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Hey everyone looks like I can't get this done overnight like I said but that doesn't mean anything that only means it will be released tomorrow at a unknown time!:meow:

I've been improving much in my animations like lip sync so it dont look so crappy. that way it can be crappy but feel like an actual animation in my eyes lol.

So this will take a little longer hang with me here until then LOOK! :star:… :star: A VIDEO TO SHOW YA GUYS WHATS IN STORE IN THIS VIDEO!

This video features :iconpioxys::iconbreezepleeze::iconawwesomesoph::iconbambous::iconsleepykweenowo:

Well yeah sure its one video but as you can see there will be alot of work needed to be done I just can''t get done in a day anymore like I normally do so I'll try not to have you guys wait to long. ;)

:pokeball: Progress? :pokeball:

:star: 5 scenes
:star: about a minute long
:star: So far in these scenes are featuring Shadow, Dark, Breeze, Icy, Sparkle, Ruby, Pancakes, And Sonic & his pokemon so far with more characters to be revealed.

Until next update later on in the day, enjoy yourselves.:meow:
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Submitted on
December 1, 2012