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Batgirl and Catwoman cake trap

BTAS version Batgirl & Catwoman caught in a quicksand cake mix cleverly disguised as strawberry icing. I didnt just squish them into a cupcake - that real looking cake is 100% artificial using sand texture paint brushed very thick and painted over in hot pink

It's an homage to the '67 Batman TV series episode where the "Gomez" Riddler used a quicksand filled cake to trap the dynamic duo.
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Dec 15, 2011, 10:49:17 PM
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I didn't mind getting caught in the Quicksand Cake... at all! It was like Heaven for me... well... my own interpretation of it... but more sensual. I felt like allowing myself to plop into the surface and strip myself completely butt naked... when Babs wasn't looking.
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Can I buy that Catwoman from you and this batgirl to if you haven't sold them yet please ? 
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Good thing they have those built in floatation devices.  ;)
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Batgirl seems very smiley about being stuck in quickcake. Great work!
TeenTitans4Evr's avatar
Babs has a WAM fetish!
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I'd come back for seconds! ;)
Excellent work, sir! :iconthumbsupplz:
TeenTitans4Evr's avatar
Holy Duncan Hines!
pete1672's avatar
No, dunkin' heroines ;)
TeenTitans4Evr's avatar
-or- Duncan Edwards ;)
ScottSteiner2099's avatar
Do you mean dunkin doughnuts ? Can you show more pictures of this Catwoman or batgirl ? I like there big breast and perky nipples 
pete1672's avatar
LOL! Touche'! :D
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Holy Gordon Bennet~!
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good enough to eat - Thanks!
TAPbagan's avatar
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Holy confectioneries ~ Batman!
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Looks they fell into Pinky Pie's cake factory
TeenTitans4Evr's avatar
it was the Oompa~Loompas!
Holy Slugworth!
How could I have missed this classic? Most awesome indeed!
TeenTitans4Evr's avatar
I thought it was posted on the QS forum? (6_6)
I better slow down making stuff - huh?
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