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Just a random update journal to fill ya guys in. :)

Yep appears to me my family loves me so much i'm being held hostage down Philadelphia against my will so I have to send this message for help-shot-

Just kidding.XD now for the real update.

Being down here in philly is a blast.:meow:
Though it sucks i got sick half of the week so its horrible, but im starting to feel better now.

I'm suppose to go home today but who knows cause of my sister letting my older brother use the car so I'm unable to get back home which I have no trouble at all I'm in no rush. No clue if my dad would just say screw it and take me back home either but now the reasons why I AM doing this journal cause no one cares about a life story-shot-

If I do stay down here till saturday:
:star: I'm drawing some things on paper if I can I'll put up a comic on Demonocalypse to show you guys the beginning on how me and :iconbreezepleeze: OC's Terry & Bernard met.

:star: I've also been working on a fun RPG maker game for it but have no place to upload a beta. so if anything please contact me.

:star: I'm thinking on making more Pokemon Sonic Version X comics to show ya guys that that series never died yet.

Last but not least

:pokeball: Cross your finger I'll be able to stay till Saturday cause I'm getting into that animation feeling again. So who knows. Random Shadow Force 8 Part 2 may ACTUALLY be in production. ;)
NOTE: but don't hope to much there's a high 80% chance I may not have time to work on it or it just can't be done.

And with that if I go back down home today I'll give a update on well here~

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Submitted on
November 28, 2012