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Yep I've now got the laptop from my sister (finally) and now I'm officially moving to :iconpioxys: again now that I can post pictures up there.

So feel free to check out my other works. While I may not be posting videos, I AM getting the feel to work on my art works again.

So yeah see ya there.:meow:
:pokeball:… :pokeball:

The official intro to Random Shadow Force 8 is completed. Check it out to see how epic it is.:meow:

For details of the official Character roster of these series, all of them are in the video. If you can't see them fast enough feel free to check it out in the description of the video.

No clue when The full video will be complete but it will be awhile so for a late Christmas and New Years gift I give you... the sneak peek. ;)

All character are own by their respective owners.
Man its already the 27th and I haven't done crap-shot-
Well I haven't started working on RSF yet because I've been very busy lately I hope everyone enjoying the last few days of their holidays before the school time kicks back in.:meow:
I was working on a Xmas special of the RSF cast but due to it being the 27th and added at that I can't think of anything for it, it was kind of a throw off and was cancelled. There's always new years though right haha.

So with that this update been pretty short. If anything I'll slap it on to a journal. ;)
The "Golden Age Era" of Shadow Force is now on my new youtube account with FINALLY better sound quality it deserves (it may be off at some parts though)

Check out the first 3 classics here…

Check out the New Youtube account I be staying at too at

:star: Random Shadow Force 4-7 Trilogy will be the next video I will be uploading on to there

:star: Same will be for all 5 character Teasers for Random Shadow Force 8 Pt 3
:bulletwhite: IN ADDITION to this, Random Shadow Force Pts 1, 2 AND the newley created 3 will also be posted up as a Trilogy when released.

Until then enjoy the classics~
:star::pokeball:… :star::pokeball:

The Final surprise character enters the Random Shadow Force Universe. But wait whats going on here? Looks like this character brought a surprise of his own!:shocked:

go and head and check at the video to see what he have brought with him. ;)

Note this is the end of the roster but if I find more character (if i know what to do with them) Then I will make another teaser but this is highly it for the time being or all I'll need.:meow:
:pokeball:… :pokeball:

From me, :iconbreezepleeze::iconartacoustic: role play, one very paranoid man steps foot in a new universe for the first time.

To know more about this character goes to breeze account and find him.:meow:
:pokeball:… :pokeball:

A new OC have stepped into the realm of the final movie of the series. Set and ready to go lets see what things are in store for this newcomer on Random Shadow Force 8 Part 3.

Character is own by :iconfreeze-pop88:
Check out her artwork and styles to know more on her Pokesona.

2 more character slots open

who shall I choose

find out next time when I update. ;)
:pokeball:… :pokeball:

The Cameo now becomes a cast member with all his/her vicious frightening appearance in Random Shadow Force 8.

Check it out if you dare.:meow:
:pokeball:… :pokeball:

This is what I'll be doing from now on when I'm going to introduce a new surprise character to Random Shadow Force 8 Part 3 before actually working on it. Hey to make it big you gotta make it big yourself right? ;)

So any New characters either I ASKED, from a anime or cartoon will be posted in a journal just to give you guys a heads up. :meow:

P.S: My characters will not be in teasers unless if its a important character.
:pokeball::pokeball::pokeball:… :pokeball::pokeball::pokeball:

Here it is the BIG Random Shadow Force 8 Part 2 completed with all its 4 minutes of Glory. I decided to show ya guys what I had saved up for ya guys since I'm going to be busy by the week. ;)

So thats right

Part 3 is going to be in production soon without a release date. Hopefully I should get it done by the holidays end. So heres Part 2 of my Christmas gift to all of you people out there. Random Shadow Force 8 Part 2 out of 3.:meow:

All credit is in the video description. for more infor on Random Shadow Force 8 part 3 and details on why its going to be the final RSF be sure to read in that section. Thank you truely~:star:

:star: Pioxys or known as Dark The Sneasel
This journal will also be posted at :iconpioxys:

Is it me or has it been warmer then the previous years? :shocked:
Welp if anything happens I'm rebuilding the ark to survive me a year with food and a built in bathroom. ;)

lol but anyway sorry for not keeping updated I've been very busy. I have a interview for McDonald tomorrow and I've been working for fun on a Demonocalypse RPG Maker game to kill time. if anyone knows where I can upload the beta let me know.

Random Shadow Force 8 Part 2 Progress

Its going pretty well actually.:o
:star: Total length is 3:44 and still going
:star: 12 new scenes are made through out this movie.

Roster listed below followed by who owns them.
Shadow The Buneary :iconhayleighs:
Dark The Sneasel :iconpioxys:
Breeze The Eevee :iconbreezepleeze:
Sonic The Hedgehog :iconsegaplz: Followed by his pokemon team.
Ruby The Buneary :iconawwesomesoph:
Sparkles The Umbreon :iconbambous:
Pancakes The Furret :iconsleepykweenowo:
Gaby AKA Tarzan The Shadic Gijinka :iconpein83:
Anthony The Fox Gijinka :iconpioxys:
Sapphire The Pikachu :iconxxpikask8er13xx:
Derp The Pikachu :iconpioxys:
Crystal The Pikachu :iconpioxys:
Light The Weavile :iconpioxys:
Rain The Buizel :icongiratina84:
Hollow Ichigo (c) Tite Kubo

Characters that still need to be added
Splash The Joltvee :iconkemonomika:
The Random Shadow Force Kitty :iconpioxys:

:pokeball: Note the movie still incomplete so the roster may change at anytime, I might personally ask people to join in as a cameo or cast member in the movie for appearances, I might add more characters or drop them out at any time (Splash is a confirm character in the roster though). I still got 6 minutes of my life to go in this movie which mean anything can happen haha.

and with that, thats all ya guys need to know.;) sorry for not showing a sneak peak this time but im not far enough in the movie to do so. NEXT TIME :iconfistplz:
:pokeball:… :pokeball:

Today's sneak peek features :iconpein83: showing :iconhayleighs: the ropes on how transformations should be done GOKU STYLE

The real video is WAY longer then this short scene but i figure i skip over and show you guys the good parts to this video.;)

Random Shadow Force 8 Part 2 still coming soon.
Hey everyone looks like I can't get this done overnight like I said but that doesn't mean anything that only means it will be released tomorrow at a unknown time!:meow:

I've been improving much in my animations like lip sync so it dont look so crappy. that way it can be crappy but feel like an actual animation in my eyes lol.

So this will take a little longer hang with me here until then LOOK! :star:… :star: A VIDEO TO SHOW YA GUYS WHATS IN STORE IN THIS VIDEO!

This video features :iconpioxys::iconbreezepleeze::iconawwesomesoph::iconbambous::iconsleepykweenowo:

Well yeah sure its one video but as you can see there will be alot of work needed to be done I just can''t get done in a day anymore like I normally do so I'll try not to have you guys wait to long. ;)

:pokeball: Progress? :pokeball:

:star: 5 scenes
:star: about a minute long
:star: So far in these scenes are featuring Shadow, Dark, Breeze, Icy, Sparkle, Ruby, Pancakes, And Sonic & his pokemon so far with more characters to be revealed.

Until next update later on in the day, enjoy yourselves.:meow:
Yeah thats right i'm confirming on working on this today as I think it its my last day here in Philly. Details are down below on the link.…

They will be minor setbacks about the video well just 1 so be sure to see the video for more info.:meow:
Just a random update journal to fill ya guys in. :)

Yep appears to me my family loves me so much i'm being held hostage down Philadelphia against my will so I have to send this message for help-shot-

Just kidding.XD now for the real update.

Being down here in philly is a blast.:meow:
Though it sucks i got sick half of the week so its horrible, but im starting to feel better now.

I'm suppose to go home today but who knows cause of my sister letting my older brother use the car so I'm unable to get back home which I have no trouble at all I'm in no rush. No clue if my dad would just say screw it and take me back home either but now the reasons why I AM doing this journal cause no one cares about a life story-shot-

If I do stay down here till saturday:
:star: I'm drawing some things on paper if I can I'll put up a comic on Demonocalypse to show you guys the beginning on how me and :iconbreezepleeze: OC's Terry & Bernard met.

:star: I've also been working on a fun RPG maker game for it but have no place to upload a beta. so if anything please contact me.

:star: I'm thinking on making more Pokemon Sonic Version X comics to show ya guys that that series never died yet.

Last but not least

:pokeball: Cross your finger I'll be able to stay till Saturday cause I'm getting into that animation feeling again. So who knows. Random Shadow Force 8 Part 2 may ACTUALLY be in production. ;)
NOTE: but don't hope to much there's a high 80% chance I may not have time to work on it or it just can't be done.

And with that if I go back down home today I'll give a update on well here~

Ok maybe I didn't had time to make a Random Shadow Force Part 2 BUUUUT I was testing some things out and I made this :D…

I dont know if ya into me :iconartacoustic: and :iconbreezepleeze: Demonocalypse pictures so I just made a simple animation about it. whats it about read the description.

Hope ya enjoy it some day I'll get to that RSF.:) maybe never but lets hope i get around to it :lmao:
Alright, everything ok this account is set up and ready to go to my liking~:iconhappyskipplz:

ALL PICTURES on this account is suited and put to their suited gallerys.

:star: May I recommend you the ONE OF A KIND folder for a good laugh?… ;)

The page will be editied and put up soon~:meow:
:star: Just letting everyone know here my page is going to be looking pretty dull and empty right now.


:star: Since i'm aiming more other things to my name then just Pokemon, some changes feel must be done to this account if im going to stay here for awhile.

:star: DeviantArt submit page is still lingering a troublesome problem for uploading pictures from my father's PS3. The old submit page is still on this account so i will cry blood if they change it. :iconcryforeverplz:

:star: My gallery is a complete mess so I'll be tidying up for a long time on this account.

:star: If im going to be here i want NOTHING of my old name on here. Just because im coming back to this account means that im going back to the all pokemon Team Shadow Force sneasel name i once had. I got more plans then that now,~:music:

Dont worry though. All my pictures are still here. ;)

If you read all this thanks for understanding~ If your confused, please leave a comment below

Yeah its :iconpioxys: here well Dark as always leaving something to say.

It looks like DA new submit page blows hard but oddly this account is not doing anything or changed i dont know why myself. so im going to linger around this old account for awhile till things hit a change. i will be active in both accounts but i will be doing some cleaning up in my gallery

Thank you.:meow:
My new account is running now


Info about this

- I'll change my info on Pioxys soon. ps3 limits me to certain number of words unless its in HD.

- I'm 20 almost 21. Why and im still TEENpioxys? I wanted the account to sound suited but unquie so Pioxys it shall stay and it sounds already more of my own name.

-Pioxys originally was a fake pokemon fusion i done of Deoxys and Pikachu.

- :iconteenpioxys99: & :iconteenpioxys101: will not be deactivated however i'll move and delete pics of 101 and reupload them here so enjoy the art in these old accounts~:meow:

- You can still call me Dark if your already grown to the name but i'll mostly go by Ant or Pioxys now.

- I'm no longer doing Team Shadow Force things.  that part of my life is finally over now like the others did~ But you will see dark having his own adventures.

-This new account NOT a Pokemon only account.

Hope to see ya guys there and thanks for supporting me over the years :heart: