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First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! :ahoy:We here at Teen-Gohan-Fans hope this will be a great year of art, Gohan, and friendship :D :D :D

Secondly, as the founder of this group, I have to express my extreme disappointment at the lack of participation in this contest :( At least 10 members of the group said they would participate, and we only received 2 entries. We even extended the deadline for a week, and no one made use of that extra opportunity to enter the competition. Our previous contest, 2 years ago, had many more entries and participants, even though the group was half the size it is now :( This will seriously affect the chances of us holding further contests in the future :rage:

But now for the results!
The theme was Teen Gohan on Holiday, and contestants had to showcase Teen Gohan celebrating a traditional/religious holiday, such as Diwali, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc; Teen Gohan having fun for a playful holiday such as Halloween or Guy Fawkes (or others), or Teen Gohan on a holiday/vacation. In the artist's comments of their submissions, entrants had to explain why they chose that specific holiday and setting for Teen Gohan.

1st place: SaiyanHeart, with the entry "Gohan Vs. Perfect Turkey", which can be found here…
This art work embodies the idea of the contest, wherein Gohan is celebrating a holiday, and the artist has incorporated humor into it as well! We especially like the way the Thanksgiving turkey has the colouration of Cell. Very creative and well done! SaiyanHeart receives 20 pointds and a full colour drawing of any cannon DBZ character of choice.

2nd place: safiric2, with the entry "Merry Christmas from Gohan", which can be found here…
We like how Gohan is portrayed in his base Saiyan form, showing that there is no hostility during this holiday period. The Santa clothes are also a nice touch. Well done!
safiric2 receives 10 points and a full colour drawing of Teen Gohan in any form or scenario of choice.

Well done to the winners!

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Just a Few Rules

Welcome! Before you get started in the group, please read these rules and guidlines :aww:

With regards to art and submissions, only artworks of teen Gohan will be allowed. This means any art of Gohan, ranging from the start of the Trunks saga, to the end of the Cell saga, and anything in between, such as the Adroid saga, the Cell Games, etc.

Also, artwork from the following Dragonballz movies will be allowed: "Super Android 13", " Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan", "Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans" and "Bojack Unbound".

We do not consider ourselves very strict, but there is a certain benchmark standard which needs to be met in order for art to be accepted into our group. You can browse the galleries to discover this benchmark for yourselves :)

:bulletpurple: Please be well-mannered to other members of the group.
:bulletred: If you suspect an artwork in the group's gallery is stolen from another artist or does not credit the original artist, please inform the group admins by sending a note to the group, and we will take appropriate action.
:bulletpurple: If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be shy to contact the group. We are here to help and support all the teen Gohan fans out there!
:bulletred: HAVE FUN!! :peace:








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