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I see your curiosity about my old works brought you here. Sure why not, it's more fun to have people see what I used to than just deactivating these old things all together. So with that, welcome!

Before officially moving to :iconpioxys:, I made this old account to showcase Team Shadow Force/ Team Free Spirits (before the group split up, and I took my own route), Dark The Sneasel, and plenty of other interesting characters such as Angel from Arkoda & Derp The Pikachu.

A lot of these pictures are mainly done by iscribble, so they don't look all that impressive, but hell it's better than my 2008 - 2010 works at :iconteenpioxys99:

I dropped this account for good because this account represented to much of Dark the sneasel and his friends. I finally wanted to do my own set of series and characters, and staying on this old account would hold me back. Sure I still work with Dark The Sneasel in pictures and comics today, but I don't make it all about him anymore. I wanted to expand, and a new account was the only way to do that.

Ya know, fresh start at life with new artworks, new characters, and new series to work with.

With that, have fun and enjoy your stay browsing around these classics I drew before I decided to take it up the next level.

You might learn a few things about a few characters I made over the years. :meow:
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May 8, 2015


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