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Snow White

Third one of my tales collection! ^^


See the serie
Red Ridding Hood

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this is hilarious!!!
Mischievous grin, probably a repeat offender!

I love it!
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These are great! I am lovin' it. Thank you.
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She looks guilty and proud of it.
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Excellent work on turning such a pure character so dirty!
Love the collection. I do wonder what the sexual misconduct could be, since the crimes of the other girls made sense considering their stories, while Snow White just sorta fell asleep...and lived with seven little dudes. Ah. Nevermind, I got it now. In any case, good job! I love it!
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I'm in love with these pieces. You're an incredible artist, ma'am. (: I love the facial expressions in the characters. They're incredible! Keep up the good work!
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This whole series is AMAZING. The facial expressions are fantastic, you're not afraid to go 'ugly' with them, and still manage to make them look like them <33 Very well done, and very original :3
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Thank you so much! Your comment has me blushing!! :hug: Your facial expressions are so well done that this means a lot for me. I definitely will watch your work!
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Huh, "sexual misconduct." That's an interesting take
These are awesome. I even had to sign up to DeviantArt just to tell you how much I love this concept!
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I really think all four of these mugshot pics should be daily deviations :D
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Thank you!!! ^^ And thanx for all the faves! :hug:
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hahahaha great XD
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These are brilliant!
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My, the temptresses of your "tales" collection make for quite a resplendent rogue's gallery of former fairy tale princesses obviously gone bad; or have you simply revisited their actions over the top of your glasses and in a more critical light. Saying hey, whoa, didn't that chick just just do something against the law. Just goes to show, if you have a disparaged name, you go to prison or get burned at the stake. If you have some cache behind your moniker, you skate.
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Thanx a lot for your comment! In fact, that's what I'm trying to do. An 'elegant' way to destroy a myth and strip it of all innocence. I like to think that no one is completely good (neither princesses). We all have a dark side that someone will find someday. :D
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You are doing so very adroitly and through very well done artistry. You exemplify the essence of greta art to me when you project both a meaningful message and do so with high levels of creative skill! Just try not to end up in the police blotter yourself in the process ;)
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Hahaha I'll try! Thanks again for your kind words!
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