through the door my voice shrill. I staggered against the wood, shoulder burning as I screamed into the silence, needing them. I could still smell the cinnamon, something my mind refused to register.

I put my sister down and slammed on the light only to be greeted by a blood soaked bed, with my parents heads impaled on separate bed posts. I covered my mouth screaming and whimpering. The smell of cinnamon growing stronger.

That's when it clicked. Cinnamon. The smell of his cologne. I stare at the carnage, the gore that splattered the room. It coated the walls, the sheets, and the hair plastered to the severed heads of my parents. I lay my hands down, fingers digging in to my palms as I made the connections in my mind.

I hadn't noticed the footsteps or the creaking floorboards in the hall like I usually would. I was too grief stricken and scared. I took two too many steps back, that's when his hands grabbed hold of me. As cold as my sister’s corpse and the ice growing stronger in my heart.

The overbearing scent was sickening and I tried to scream as his hand clamped down over my mouth. My mind reeling backwards as my primal instincts kicked in. I saw flashes of death, or screams, agony and pain. I reached up and back, clawing at the man’s eyes, nails gaining purchase on soft flesh.

He began...laughing? A soft gentle laugh. He loosed his grip and turned me to face him before grabbing a fistful of my hair and bringing his lips down on mine. I was disgusted, utterly repulsed. I tried to push him back but he only bit down on my lip and tugged my hair harder.

I had no idea how to react, my mind falling apart. I push at his torso, against the flares of pain, trying to break from his grip. He is tall and too strong for me. I had seen him several times before, always seemed a kind and gentle soul.

I couldn't have been more wrong. His hand wrapped around my throat and I got images of my nightmare flowing into my head as I was lifted and pinned against a wall. I tried to kick and scream but his lips were still on mine as he kissed me and tugged open my dressing gown forcing it from my body. My slippers had fallen off when he lifted me.

His huge possessive hands began caressing my body as tears began to fall from my eyes. I had no responses, my flailing helpless and pathetic as I fought back against the man, tears streaking down my cheeks with no end. He pulled his lips from mine and whispered in my ear

"Help me undress sweetheart." I gagged at the request but didn't dare disobey.

So I got to work pulling his shirt up and off needing to tiptoe to do it, before fumbling with the button and zipper on his jeans. I wretch again, suppressing it as best as I can. I pull his jeans down, falling to my knees as I tug them down with numb hands.

He smiles down at me fondly as he makes me remove everything he is wearing. He then grabs a fistful of my hair again as he holds my face before his hard member.

"You're a good girl aren't you.. Never done this before. It's about time you learn how." His voice was harsh but gentle.

He guided my head forward telling me to open wide. I did as I was told complying completely not daring to disobey at all. "That pretty little tongue of yours, use it." I fight the repulsion in my mind as I slide his member in to my mouth, the taste alien as I run my tongue up and down the shaft. I breathe through my nose in shallow gulps as I slide the swollen muscle in and out of my mouth.

He moans in appreciation as his hips move back and forth forcing me to take more than I can handle. I fight back the need to vomit as he becomes faster and more excitable. He curses softly and moans a little louder before pulling out after ten excruciating minutes.

He picks me up and puts me over his shoulder as he carries me to my room. I writhe on his shoulder, my throat burning from the ten minutes of agony. He throws me onto my bed and rummages through drawers until he finds a scarf.

He grins fiendishly and heads towards me before tying my wrists together and then tying them to my headrest. I'm stuck now with nowhere to run. Next he gags me before kneeling between my legs and holding my hips down. The intimate feeling is foreign and I ignore the sparks flying through me as they are replaced with hatred and horror.

He moves towards my most private area. A place that has remained untouched for all sixteen years of my life. His tongue darts out of his mouth like a snakes and dances across my clit. I grit my teeth as I try to free my hands and move him by bucking my hips. It doesn't work.

My jaw aches against the gag, teeth biting in to it. My hips buck from side to side, wrists burning as I struggle to free myself to no avail. The tears have stopped coming now as I witness his tongue flicking over my clitoris as he smiles and moans.

He then gets a little braver and licks my most delicate lips before sliding his tongue inside me. I scream into the gag hating the pleasure and sickness I felt. I didn't stop fighting.

He stopped and knelt up as he began rubbing his member until it was once again rock solid. Then he pressed his body to mine and removed the gag. Cotton mouth had me silenced. "I wanna hear you moan and scream" he chuckles and gives me a sip of water to dampen my mouth a little before kissing me again and slipping his vile tongue into my mouth.

Suddenly I felt his hard head rubbing against my now moist opening. My whole body bucked in response. He bit my neck until it bled and then forced himself inside me. I screamed as loud as my lungs would allow. The pain was unbearable and he knew it.

Not only the physical but also the mental. He was slowly stripping me of my virginity. I could barely face what was happening, my mind trying to blank out the current events, but the action swamped it. I screamed again, louder, my throat in agony.

He slowly pulled out before pounding back in, he repeated the process several times, leaving me breathless after each brutal thrust. By now he was holding my legs in a way that meant he had a better position as he thrust in and out of me hitting what I knew had to be my G-spot.

I couldn't control the occasional moan that escaped me and I cursed myself for such weakness. He didn't stop this sexual onslaught as he moaned and gasped and shook. He continued for so long I lost track of time. By the time he came to an animalistic, grunting halt as he came inside me I was too horrified and ashamed to be bothered anymore.

I had stopped screaming halfway through. He pulled out of me leaving me dripping with his putrid seed. I closed my legs self consciously not caring that he has seen, tasted and been inside me not that long ago. I felt numb and exhausted.

I could tell he did too. He planted a kiss on my lips and untied me. " not the last time you will see me." with that he left.

He was right. It wasn't the last time. The last time was when I took a knife and sliced open his throat. Then as I watched him bleed to death I cut off his member and stuffed it into his mouth. Laughing harshly as I did so.

I enjoyed every blood filled second of it. Now I spend my days in an insane asylum. Never going to get out, I see the way they look at me. The nurses and doctors. They pity me, think me crazy.

Perhaps I am? Who knows. I just sit there smiling to myself, six years since that night. There is this male nurse, he always comes in when he thinks I'm asleep. He lays beside me and sniffs my hair, whispers things in my ear and touches me. Him. He's next.

Thank you for taking time to read.
I'm not really one for Christmas, like a lot of people I have my reasons. But I am one for presents, not that it has to be big or expensive... So long as it's wrapped. 

This year, for my family - small and adorable as it is - we had a massive lunch cooked and prepared lovingly by me and my partner! It was cosy, it was delicious and it was fairly simple. I just hope everyone else had something similar. 

So to everyone out there, warm hugs, best wishes and sleep well once you get there!! (I like to keep it short and sweet.) 

Wamble on!! <3 


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Well hello there! Like any artist I enjoy long walks on the beach, tons of caffeine and creators block! Well... Actually forget that third one.

I've been creating things since I was little, a lot like most people, I'm still getting to grips with everything but with every year comes more experience.

I write, I draw, I cry in a corner about how hard it can be to do either of those things... And I sing to myself while I do chores! Basics right? :)

I'm happy to be sharing these parts of myself with you so feel free to take a look see and even come back to me with thoughts, opinions and even the occasional harsh criticism, don't shelter my poor beaten heart!!


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