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Hello, I am Allison (NekoWitch01) and I am one of the co-founders of this group. I would like to announce that I think I am the only active person running this group and I am sorry if i don't get to all of your deviations. I am not really active on this website as I would like to be and I wish I could allow everyone to submit deviations as much as they want to daily but I don't have that power over this group since I am a co-founder and the founder is inactive. Once again, I am sorry for not getting to everyone's deviations and I hope to become more active in this group! I can't promise anything because I am going through some tough times so this group isn't my first priority.
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Raven's Emoticlone--Hope by Kooky4U
Raven by Kelikei
Giant-Sized-Teen-Titans-GO!!!!! by teamzoth
Titans fashion by Gretlusky

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Study in Pink by kaspired

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Raven by BluePulpp

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Terra (Teen Titans) by BluePulpp

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Teen TITans by Clonecamando1471
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Nightwolf by guardianarchangel
The Eye of the Storm by Stine-O
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Raven Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
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Starfire Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
Raven Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
Teen Titans vs Cobra by toht981
Teen Titans Meets GI Joe - The Convoy attack by toht981
[TT/SW:Age of the Empire] PROLOGUE, Though it had been years since THE EVENTS all ended, the impact was still felt on the Teen Titans. The coming day marked the anniversary of the Tameran Campaign and Victory. Raven had a lifelike, she almost felt as though she was there. ——————On the planet Utapau, at a long docking bay sat the Starfighter Soulless One. Suddenly thrown against it was Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He ached a bit from the impact; but it did not stop him. He looked to his enemy, the feared and nefarious droid; General Grievous. Grievous laughed as he launched at where Kenobi was. The Jedi dodged and used the opportunity to use his ‘gift’. He pulled out a custom birdarang and threw it at the General's chest, attaching and electrocuting him. “AGGGGG!” Yelled the machine monster. As he tore it off in an aggressive turn ripping off extra armor and revealing his vital organs. A fallen blaster was force pulled to the Jedi as the General grabbed an electro staff and attempted to finish him off. Three shots were fired. Setting the machines insides on fire. Flames erupted from his eyes as he yelled in pain, and collapsed to the ground.“So uncivilized...” Commented Obi-Wan as he threw the blaster to the side and looked at the ruins that were once Grievous.Raven couldn’t believe it.Grievous, the feared menace. The destroyer of worlds and self-proclaimed Jedi-Hunter was finally destroyed.She followed Kenobi as he rode a creature to where several clone troopers were. Despite the new armor, she could recognize Commander Cody from the signature color scheme and his typical posture..“You’ll be needing this sir!” Said he as he handed Kenobi his lightsaber. “Thanks come on WE’VE GOT A BATTLE TO WIN!” He rode the creature off now, traveling up the side of a cliff. Raven looked to Cody as he seemed to get a hologram. She sensed an almost automatic change of emotions from him. “Yes, right away MY LORD!” He then instructed several troopers to take aim at Obi-Wan. The AT-TE also did the same. “BLAST HIM!” The turret blasted away at where Obi-Wan was riding his creature...almost hitting him once, before blowing the wall next to him and in turn causing him to fall off the ledge...and to the pits below. Her eyes widened at this. “No...WHAT? How could this…” Began Raven stuttering a bit as she flashed to another world...a more jungled one where Aayla and her squad overlooked a horizon, where several Droids waited and approached off in the distance. Like Cody, Raven watched as Commander Bly walked off a bit now, receiving a message. She couldn’t see who it was Bly was talking with...but she heard one phrase. “Execute Order 66…” Those words echoed as Raven looked up and saw the Clones take aim at Aayla with their blasters...her sensing it and turning around as they went to blast!“GAH!!” Screamed Raven waking up in her room now…The words still echoing in her mind. “Execute Order 66…” as she looked out the window to the city horizon. -------------------------------It was a beautiful summer day as the other Titans were in the living room. Raven had left her dwellings and came forth...looking a bit older since we last saw her and wearing a different outfit. It was still the same leotard/cloak dynamic, except now she had grey leggings, fingerless black opera gloves and black more tactical versions of her old boots. The other Titan’s had various outfit changes as well, for example Beast Boy wore a white and red sleeveless suit opposed to his classic one. Terra wore a leather jacket, and had shorter hair, but still kept to her original outfit. Robin had a black and red variant of his suit, now, as well as it being a bit more armored. Cyborg had a few additional red wires and cords attached here and there. Starfire wore a one piece light purple dress, still having various armor pieces and revealing portions to it. And finally Rose wore a more armored version of her original outfit, being much darker and orange/black than opposed to blue, grey and black. The team had also gained two new members: the quite famous Kid Flash as well as the mighty Amazonian Warrior: Wonder Girl. All were in the living room doing their own activities. Beast Boy, Terra, Kid Flash, and Cyborg playing video games; Robin and Starfire making food, Rose and Donna arm wrestling. It was truly peaceful…However Raven looked about and saw a picture on the wall...the picture in fact: of her, her teammates and ...the Jedi…Being uncomfortable, Robin was able to move over to Rae, and see what was up. “You, all right Raven? You, and last time you acted like this...let’s say your dad and Slade were back.” Said Robin, to which Raven nodded. “Rob...I need a moment…” she indicated and motioned for him to come with her. “I had a dream last night.”“We all do.” Said Robin with a joking smirk. “What was it about…” “*Sigh* old friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi…” She said as Robin’s eyes widened a bit. “Woah...really? Been a while since I’ve heard that name...:”“Yes. He did something great. After all this time, he finally managed to DESTROY General Grievous.”“So nothing too bad…”“But then something else happened, Commander Cody was there...fighting alongside Obi-Wan as usual, but then something in him a light going out, his respect for Obi-Wan was gone...and he shot at him, the other Clone Troopers joining him...and he…” “....I get the picture.” Said Robin a bit shocked. “Did he…” “I don’t know, he fell off a ledge, but I also saw Aayla, fighting another battle; the same thing happening to her troopers...she, sh-e...didn’t make it.” Robin just blinked. He knew how accurate Raven’s dreams could be. “ and why...we need to tell the others.” “No..not yet.” Softly said Raven. “Not until we have a firm idea of what happened, if it was recent...or possibly years ago...there was one thing more Robin.” Said Raven DISTINCTLY recalling the phrase she had heard. “Something called Order 66…” ----------------------------Sneaking out, Robin and Raven knew where they would get their answers. They entered one of the old Republic bunkers that had been built around the city and on Titan’s Tower. Pressing a button, Robin managed to get the systems running...a message coming through to the center console…The familiar robed figure. “The time has come...Execute Order 66...The time has come...Execute Order 66.” It repeated as it was glitchy and malfunctioning.“That proof enough?” Said Robin looking at Raven who was visibly shocked.As the message lagged out even more...Robin’s T-Communicator activated as an image of Rose came along. “WHERE are you guys? We have a goddamn issue!” “What? WHAT'S GOING?” “Take a look outside…” Said Rose as the two heard explosions outside. Exiting the bunker, we see what they see...a series of blue and pink explosions and smoke arising from the city.A new battle beginning just now, all wrapped around in a new mystery, and unbeknownst to the two Titans and their friends...entry into a NEW ERA of Galactic History….

Mature Content

TT- Comic based
Jinx - A Mother's Love by Robin250
Wonder Girl - (more Timm Titans) by JK-Antwon
Freefall by Robin250
Green Arrow - Connor Queen by Robin250
Titans and Batman
Starfire by 27Smiles
Raven - Quiet Rumination by SketchMeNot-Art
Raven - Quiet Rumination (V3) by SketchMeNot-Art
Raven - Quiet Rumination (V2) by SketchMeNot-Art
Contest - Pics
Two Friends. Two Enemies. Two Titans. (CONTEST) by AspireHi
Contest - FF's
+ Young Justice
Young Justice: Gunk Bio by phantom115cw


Raven's Emoticlone--Hope by Kooky4U Raven's Emoticlone--Hope :iconkooky4u:Kooky4U 30 4 Raven by Kelikei Raven :iconkelikei:Kelikei 45 5 Giant-Sized-Teen-Titans-GO!!!!! by teamzoth Giant-Sized-Teen-Titans-GO!!!!! :iconteamzoth:teamzoth 25 8 Titans fashion by Gretlusky Titans fashion :icongretlusky:Gretlusky 4,509 359 - Teen Titans ikuzo - Raven by sergio-quijada - Teen Titans ikuzo - Raven :iconsergio-quijada:sergio-quijada 1,771 76 Teen Titans: ikuzo - Robin by sergio-quijada Teen Titans: ikuzo - Robin :iconsergio-quijada:sergio-quijada 1,496 73 - Teen Titans: ikuzo- BeastBoy by sergio-quijada - Teen Titans: ikuzo- BeastBoy :iconsergio-quijada:sergio-quijada 954 72 Caught ya' two by KoriandrGrayson Caught ya' two :iconkoriandrgrayson:KoriandrGrayson 113 28 Partners by 1090506 Partners :icon1090506:1090506 141 8 Battle by 1090506 Battle :icon1090506:1090506 149 8 Star Fire by Purple-Mau-Mau Star Fire :iconpurple-mau-mau:Purple-Mau-Mau 7 2 Kid Flash 2 by tomcrielly Kid Flash 2 :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 94 12 Decorating by Ceshira Decorating :iconceshira:Ceshira 1,320 119 COLORED:034 by FerlanOppa COLORED:034 :iconferlanoppa:FerlanOppa 93 24 Tamaranean Sisters by KittyCyanide Tamaranean Sisters :iconkittycyanide:KittyCyanide 33 2 Starfire, teen titan color Sketch by ADE-doodles Starfire, teen titan color Sketch :iconade-doodles:ADE-doodles 13 3

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Okay everyone. First word - my english is not so good so pls accpet that as first ^_^ :thanks:

:pointr: Rules :pointl:

:bulletorange: Allowed :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: You can submit Fanart to the group everyday. :emailsend: Please make sure you read the submission rules and submit to correct folder or it will be rejected and you must resubmit. Look below to see the rules for Folder submissions.
:bulletorange:OC's allowed.
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:bulletorange: FanFic's allowed :D
:bulletorange: Original comics featuring the Titans
:bulletorange: Cosplay welcome!

:bulletred: Not allowed :bulletred:

:bulletred: Abuse or bullying of the admins or other members.
:bulletred: Yaoi/Yuri is not allowed ^^;sorry guys
:bulletred: Bases

So more is allowed than not allowed :XD:!






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