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Day 02 Wisp rendered by lofilife
Yessss by Xawol
Anthro - FULL
Souvillaine - Ottoman Warrior by Souvillaine
minimalist doggo by Fruitily
||Kissy?|| by iN3LL3H
Boop by iN3LL3H
Anthro - Fullbody, Halfbody, Waist-up
[OC] Cute/Chibi wolf  by PAXSITE
Commission Furry 01 by ImsoHott
Idrabi by brannahgirl
Champagne by SarahChanCandy
Feral - Fullbody, Halfbody
Love is the way by SakArt98
[ArtTrade] - Father-Son moment by DeanQa
SM: Ch 4 Pg 64 by Giiana
Coming by DenAdler
Headshot, Containing Shoulders
[Trade] - Our moment by DeanQa
YCH for MoonlyAries by Skyge26
[CM] Faith | Lunnash by MajorUyeda
Spitfire and Gin by DenAdler
Anthro with Feral
Neonahuatl Andy Asteroides? by cybertrevil
Rave Identification - 1 by JayDesertFox
Rave Identification - 1 by JayDesertFox
Just one Bite [Dream] by Souvillaine
Meep Indoor Feetpaws by HandsterButtonz
Black , Purple , And white Canine head. by Feng-Kai
Arcanine fursuit head by Feng-Kai
(C) Catto by SarahChanCandy
I'm back baby! by SariaTheDragoness
Anxiety of wolf by PastorFox
Giwaway Raffle! [OPEN] by DersvingMoraine
Reference Sheets
Beakdd Sketch Ref by DRIFTIMP
[CLOSED] Dragon adoptable by MentholSilence
CRYBABY by SarahChanCandy
[OC] Locke by chicken-art-s
Animated Works
Animated - Training and sporting by RazorbillAnimation
Animation by Skyge26
Finished YCH by siarczi
Sylveon sketch-animation by Blooming-Lynx
Photography, Tattoos, Practical Works
badge 4 bf by goldenpawbs
Literature, Comics - No Commission Info
[UCC] No Photos, PLEASE by brannahgirl
Tutorials and F2U Bases
OPEN Ych Auction (2 SLOTS) by NatsuGumiArt
Adopts and YCH
Finished ych by yannmeisstuff
Commissions and Other Stuff
Cheap toyhouse sale by KooShira

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Rules and Folders


Join request are automatically approved, but please be subject to the rules.

:bulletgreen: You need to be 13 - 20 year old to join. :bulletgreen:
If you are bigger and you still want to be a part of the group,
feel free to watch us!

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the correct folder. :bulletgreen:
Submission limit is 5 per week.
:bulletred: No humans or nekos, only furries! :bulletred:
:bulletred: MATURE CONTENT IS NOT ACCEPTED.:bulletred:
that means: e.g. over-sexualized, yiff, fetish, feet, tickling, censored, nude*, sexual related or suggestive arts are not tolerated at all!!!
(-> *nude: uncovered genitalia and nipples for female-breasted figures)
- Remember, this group is for youngs. -

And have fun. That's all. :furrygiggle: by Romaji


Featured : This is a closed folder, here are the drawings selected by the admins.
Anthro - Fullbody, Halfbody, Waist-Up: Here goes all the anthropomorphic animals not focusing about the head only.
Feral - Fullbody, Halfbody: Here goes all the quadruped (four-footed) animals.
Headshot, containing shoulders: Any artworks focused on solely the head or with shoulder-area still in frame.
Anthro with Feral: Those arts which contains anthro (or human) character(s) with feral character(s).
Fursuiting: Everything about fursuits, full-suits, half suits, fursuit pieces like tails, ears and etc.
Icon: All the icons, avatars, profile pictures.
Reference Sheets: Any Reference sheets.
Animated Works: Animations, gifs.
Photography, tattoos, Practical works: Everything you need a camera to portray it and is not about fursuits.
Literature, Comics - No Commission Info: Comics, fanfictions, stories, tales about furries but n commission infos
Tutorials & F2U Bases - : As stated, for tutorials and flats that are free to use.
Adopt and YCH: Just the money and point stuff: adoptables, YCHs and auctions.
Commissions and Other Stuff: Everything else, most people submit here contests, raffles and commission prices.

Would you like to find friends?


Do you want to meet furries in your age? We have a group on Skype!
You can join here :

Our group icon is made by Clawstarz! Thank you so much!


If you have any problems or questions feel free to message an admin.



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SariaTheDragoness Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2021  Student Digital Artist
aw man I have a few months left until im 21 I hope to have fun here whilst I can!!
Souvillaine Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there!
 It's no problem if you surpass your age this group is meant for, I won't kick you out so feel free to make the decision yourself :3

Have a wonderful day!
Souvillaine Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy New Year everyone!
 I'm undergoing a break from social media, but I'll try to manage submissions on the weekends. Not sure if our contributors will handle them in between...
Souvillaine Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey sorry for the long wait on the submissions, days just got very busy.

I wish you all a very nice weekend and much glee for the future festivities!
 Hang in there, even though this year is much different.
Oliverthedragonlord Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2020
Can I join?
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