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This journal will also be posted at :iconpioxys:

Is it me or has it been warmer then the previous years? :shocked:
Welp if anything happens I'm rebuilding the ark to survive me a year with food and a built in bathroom. ;)

lol but anyway sorry for not keeping updated I've been very busy. I have a interview for McDonald tomorrow and I've been working for fun on a Demonocalypse RPG Maker game to kill time. if anyone knows where I can upload the beta let me know.

Random Shadow Force 8 Part 2 Progress

Its going pretty well actually.:o
:star: Total length is 3:44 and still going
:star: 12 new scenes are made through out this movie.

Roster listed below followed by who owns them.
Shadow The Buneary :iconhayleighs:
Dark The Sneasel :iconpioxys:
Breeze The Eevee :iconbreezepleeze:
Sonic The Hedgehog :iconsegaplz: Followed by his pokemon team.
Ruby The Buneary :iconawwesomesoph:
Sparkles The Umbreon :iconbambous:
Pancakes The Furret :iconsleepykweenowo:
Gaby AKA Tarzan The Shadic Gijinka :iconpein83:
Anthony The Fox Gijinka :iconpioxys:
Sapphire The Pikachu :iconxxpikask8er13xx:
Derp The Pikachu :iconpioxys:
Crystal The Pikachu :iconpioxys:
Light The Weavile :iconpioxys:
Rain The Buizel :icongiratina84:
Hollow Ichigo (c) Tite Kubo

Characters that still need to be added
Splash The Joltvee :iconkemonomika:
The Random Shadow Force Kitty :iconpioxys:

:pokeball: Note the movie still incomplete so the roster may change at anytime, I might personally ask people to join in as a cameo or cast member in the movie for appearances, I might add more characters or drop them out at any time (Splash is a confirm character in the roster though). I still got 6 minutes of my life to go in this movie which mean anything can happen haha.

and with that, thats all ya guys need to know.;) sorry for not showing a sneak peak this time but im not far enough in the movie to do so. NEXT TIME :iconfistplz:
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Submitted on
December 12, 2012