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They liked each other.
     I watched as she gave him a flower and he gave her a hug.
Her face lit up at seeing him.
He stumbled over his words around her.
I watched from afar as she asked him to Sadies and he asked her to Prom.
     They danced the night away.
     I watched as they held each other, jumping in time to the music.
     I watched over the shoulder as the two of them swayed to the slow dance.
They flirted with each other.
     I watched as she gave him a hug and he snuck off with her in private.
Then, I saw them get together.
     He'd pull her away during lunch. She'd sit next to him in class.
     I'd hear about their dates from her. His idea for the next date from him.
They were in teenage love.
     Texting each other at all hours.
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I paint my nails carefully, steadily. The bright red I save for this very occasion shines back at me as I focus on each stroke.
I have a method when I paint my nails. One line down the center. One to the left. Then one to the right. Then I put another coat over the whole thing, one long, broad stoke to add depth and fullness to the color.
I re-dip the brush and start on my next nail.
One line down the center.
The strong foundation we will build our relationship on. Two people, one strong line, unbroken, at the heart of our love.
The center of your chest is where my hands rest when I hug you from behind. The middle of the library where I crashed into you and you asked me out for coffee.
One stroke to the left.
Covering the heart, our love will shield us from any naysayers. Our hearts will be protected, against all odds.
The left ear, the one you like to tuck my hair behind. When you broke your left leg, so I wrote love letters all over the cast.
One to the right.
Because we will never b
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Fanime 2011 Crona by TeenTitans4EVER Fanime 2011 Crona :iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 15 15
Teenage Love
A toast. To teenage love.
     To throwing stones at her bedroom window in the dead of night.
     To text messaged sweet nothings that he sent to make her smile in class.
     To secret meetings in gas station parking lots where they strolled, hands intertwined.
     To sitting on the front lawn of the high school, gazing at the blue sky.
     To sharing a pair of headphones so he can smell her hair and she can lean her head on his shoulder.
     To the quick hugs in the hallway as they run to class.
     To the long hours spent talking online, less than three's covering the screen.
     To the promise of forever that drowns the worries of tomorrow.
I suppose they could say we're rushing in. . . That we don't know what we're doing.
Well, I ask them, when did love start making sense?
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 1 0
Last Words
I used to believe that last words were the most powerful.
After all, once they're gone, nothing else comes; it just ends.
But when you think about it
Truly think about it
It's not the final goodbye that matters.
By missing out on those last words, what do I really lose?
I still have the caring "Good morning!"s
where I was too tired to even make sense of it.
I still have the joyous "Hello!"s
from when I returned just from a day at school, like usual.
I still have the caring "Be safe!"s
from when I'm walking down the street as I have a million times before.
I still have the heartfelt blessings that you gave me during holidays.
I still have the laughter we shared at our own jokes.
I still have the tears we cried when we watched that sad movie for the millionth time.
I still have the scolding you gave me because you knew I didn't know any better.
So even when you're gone,
your final goodbye spoken,
I'll still hear you, in my dreams and in my heart.
So I'll say bye, just as I have everyday
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 1 5
Until the Day it Becomes a...
"At the stroke of midnight, the carriage would turn back into a pumpkin…"
- - -
"The Ouran Host Club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands. Think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful."
This is the spell.
An illusion of a family to keep us all together.
Cast by a fairy godmother of sorts; his goal: simply to have the family he would never have…and that none of us shall ever have as well.
"And maybe you're right, keeping things the way they are wouldn't be so bad."
And even though we can all see the end, see the clock ticking away, threatening to take away everything we have built up, we can't help but hope, that somehow, everything will be okay.
I guess, in the end, that's what gives you the fairytale ending. The hope that the spell, the charm, the hex, whatever, will actually solve all the problems.
But still, one of thes
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 4 2
I thought...
I thought I could handle it.
You see, I had this bottle.
It was blue, like the sea.
Like my tears.
Every time something bad would happen,
I put it in the bottle.
I never really thought about what would happen if the bottle got full.
I worried all the time about the bottle filling up.
I also had this mask.
This mask was always smiling.
But never happy.
I wore it everywhere.
I never thought what would happen if the mask broke.
I worried all the time about the mask breaking.
I loved my bottle.
I hated my bottle.
I loved my mask.
I hated my mask.
Then one day…
My bottle got full.
I knew it was coming.
And then my mask broke off.
I didn't even miss it.
I thought I could handle it.
I couldn't.
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 2 8
Dear Boy
Dear boy,
You think you are so clever and sneaky. That you can work your way into my heart with your cute smiles and pretty riddles. When you whisper sweet nothings to me in the classroom and cafeteria, and I stop thinking of all my troubles.
Then you assume that you can forget me at the drop of a hat, with a horribly kind smile, and painfully gentle words, you can get away with whatever you want.
You forget, dear boy, that I am much smarter than you think. I may chase after fairy tales, kissing frogs along the way, but I refuse to fall head over heels if it means I can't get back up.
I will admit, you were close, very close, to pulling the rug out from under my feet, but you forget, yes, you forget, dear boy, that I still have my head in the clouds, and they will never let me fall.
Keep speaking your riddles, playing your tricks on my heart, but you can never break me. You see, my heart has become tough, not ice, yet, but a wall that I have built around it. There's a fire breathing dr
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 2 2
That's life.
That moment when procrastination turns to inspiration. That time when the sun stops rising and hasn't started falling. The split-second it takes for the minute hand to tick to the next spot.
That place between crushed soda cans and leftover bags of chips. The crayon X marked on a notebook paper map. Those love notes scribbled on Post-it's and stuck on binders. The cozy spaces between the iambic pentameter of Shakespearean sonnets.
The sweetness of hot chocolate in the early morning and Red Bull in the middle of the night. The taste of half-formed wishes mingling with half-eaten lunches. The sharp tang of spices and speculations and everything in between.
The feel of down-pouring rain on blow-dried hair. The freezing fire of adrenaline lighting up tangled veins. The weightlessness of missing the last step of the staircase, of hanging in air on a playground swing, of diving headfirst into the pool of thoughts and ambitions.
The sounds of verbs, nouns, and adjectives mingling with syntax
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Peek-a-boo by TeenTitans4EVER Peek-a-boo :iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 1 3 Fade to Gray by TeenTitans4EVER Fade to Gray :iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 3 0 Love is losing by TeenTitans4EVER Love is losing :iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 1 0
A Contradiction
I am the girl who is one big contradiction.
I am the wannabe writer pouring my heart out in similes and metaphors. I am the girl who loves the feel of a pencil in my hand, but hates my handwriting. Who writes bits of poetry on Post-it Notes and the back of my math homework, but is too shy to share with friends.
I am the dreamer who is dreaming with my eyes open, and wishing with them closed. Who has never seen a shooting star but still believes in their magic. Who thinks seeing isn't believing, but knows it helps. Who believes in fairy tale endings, but knows they don't always come true.
I am the girl dancing in the rain in shorts and a tank top, but wearing sweats in the summer. Who owns seventy pairs of flip-flops, but not a single pair of heels. Who owns makeup, but doesn't know how to use it. Who thinks dresses are a bore, but still feels like a princess in them.
I am the hopeless romantic who falls hard and fast, but advises others not to. Who isn't looking for a tragic Romeo, but
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 2 4
A Reason
As you walk past me, my eyes can't help but follow you.
   Your voice is music to my ears.
   Your laugh lights up my world.
   Your eyes, filled with mischief, mimic my own.
You see me and smile.
   My heart soars.
You sit down across from me.
   I feel like I can fly.
You talk with me, about everything, about nothing; I can't concentrate on anything but my heartbeat, beating in time with yours.
But then, my malfunctioning ears catch something.
You are in love.
  My heart skips a beat.
  Then another.
  And another.
  Never to start again.
I force a smile on my face. You return it, not truly seeing.
  My mask is secure.
Hours turn into days, days to weeks, and all I can see, all I can hear, all I can think about is you.
  I don't hear the music.
  My world stays dark.
  My eyes are filled only with tears, threatening to break the su
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Fairytale Love
I'm locking myself in a tower and growing out my hair in hopes that you will come and climb up to me.
I'm surrounding myself with dragons so you will put on a suit of armor and save me.
I'm pricking my finger on hundreds of spindles, hoping that I will fall asleep, only to wake up to your lips on mine.
I'm watching millions of rugs, waiting for one of them to jump up in the air and take me flying away with you.
I'm leaving behind hundreds of glass slippers in hopes that you will find them and in turn find me.
I'm kissing frogs, hoping they will magically turn into you.
I'm rubbing lamps, waiting for the genie to pop out to turn you into my prince.
I'm wishing on stars and in dreams so you can finally realize that I am calling out for you.
I'm imagining us having our fairytale kiss while the ending song plays and the credits begin.
I'm waiting for…
My knight in shining armor
My hero
My prince
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 1 0
Your Burdens
You strive to keep the world happy.
You push aside your feelings and happiness in order to make sure that those around stay happy.
You say it doesn't matter.
You say you are okay.
But I see the truth.
I see behind your mask.
I see it in your eyes.
All the pain you try to keep hidden. All the pain you won't share.
You tell me in bits and pieces, but I am barely scratching the surface.
Why won't you tell me?
Why won't you trust me?
You carry all the world's burdens.
Why won't you let me carry yours?
:iconteentitans4ever:TeenTitans4EVER 1 0


Aladdin by dorodraws Aladdin :icondorodraws:dorodraws 503 53
I don't want to die.
No one does, I suppose. It's a natural human instinct to keep on living. But that doesn't stop the hands of fate. The hands that, as soon as their cold fingertips brush against your skin, you're gone.
The hands of the ones they call Angels.
They aren't real angels. Real angels don't exist. Just as God doesn't exist. There are no benevolent beings with crystalline white wings and halos burning with heavenly fire - there is no supreme existence sitting on a golden throne watching from above. Not anymore, at least. If they ever did exist then we killed them long ago and as punishment, the universe created the Angels that we know now.
It was an accident. As are most things these days. Three hundred and then some years ago, back when people still went to church and prayed to whatever deity they had conjured up in their minds, it happened. The stories say it was a joint effort of an elite handful of scientists gathered from around the world. They had meant well; s
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 138 37
Hello Neighbor - a Suburban Conversation on Race
hello neighbor, i know that
we were supposed to welcome
a retired police officer's arrival
an ushering-in
of a safer enclave, but i
never expected much from you
i don't expect that you're
self-aware enough
to remember
how our mutual whiteness
lulled you into telling me
how you'd so longed to live
in the suburbs
among your own kind
i believe that you phrased it as
"not with the black and spanish"
i also don't expect
that you felt ashamed, when
you saw my wife
who is dark-mixed of
both these dangerous tones-
i do expect that you
probably assumed
that she works here
cleaning, maybe
not expecting much
makes it easier
not to hate you
because hate
is a heavy burden
and you're already
packing more
than a whole block's worth
and i can't lie, that i
don't relish, but still
take a small amount
of comfort
in your frustration, when those boys
broke into your house
to steal nothing but your comfort
and ease, to let you know
that they'd been there
and i don't expect you
found any justice
in the iron
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 63 72
winter brew.
he wrote me a love song
in a teacup.
I drank down the words,
let them warm me up
from the inside out.
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 333 38
Big Titan 6 by Gretlusky Big Titan 6 :icongretlusky:Gretlusky 1,981 108 All Grown Up: Fairly Odd Parents by IsaiahStephens All Grown Up: Fairly Odd Parents :iconisaiahstephens:IsaiahStephens 4,535 251 Rise of the Guardians of the Galaxy by spicysteweddemon Rise of the Guardians of the Galaxy :iconspicysteweddemon:spicysteweddemon 929 58 Mehndi by MissMikopete Mehndi :iconmissmikopete:MissMikopete 839 114 Elementary/Sherlock Special: Pin Up by maryfgr23 Elementary/Sherlock Special: Pin Up :iconmaryfgr23:maryfgr23 190 24 Teen Wolf FanArt: Mafia AU by NinaKask Teen Wolf FanArt: Mafia AU :iconninakask:NinaKask 2,628 214 Signs by kata-009 Signs :iconkata-009:kata-009 5,504 725
Let Your Daughter Be a Pirate
Let your daughter be a pirate
if she asks for a wooden sword
help her build her ship from empty boxes
and sail the vast backyard
because a box doesn’t only
have to store dead dreams
and she is so much more
than just a vessel.
Let your daughter be Robin Hood,
if she wants to be an anarchist,
a hero, a rebel, a rogue,
give her bows, and arrows,
and arrogance,
let her fight for the plight of poorer folk
because Robin isn’t just a boy’s name.
Let your daughter be a princess
locked in a tower so high
let her be her own prince,
don’t tell her to wait for a hundred years,
let her swing from her own hair
and grasp her own freedom.
Let your daughter be whatever she wants
especially when she’s young
and you’ll be enamoured by
the woman she becomes.
:iconnattrozanska:nattrozanska 699 258
to icarus
in the next life you were a phoenix
a fiery resurrection
songbird of ash & second chances
when you flew south for the winter,
you made it every time
see for you, the universe was an olympic mountain
jutting out of the ocean, a temple you would never set foot in
an elaborate maze you'd been lost in for too long;
the only love you'd ever known was from the coalfire
of your father's hands in the dark, they were the most angelic
monsters, they were beacons
his mind was the gears of a clock that never stopped spinning
but the light,
the light was a promise to be seen
the fire, a dancing enchanter that never leaves
the future was an echo on the labyrinth walls:
prince, dream of dove and swift and nebulae,
dream like the lone at night for the warmth of day
you were a golden child, waiting to be found in the darkness
the earth is too flat;
you said you'd go up,
thought you'd be a little closer to the gods
your downed shoulders caught wind of the whisper in the air
—the ground is no place
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 290 28
Poor Spidey by MauricioAbril Poor Spidey :iconmauricioabril:MauricioAbril 2,450 233 Robin Robins by Qinni Robin Robins :iconqinni:Qinni 7,184 333 Parrot by Desert-Winds Parrot :icondesert-winds:Desert-Winds 954 52


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A monk told Joshu, "I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me."

Joshu asked, "Have you eaten your rice porridge?

The monk replied, "I have eaten."

Joshu said, "Then you had better wash your bowl."

At that moment the monk was enlightened.

  • Reading: Zen and the Art of Faking It by Jordan Sonnenblick


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