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5 Ways to Get Fantasy Wrong
Yes, you're writing a fantasy story. Yes, that means many of the normal "rules" of reality are suspended. It doesn't mean you can just write whatever you like and expect your readers to swallow it. The existence of dragons they'll probably accept. Moscow being the capital of France they probably won't.
The key to "selling" weird, fantasy stuff to your reader (like dragons and half-elves) is making the world at large believable. This means getting the simple things right. So on that note:
1. Factual Errors
There are things in the wide-world of fiction that are fantasy elements; things like dragons, unicorns, and women who find beards sexy. There are other things in the wide-world of fiction that are factual elements; things like the speed of an average horse, the boiling point of water, and the observation that iron rusts.
Clearly, these are not two distinct categories that can have a line neatly drawn between them. You may have creat
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Stay on the Sidewalk
Hear the voices in the street,
Marching to their drummer's beat,
Men in blue shout and repeat,
Just stay on the sidewalk.
They march for you, they march for me
Shouting that we shall be free
But some folks say that shall not be -
You must stay on the sidewalk.
The sidewalk where they lock us in
When we ask for justice to begin -
They laugh and let us look at them
as we stay on the sidewalk.
Children watch their parents weep,
Fathers go without sleep,
Mothers try but cannot keep
Living on the sidewalk.
The sidewalk isn't all the street,
It's just the scraps they let us keep,
But we are rising to our feet
To leave this bloody sidewalk.
:iconknittingknots:knittingknots 11 8
I woke up reaching for you again.
I'm so tired of dreaming about you. Even the dreams that seem as though they will not have anything to do with you, you seem to pop up and ruin them. My thoughts have slipped to memories of us far too often for me to be comfortable with. And you've been a topic of conversation far more than you have right to be.
I find myself missing you more, lately
It isn't fair. I ended this. I ended us. You are probably living your life, happy without me to hold you back from 'being yourself'. From being a 'social butterfly'. And here I am, pretending to be okay, pretending to move on, and all I want is to be back in your arms. All I taste is our last kiss. All I need is for you to tell me you miss. I'd be yours again. Instantly.
I want to hate you, but I can't.
Looking back, I can see why everyone had such a problem with you. With us. Looking back, I can see why you had a problem with us, and why I should have a lot sooner than I did. I can se
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Fan Fiction Corner

Current Fan Fiction Focus

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMoonlight Shadow:In this re-envisioning of an old (completed) work, fan character Karma Koopa, a yoshi-koopa hybrid, longs to have a friend who accepts her for who she is. In this simple tale of friendship, Karma's wild adventure may lead her to more than she bargained for!

Next Update: Friday, June 29th, 2018

Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter One by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter Two by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter Three by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter Four by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter Five by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter 6 by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter Seven by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter Eight by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015): Chapter Nine by Teela-Y Moonlight Shadow (2015) Chapter Ten by Teela-Y

Thanks, DY/Elzior!

Related Art Spotlight
:icondarkness-yoshi: drew an awesome rendition of Teela's sword:
Moonlight Blade by darkness-yoshi



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Teela-Y's Profile Picture
Artist | Literature
United States
One cup of water, two plants. Drawing and writing. I chose the latter, but I love the former.

If I'm not a lover and I'm not a fighter, does that make me nothing?

These are the kinds of questions I wrestle with. I write to solve them. I draw to check my work.

Thanks for stopping by~
"They'll tell you I don't care anymore,
and I hope you'll know that's a lie...
'Cause I found what I have been waiting for,
but to get there means crossing a line.

[...] I got demons inside me,
so I'm faced with a choice:
either try to ignore them,
or I give them a voice."
- "Crossing a Line," by Mike Shinoda

Hi everyone,

  1. I haven't said much since my November 2017 post "Renewing My Writing Vows & Other Updates," so I thought I might take an opportunity to say a few things of interest to my following. I know you haven't seen the output you'd expect from someone trying to be a published author. Perhaps you feel like you haven't seen any posts at all other than my comic, so from the outside, it may not seem like I'm working to be writer you and I both know I'm capable of being. You haven't seen the effort or the passion, the fruit nor the labor that perhaps you knew me for once upon a Lemmy's Land (which often feels so long, but no so long ago). Despite the lack of posting here, I have actually been writing and developing my skills, and I have a large piece to share with you today, as well as some information on what's forthcoming.

  2. Regardless if you knew me over a decade ago at Lemmy's Land, or you are new to me and my artistic journey, welcome. I did want to take a moment to thank my long time readers and friends, and even people who just pop by to ask if I've written anything; that keeps me going. A huge shout out to my friend BluewindI deeply appreciate the extent that you've helped me with my current original novella, and the extent you've gone to keep my muse from starving. Words alone hint at the depths of appreciation I have for you; I hope to see you again at this summer's end! 

  3. Now on to what most of you are probably here for:

Writing & Art Updates:

  • Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! 1) My Completed Master's Thesis: A Videogame Screenplay Script

First, I have a link for you to my completed Master's Thesis, a video game screenplay script about a world that I spent a decade creating (a world in which this DeviantArt Journal skin, which I've had for a long while now, is actually based off of, haha...).

Here's a brief synopsis of it, for flavor's sake:

Synopsis: Fantissity is a tale centered on an aspiring cartographer named Teela, a young woman who longs to leave the confining walls of her village. In this adventure, The Player becomes Teela to map out the world, cleanse large monsters of their tainted energy, and discover powerful magic. The Goddess has been sealed away, and Teela and her adventuring party believe that breaking the seals of four temples will bring her back so that she can fix the evil that is beginning to overtake the realm.

I'd recommend jumping to page eight to get straight into the story, but if you're interested in the academic thought processes behind the script, you're welcome to read the foreword and whatnot. If you have any comments about the piece, you are welcome to leave them here or to send me a personal note. I always appreciate hearing your thoughts and reactions—they inspire me! :) (Smile) So thanks for that.

Here's the link (yes, it's free! Just download the .pdf on the right from my University's Library):…

  • Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! 2) Original Works: A Novella & Poetry

My goal this summer is to send out at least one short story for consideration of publication. I haven't submitted anything in years because I was working on my craft. I've been spending time reading all the literature I didn't have time for over the past three years. If you're interested in hearing about the books I've been reading, let me know and maybe I'll make a post. Otherwise, I am working on a novella, and because I have aims to get that published, I can't share a lot of that online until I figure out what the publication future for this piece is going to look like. 

Synopsis of Novella: Maggie receives a Tibetan journal from her father, a journal full of sumi-ink illustrations that are resistant to almost all the mediums she attempts to use to color them... when she tries water-colored paints, however, something extraordinary happens.

While the novella won't be posted to DA, you can stay tuned for some upcoming poems I've been working on.

  • Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! 3) Fan Fiction & Fan Art

Forthcoming is a collaborative comic with MugiMikey (co-creator of Dino Dynamic) about the koopalings and Luigi. I can't say more at this point because I am still story-boarding the entirety of the work, but I am certain that it is something both longtime friends and fans of Lemmy's Land and any fan of the Super Mario franchise will enjoy. ;) (Wink) I'll share more with you when it's ready. Otherwise, some of my long-time readers have expressed an interest in seeing me explore more of my vision of the Marioverse (such as completing old pieces like "An Outsider's Tale,"  and "Music Will Die," or writing new pieces entirely) as opposed to re-writing old works (like "Melodies Forever.") The lot of you have spoken! :) (Smile) So it shall be. I will not re-write "Melodies Forever," and will instead explore different directions of the Marioverse. More to follow! For the rest of this week, I will be posting the remainder of the "Moonlight Shadow" re-envisioning, and after that, we will see where the tide shall take us.

More than anything, I am working on my consistencyI write nearly everyday now, and surely something is bound to come of it. As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

Thanks for reading,                                            

Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! ~ Teela/ Alex                        

  • Listening to: Every Breaking Wave - U2
  • Reading: American Gods - Neil Gaiman
  • Watching: Game of Thrones S3
  • Playing: Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia
  • Eating: A Proper Breakfast of Eggs, Fruit, and Bacon!
  • Drinking: Water, water, everywhere


I am very honored to say that I received my first Daily Deviation on my flash fiction piece "Soulful Brewing, Filled With Spirits," and I am still reeling from the excitement. Truth is, it was always a long time goal of mine. I am going to keep writing! Best wishes. <3

You can read the piece here:…
I will be participating in Flash Fiction Month throughout July! :) So expect to see small stories from me (1,000 words or less!) every day. I'll see you in your notifications! ^__^
Who are some of your favorite Super Mario villains these days? :)  Asking for a friend... ;P
Happy Tuesday! Getting ready to upload some poems and start storyboarding that Koopaling comic I mentioned in my latest journal entry.
My boyfriend is teaching me new art techniques. Today we focused on my understanding of anatomy. :)

Are you getting "Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu" or "Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee"? 

3 deviants said "Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee"
3 deviants said Neither; I'm not really interested.
1 deviant said "Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu"

Thanks, Isha~!


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