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I've finished! This is the fourth and last one!! Maybe some day I'll make more 'fairytale mugshots', but for now I'm going to take a rest and change the subject. Hope you enjoy it! :D
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Red Ridding Hood…

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SoooOOOoooo true !

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Coolio! This is so impressive!
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Thank God they weren't home, some people are home when burglars break into their domicile  :sherlock: that charge reminds me of tha movie with Ray Liotta!
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I've alwaays suspected and now I'm sure. THANX!
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Excellent work!
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These are smashing. Have you ever thought about doing more of them? I know your fans on Tumblr would love that. You have stirred up quite a sum of notes.
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When I drew them 2 years ago I was thinkinkg of doing some more, but now they've become so popular that a lot of people made their own versions  and some of them I'd already thought. I haven't read all the comments on the net, but I don't want to be reclaimed for an idea that another person wrote on a comment. Does it make sense? Haha. It's a shame because I'd love to do Ariel (my favorite character) but I think they'll remain like 4 and I'll focus on doing other illustrations :) Thanx for your comment Maddi! And hope to see you again arround here! :hug:
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I saw these 4 illustrations on Reddit and instantly fell in love with them. Luckily someone posted a link which brought me here. They are truly exquisite.  I was also going to ask if you planned on doing more like this. You say people have made their own versions. I haven't seen them, but I can tell you they don't compare already. Yours have that dark edge which is exactly what drew me to them. I really hope you decide to do more. Ariel is my favorite also! I know Ursula isn't a Disney "princess", however you could have her crime as "identity theft". I really look forward to more of your work. :)
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Yeah that's understandable. Maybe you'll think of some other great things to do for the characters you like?
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So clever! I love them!
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This series is awesome. Love them all
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Sneaky burglar Goldilocks! Love it!
You are inspiring costumes with these...
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