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Does anyone know how I can get more views for my series? It should be getting thousands of views and not just hundreds (it's only getting dozens on DA).

Are there any communities I can join and post my eps to expose them?
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Okay, after much complaining- Err... I mean, constructive criticism, I've deciding to bring the real voice actors back to WoC. Episode 9 now has voice actors and the episode 2 remake should hopefully be ready in the next two days. I'm still waiting on lines from one last VA before I can release the voiced version of Ep1 remake and episode 10.

If you like my series having real voice actors, then please support me on Patreon, so I can compensate them.

I've also decided to drop the interactive battles from future episodes. Honestly, it's a lot of work and only about 1% of the viewership actually plays them. But it means that the episode will be easier for me to make.

Follow me on Twatter for regular updates for the series:

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I might drop the interactive battles from my WoC series. With .SWF support being dropped from browsers in the future, it's likely that the later episodes won't be able to have it anyway. But let's look at some stats.

Episode 8 on Newgrounds has 117,000 veiws but only 658 people earned the Medal from the interactive battle.
Episode 9 on NG has 2700 views and less then 100 people participated in the interactive battle.

I have no way of knowing how many people played the interactive version on DeviantArt, but I barely have a following on there (only 254 veiws on ep 9). Of course, youtube doesn't do the interactivity anyway.

The interactive battles are cool, but they increase production time substantially and the programming tends to burn me out quickly, which makes me not want to work on it.

What do you think?

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I recently revived my Pokemon World of Chaos series and what remaining fans I have are calling for me to bring back real voice actors. Scouting VAs hasn't yielded too much luck, so I'm putting out a casting call. You can find the details here:…

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I've finally updated my website after 3 years. Unlike before where I used a web page making program, this one is coded from scratch by me using HTML5 and CSS.

Work on ep 10 is coming along nicely. The hunt for voice actors is not. Almost no one I've asked has replied to me. I know fans want voices, but at this rate, it may not happen.
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I am currently working on the animation for episode 10 and the remake of episode 2.

I'll be seeking VAs for these episodes once the animation is finished (since I have a tendency to change the script as I animate). Not only that, but I'll be seeking VAs for episode 9 and 1 remake as well.

My Patreon is created. Please support me so I can give the VAs a little compensation! Thanks!

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Pokemon: World of Chaos episode 9 is finally here after a 5 year wait. Too be honest, I was never able to settle on a script for this one that I felt was the best. It went through many rewrties and such. Part of the reason it took so long. Plus I wanted to switch the series to fully animated, but I see now that it will only get finished if I stick with sprites. Anyway, check it out.

Pkmn: World of Chaos ep9 by teejaynumber13

The format I'm using now seems pretty solid, so I'll probably stick with it for the rest of the series. The series is based on the B/W & B/W2 games, although a few new pokemon and things from the newer games may make an appearance.

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I just released a remastered version of WoC episode 1. I plan on remastering episodes 1-5, adding interactive battles and computer voices. I'm redoing these because I still get requests to upload 1-5 to youtube, and I originally didn't because there were no voices, just text. But these releases will all lead up to the release of episodes 9 & 10 (FINALLY)!

Sorry about the 5 year hiatus. Not really much to say about it. Lack of motivation, full time job, time flies, etc. But I really do want to finish the series.

I'm using computer generated voices now, I know it's a step down, but I have 16 more eps to make (not counting the remasters of 2-5) and I'm already 5 years behind. Doing my own computer voices is just easier and faster. Sacrifice quality for speed, you know how it is. I am including a button on the menu in the SWF version to change the dialogue between voices, gibberish, or none.

PKMN: WoC Episode 1 Remastered by teejaynumber13

Anyway, go check out the new version and let me know what you think. Again sorry to any remaining fans for the hiatus.

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Yes, ep 9 & 10 of WoC are coming. Slowly but surely. I didn't work on it over the summer like I hoped. Mostly just a lack of motivation coupled with my full time job as a manger leaves me exhausted after work. So on and so forth.
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I'm not really impressed with Pokemon Go for a few reasons.

1: It's heats up my phone and eats up my battery, even in battery saver mode.
2: It doesn't explain how to play it. I had to watch videos online to learn the game.
3: I drove around Greenville the other day to get out of the house and find some Pokemon. I found none. Apparently Poke don't appear in parking lots. Found two gyms, but no wild poke. All the pokemon I have caught so far has been sitting at home. Except for a Scyther I caught at my real life gym. Apparently they expect people to hike into to the woods with real life beasties to find the Pokemon.
4: Kind of glitchy. Sometimes it freeze right after I catch a poke and I lose them. I tried to challenge one of the gyms, but my char kept running all over the place even though I was standing still, and it kept telling me "too far from gym".
5: This is likely intentional, but the amount of Pokeballs you have won't keep up with your level and you'll will have to pay real money for them eventually. Especially if you can't find any new Pokemon

Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Once, I think the game was designed for use in Japan just like StreetPass. It's a small country and most people walk everywhere, whereas in America, unless you live in a big city, you'll probably have to drive to get around.

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Hey, just a quick update for anyone who still cares about my Pokemon: World of Chaos series. I can confirm that episode 9 & 10 are both in production at tandem and I've finished scene 2 on both.

Sorry for the four year hiatus, I'll give a more in depth explanation of what took so long when I release ep 9 & 10. In a nutshell, I was planning on remaking the series fully animated, but my lack of skill held me back (among other things), and I eventually realized it would never happen. I love Pokemon and I got sick of the bitter feeling in the back of my mind every time I saw something Pokemon related, especially Gardevoir, so I decided to finish the series with sprites.

I'm dropping the voices and going back to text boxes so that I can finish the episodes quickly. I am working on programming a "gibberish generator" similar to animal crossing for the voices though.

Again, sorry for the wait and I appreciate the patience of my fans.

Wocep92016menu by teejaynumber13  Wocep10 2016menu by teejaynumber13
*ep 9 & 10 will feature interactive menus requiring you to watch the film to unlock scenes etc. etc.*

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Beatteejay by teejaynumber13  So it's time for me to get a new PC. My Alienware laptop has served me relatively well for the last 5 years, but it is starting to really show it's age. Unfortunately, I can't afford another $2500 laptop. So the best option for my to get a new PC is to upgrade an old desktop I built in 2007 by replacing the core parts. Back then, I got all my parts from a local PC store, but it has long since closed. (Being located next to Best Buy probably didn't help.) So my best option was I've purchased one or two things from them before.

Anyway, so I ordered about $800 worth of parts, including motherboard, CPU, graphics card, SSD. All of it should make for a decent PC. However, I want this PC to last, and although I don't game on the PC much, I would like to start working with Blender and Unity soon (on top of flash and atfer effects), so I need a PC that can handle 3D animation rendering. I purchased an Intel i3 dual core CPU and a friend of mine who is good at this shit hit me with a baseball bat and said "You idiot! You should have bought AMD!" (Because that's supposedly better for 3d graphics). Of course, to switch to an AMD would require exchanging the motherboard, CPU, and graphics card (the AMD motherboard I liked didn't have PCi 3.0 slots required for the graphics card I bought). So I decided that it would be easier just to get a better Intel CPU ( an i5 quad core this time).

But this is where the problem started. I planned to simply return the i3 and get i5 but it turns out that CPUs are non-refundable on Newegg! Why you ask? I don't know. I asked support and they simply said "it's just how we roll". Yes, this is my fault for not paying attention to the return policy, but wouldn't logic state that you should be able to return anything un-opened? So I went a head and ordered the core i5 anyway, but now I will have to sell the core i3 on Amazon or something. And it takes Amazon over a week to get your money to your bank account after you ship the item, it would be better if they just put it into paypal right away, (but Amazon doesn't put any money you make into Paypal because Paypal is ebay owned I think).

So in the end of all this hullabaloo, I'm going to lose money, and several of my pc parts will arrive at different days. And I'm going out of town next week, I was hoping that I could get all the parts this week ( I spent extra money on faster shipping) but I'm not sure that will happen. So yeah, I guess when you order stuff online, you better make damn sure you get everything right the first time!
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So in Pokemon Breeding, Gardslotface by teejaynumber13 (Gardevoir) is part of the Amorphous type egg group. Which is defined as "Pokémon in this group are amorphous, having no definite form."

WHAT? So 576 by teejaynumber13(Gothitelle) is in the Human-like egg group but 282 by teejaynumber13(Gardevoir) is in the Amorphous egg group? This is very strange. My research seems to conclude that Gardevoir was originally supposed to have no legs, just a dress that hangs down (like Frosslass) and so was slotted for Amorphous egg group. But they ended up giving her legs except didn't switch her egg group. Maybe they did it on purpose to try and stem the tide of people who fantasize about Gardevoir. 

So then:

282 by teejaynumber13(Gardevoir) sex with 094 by teejaynumber13(Gengar) = Perfectly okay!
282 by teejaynumber13(Gardevoir) sex with 219 by teejaynumber13(Magcargo) = Acceptable!
282 by teejaynumber13(Gardevoir) sex with 089 by teejaynumber13 (Muk) = Totally Understandable!
282 by teejaynumber13(Gardevoir) sex with Tjbat by teejaynumber13 (human) = WEIRD! GROSS! BESTIALITY! POKEALITY!

I guess it's fair I explain why I choose a Gardevoir as the potential love interest for my self insert in WoC. To be honest, I have a fetish for girls that aren't quite human. Usually this means things like mermaids, fairys, elves, etc. That's why if I ever do self inserts, you'll probably see my love interests being not human. Like Lucia-arah in my Star Wars game. Plus I'm kind of a fan of risque relationships. Gardevoir is on the edge of what I consider acceptable as far as not being human though. If Gardveoir didn't exist, I probably would have gone with a human girl.

Before you go calling me furfag, I'm not really into furries. I do not consider Gardevoir a furry, no more then I consider Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect) or Aylaa Secura (Star Wars) to be furries. (Krystal from Star Fox is a furry). Not that I think people who like furries are wrong, if that's what they like. There are some fetishes I find weird, but I'm more likely to just ask why rather then harass them about it.

Honestly, I don't get why people even complain about it in the first place. Does it make their balls bigger or something?
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A plot device is anything that keeps a story moving or creates/resolves a conflict. Writing a good story can be tough. There are lots of factors that need to be woven together to make the story worth a persons time. Factors like the goals of the heroes and villians and what the consequences of failure will mean (the stakes). If the stakes are too low or the villians are too incompetent, then the reader will probably get bored. If the opposite is true, the stakes are too high or the villain is unstoppable, the reader may have a hard time believing any of the heroes victories. In either case, you may have to resort to some lame plot devices to make it work. Here are 3 of my least favorite plot devices and shame on anyone who relies on them.

#3 - Prophecies or Chosen Ones
A Prophecy is a prediction of events that will unfold in the future. Usually given to the reader/characters by a prophet, ancient writings, or dream.

Example - Zelda 64 - Zelda has a dream that predicts a boy with a fairy (Link) will come from the forest and defeat the evil shadow hanging over the kingdom (something like that).

Why it's bad - 
Because these plot devices are completely unnecessary. Why make a prediction about events that are supposed to happen in your story instead of just making them occur naturally? Why would Zelda need to have a dream about Links arrival to save the day when she could have just asked him to help when she first met him in the garden? You don't need to prophesize that the hero is supposed to save the day when the reader kind of already knows that's supposed to be the case. The same thing goes for "chosen ones". Think about my WoC series for a second. Is it really necessary for me to have a prophecy for Teejay that says something like "A chosen one will challenge the chaos master to save the world." I kind of already established that struggle when I introduced the main conflict of the series and made Teejay the main character. Why would I need a prophecy? 

You might say, "but Teejay, having a prophecy/chosen one makes the hero feel more pressure to fulfill it and thus adds to their struggles." Well what is the consequence of their failure to fulfill the prophecy? Let's just say world is destroyed. That right there is enough motivation for the hero, you don't need to add "fulfilling a prophecy/role as chosen one" to it.

When it's okay -
The only time I can think of prophecies being okay is if the prophecy fails or if it benefits the villain. Then the heroes are left to their own devices to try and save the day. This takes away the readers sense of security and may make them eager to find out what happens. But once again, if your story is good already, you shouldn't need to resort to this kind of thing.

#2 - Mind Control
Mind Control is when a character(s) are being forced to do something they wouldn't normally do because another character is directly controlling their mind. This is different from brainwashing or deception.

Examples - Avengers movie, Loki uses his staff to mind control several characters into helping him instead of tricking them (Loki is supposed to be a master of deception).
                How to Train Your Dragon 2 - The Alpha Dragon (Bewilderbeast) Mind controls Toothless into attacking Hiccup and serving the villian.

Why it's bad - 
Because it's lazy. Their are other ways to manipulate a character into doing something against their will. You could use deception or threats. In Wreck-it-Raplh, King Candy uses Ralph to stop his friend Vanellope by convincing him that her safety was in danger. How much lamer would it have been if King Candy had just mind-controlled Ralph into helping him? It can also make for some one dimensional characters. Characters who get mind controlled lose that internal struggle (I was in control but made a bad choice opposed to I wasn't in control so it wasn't my fault). Theres not much satisfaction in a character redeeming themselves if they weren't to blame to begin with.

You may say "But Teejay, your WoC series is all about Pokemon getting controlled by the Chaos Master to kill humans." Well, that is true. But the Dark Pokemon are a faceless horde as opposed to a developed character, much like a zombie outbreak. And the criteria by which someone changes from a Human/Pokemon into a zombie/dark pokemon is stable (gets bitten/loses their pokeball) as opposed to a character just randomly changing. How lame would it be if normal pokemon just suddenly became Dark Pokemon (or vica versa) whenever it was plot convenient?

When its okay - 
A character getting possessed by another character can be okay, as long as it's established that the character can do that, and there is a limit (ie: only one person at a time).

#1 - Dues Ex Machina
Dues Ex Machine (God of the Machine) is a plot device where a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly (and often unexpectedly) resolved by a previously unmentioned or infallible resolution (IE: God fixes everything, it was all a dream, etc.)

Example - Donita K Paul's DragonLight book. The heroes are facing a powerful evil dragon called Mot Angra which has already destroyed one world, and one of the heroes is suffering from a nervous breakdown. God gives them a magic egg that both kills the dragon and cures the nervous breakdown. The egg is not mentioned in the series prior to them getting it.
              James Cameron's Avatar - The planet summons up all the animals to help fight off the humans. Animals that previously hated one another suddenly began working together.

Why it's bad - 
Because it's lazy, boring, inconsistent, and just downright unfair to you readers. Are you so poor a writer that you can't think of a way to resolve the very conflict you established without resorting to some cheap trick? Do you hate your audience so much that you spend all this time developing your characters abilities only to not need them at the moment of truth? I imagine we all felt some anxiety when we first climbed that staircase to Ganondorf's room in Zelda 64. How lame would it been if the Triforce had just stopped him before Link even got to fight? Or what if Ganon had won and Link suddenly woke up and it was all a dream? Would you not be outraged? If your villains are too powerful or the problem is unsolvable without using deus ex machina, then you need to rethink your story.

You may say "But Teejay, seemingly invincible foes or insurmountable problems make a story more exciting." Well that's true, but not when it reaches the point that the heroes need a miracle or a cheap plot device to succeed.

When its okay - 
Never. Let's take the dragon/egg story I mentioned above. That might have been acceptable if the God egg had been mentioned in previous books, maybe a some holy relic, like the Ark of the Covenant. It wouldn't really be considered a Dues ex Machine in this case however, because it was previously mentioned.

Another thing that can be acceptable is transformations. I'm a fan of heroes changing into more powerful forms, so I can see how that might pop up unexpectedly. It can be okay if the hero had given it their all up to that point, and/or the transformation doesn't solve everything but rather just evens the odds. IE: When Goku first became a super sayain while fighting Freiza, Freiza was still far from beaten.

In closing...
Well, thats my list of lame plot devices. I'm open for discussion on these. Are there times you've seen these used poorly? How about times you think they actually worked? Are there any other plot devices you think are lame?
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So I am trying to increase my fanbase on DA and I guess that means adding friends and joining groups. So a few days ago, I joined this group called Gardevoir's Sanctuary but I should have read the rules first. One of them said:

6. Artwork, stories and animations that promote sexual or romantic Pokemon/Human relationships are prohibited.

If you're familiar with my pokemon series, you know that it MAY end up with a human/Gardevoir relationship. So I left the group. While it is a tricky subject depending which pokemon we're talking about, simply declaring human/pokemon relationships forbidden kind of rubbed me the wrong way. In this case, we're talking about Gardevoirs, which is one of the closest pokemon to being human. So I don't consider it weird at all.

The group founder responded by saying "A SFW group and you leave? Very well." Really? No where in the rules does it specify that human/pokemon relationships are okay as long as the content is SFW. So human/pokemon relationship stuff IS okay in the group as long as it's clean, right? I have no idea, the founder hasn't replied to my inquiry yet. What do you think? Does that rule up there sound like it's only forbidding NSFW stuff or all human/pokemon stuff? It sounds pretty vague to me.

On top of that, isn't the term "Sanctuary" defined as a safe haven or refuge? What are they protecting these Gardevoirs from anyway? The people who think a human/Gardevoir relationship is okay? Would such a couple be turned down at the door?

Okay, the founder replied to me and said that poke-ality (human/pokemon relationship) was too NSFW for the group. We must have a different definition of NSFW. Generally I think of that as referring to something that'll get you fired if you look at it at work, (like porn or racial hate sites). I don't really see how that applies here as long as the content stays clean. Maybe NSFW to them means anything that might raise an eyebrow.
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Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Okay, so I was exploring the friends of the friends of people who have commented on my stuff, and I happened upon a (supposed) girl named HumanistFluttershy. She has posted a list of requirements to be her friend and its quite extensive. So I thought it would be fun to respond to each thing on the list, giving my standpoint and opinion. Kind of a self-exploration exercise for me.

:iconhumanistrarity: I made this because I can't stand you. I won't be friends with you. Ever.

I can't stand you, if: 
Equal rights
-You think men, straight, and white people are oppressed (however discrimination of these groups does exists)
    I dont think any groups in America are truly "oppressed". Just that some think they are more then others do. Or when a case of actual oppression occurs, it's made from a molehill into a mountain.
-You are racist
    Nope, I think we're all human.
-You are rabid pro-life (not all pro-lifers btw!)
    You mean like standing on a street corner with pictures of aborted fetuses and a megaphone telling everyone they're going o hell? Nope, not me!
-You are forced pro-abortion (Im pro-choice btw)
    Forced pro-abortion? Are you talking about making me like abortion, or are you talking about compulsory abortions? I'm okay with abortion as long as its not compulsory.
-you think women shouldnt fuck if they didnt want babies
    I don't have a problem with women (or men) having sex even if they don't want babies. I just don't want to hear them bitch if it happens.
-you think sex shaming and/or slut shaming is a good thing
    Depends on whether their obsession with sex is ruining them or not.
-you claim asexuals are sad people yet, you prefer to be a virgin than a sex addict. (You acephobic prudes are assholes and hypocrites. Grump)
    Nope, I myself have never really had a strong sex drive, probably due to my lone wolf nature. And I think guys who determine self-worth based on how much pussy you get are pretty galling.
-you think asexuals are better than homosexuals
-you think gays shouldnt get married/adopt
    I don't mind gay marriage, but gay couples adopting children still doesn't sit well with me. It's not something I'll protest if it happens though.
-You are transphobic, homophobic, acephobic, biphobic, panphobic, heterophobic
    I guess not, since I'm not phobic of any sexual orientation.
-You think that Pansexual = Bisexual 
    Isn't bisexual a part of pansexual (someone who is attracted to all sexual orientations)? Maybe I'm defining it wrong.
-You are a victim blamer
    Depends highly on what they're a victim of and the situation. There does come a point when the victim may also be at fault. Example: A woman who keeps getting hurt by men because she's only attracted to assholes.
-You blame single mothers and think that a child without a father would make them miserable
    I assume you mean women who have a kid but don't stay with the father. It doens't matter to me, it's what they make of it.
-You think women rights aren't the same as gay rights (they fucking are!)
    What rights are you talking about? How exactly are women's rights the same as gay rights?
-You claim cross dressing is wrong and says "women are equal to men!". You are hypocrite for thinking that.
    Yes, if women and men are equal, they should be able to wear each others clothes, and use each other's restrooms I suppose.
-You think bodyhair on women are nasty
    It is nasty, but I guess it's really only when they have facial hair that I'm talking about.
-You think men should be masculine and women should be feminine
    Yeah I do, but I'm not going to berate the ones who aren't.
-You are a female worshipper
-You are a male worshipper
    You mean someone with an unhealthy obsession with either or someone who literally bows down and worships them. Either way, can't say I am.
-You think gays, bis, asexuals, trans, non-binary people shouldn't be afraid of bigots and needs to "get over it". (You help them, you cowards!) 
    Well I think they should stand up to bigots if that's what you mean. And there is a point where some of them get to caught up in their persecution complex that they blame their sexual orientation for everything bad that happens to them. At that point, they need to get over it.
-You tell us "Don't say 'I'm proud to be [insert sexuality here]' because you aren't special." no freaking duh! You have the right to have a pride too! 
    Can't say I've said that. Maybe what they mean is that if your sexual orientation isn't a big deal, then you shouldn't make a big deal out of it.
-You think the disabled people are lazy
    There are some people who milk the system too much. Like someone who has reduced hearing in one ear, yet they have a handicap parking permit, ride around in a powerchair, and collect SSI. And yes, I think those kinds of people are lazy.
-You say medical hurtful things like "go kill yourself" "I hope you die in cancer" "I hope you die while having diabetes"
    Never said those. "I hope you die in a fire!" Is one of my personal favs, but I've never said it to someone. I think all humans wish death on other people at some point in their mind even if they don't mean it.
-You are an Atheist who makes fun of people who aren't Christian but who are Pagan, Wiccan, spirit believers, etc
    I'll make fun of anyone trying to push some bullshit as reality. Whether it's moon crystal power, or psychic healing, or body Thetans. Atheism deals with any religion involving gods, not just Christianity. And most atheists are also skeptics, which deals with the paranormal or supernatural.
-You blame gays and atheists for everything
    Nope, it's all the feminists and abortionists fault. (just kidding obviously)

Equal rights aren't optional or opinions. :| (Blank Stare)

Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: What's your opinion on men using the women's locker room at a gym? Equal rights, right? Whew, halfway done! Let's finish this!

-You think I'm a hipster for liking 90s cartoons and hate most tv shows from disney, cn, and nick
    Why, is being a hipster bad? I can think of worst shows on tv then cartoons from the 90s. I grew up with them, But I'm guessing you didn't?
-You are a 90s kid that hates 60s cartoons. (Yes they exists)
    I'm a 90's kid but I can't think of too many 60's cartoons I like. I liked Johnny Quest. I was never a fan of Hanna Barbara cartoons, except Scooby Doo. And why is a person's opinion on old cartoons disqualify them being your friend? 
-Gets butthurt over when Yogi bear and Bugs bunny getting killed in family guy (for goodness sakes it's a joke!)
    I'm not a fan of Seth McFarlane stuff anyway, but I wouldn't be offended by some cartoon characters getting killed.
-You don't mind dumb people say "teen moms shows > [insert good show here]"
    You mean like "16 & Pregnant"? Most shows are better then that.
-You're a hippy
    I'm not old enough to be a hippy.
-You are a proud redneck
    Not a redneck. Does this mean you'd be okay with someone who's a redneck and ashamed of it?
-You are an rabid anti-smoker
    I'm more of a rabid anti-drinker. I don't mind people smoking as long as they don't blow it in my face, or get to close to me with their nasty cigarette breath, or smoke in a non-smoking area.
-You think people deserve to get raped for making rape jokes and rape fanfics
    I don't think anyone deserves to get raped. But I can see why rape victims may be upset about others trivializing rape or making it into some kind of fetish.
-You think people deserve to be in jail for making baby jokes
    I don't think I've ever heard a baby joke, except for may "get in mah belly!". Since we have free speech, people shouldn't be imprisoned for making a joke, ever how tasteless it is.
-You tell non-manly men that they are girly men just because they aren't in your label. Fucktards.
    What's a "label", you mean like a clique? And what would be non-manly? Like a really sensitive or skinny guy? Or a gay guy? I wouldn't really call anyone out on that unless they were asking for it. Like one time, I got into an argument with a gay guy (about a non-sexual issue) who had the high pitched lisp voice, and I told him if he's going to talk shit, he should use his big boy voice. Does that count?
-You bitched when a girl who dated an asshole when you told a girl that he likes her.
    So if I tell a girl that an asshole likes her she starts to date him, I shouldn't get mad. Well, was she dating me first or did I like her first? Cause I doubt I would tell her that another guy liked her. I why wouldn't it be okay for a guy to get mad if a girl dumped him for an asshole (well sure, they did ask for it by introducing them).
-You are sexist towards women just because you have meet asshole women 
    One bad apple doesn't ruin them all in this case. But this sounds more like something a woman would do. She dates a couple of bad guys and then decides all men are worthless.
-you are a child worshipper
    Nope, pretty sure baby Jesus wasn't the son of God.
-You think women or men who don't want to hold babies are ungreatful or selfish.
    That issue has never crossed my mind before. So I don't think so.
-You think lacking of race/gender is racist/sexist. :| (Blank Stare)
    I don't think it's possible for someone to lack a race or gender.
-You think you are smart, when you're not.
    We all act a little pretentious sometimes. Just like you're doing with this list. I think you're being too vague on this one.
-You are overlysensitive (I laugh at them Giggle)
    Nah, I maybe a little too insensitive sometimes though.
-You claim to be open-minded/are against trolling, but yet, you troll at people who doesn't agree with you
    I don't think trolling is the word you're looking for. Trolls don't really care about making a point, they just say whatever it takes to piss people off. Being open-minded doesn't mean you except everyone's opinion. If you feel like they're wrong and you can make a good case as to why, then it's okay to criticize them. Just so long as it doesn't become too hateful.
-You are a wolfaboo/animalaboo/weeaboo/wigger
    I'm not any of these, but I don't think there's anything really wrong with them as long as they don't lead you to be destructive or disrespectful.
-You are an art thief
    Not me, there's no satisfaction in stealing art.
-You impersonate people (fuck you guys. They didn't deserve it)
    What exactly is the context here? I don't think its wrong if you're doing it for satirical purposes. Looney tunes impersonated people all the time, so does Robot Chicken.  
-You take some trolls so seriously, then you also send me with your new account in notes/pms, you tell them they should have a friendlock, you blame the innocent people, you also call the police on trolls. Facepalm (I actually meet these type of people who are like that before.)
    Wait... What? Say that again. Are you referring to people who switch accounts to escape from trolls and then only give their new account info to friends? Yeah, that is over-reacting and I've seen that a lot. In fact, I was just recently tracking down a guy who had done that. His "secret" new account was painfully easy to find. I'd never do that, most trolls will get bored and go away eventually. Not sure what you mean by blaming the innocent people. And when you say call the police, do you mean the DA admins or the actual police police?
-You think loners/outcasts/unpopular people shouldn't be liked and don't deserve to have friends (Stop being edgy, kthxbye)
    Depends on if it's self inflicted or not. I might make fun of some emos or goths for outcasting themselves. But that doesn't mean I wish ill on them. I'm kind of a loner myself and I catch some flak about it. People seem to think that quiet/introverted = angry at everything. It's pretty annoying.
-You think roleplayers are losers or have no life
    It depends. Are they 35 and live in their parents basement because they spend 20 hours a day playing D&D (or WoW) instead of trying to get a job or something? Because then, yeah, I would say they are a loser. If we're talking about someone dressing up and going conventions every now and then, then no.
-You make fun of the silliest things eg. when your friends are asexual, didn't had video games in Christmas/birthdays/holidays, they went to trick or treating, make fun of girly men, makes fun of their fears of needles, and so on.
    Depends on how far you take it. I might make fun of someone for something silly. But it would not be to the point of being outright malicious.
-You do chain-letters
    Like "Send this to ten more people and God will give you a pile of money?" Nope, I hate those.
-You are an attention whore
    Actually, I hate drawing attention to myself.
-You support lolicon and shotacon
    Don't really support it, but as long as it doesn't involve REAL minors, then I don't think it's really a big deal either. I personally think this inflation fetish thing I see a lot on DA is more disturbing.

:iconhumanistrarity:  If you are one of these lists, then you suck. Don't like me? Then leave. Respect is earned, not given.

Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Ouch. I don't think you're going to earn any respect yourself with such a rigid list of what makes people suck. How about "If you checked yes on 10 of these, then you suck." I'm sure everybody checks off on at least one thing. Probably some of your friends do to, you just forgive them, cause they're your friends. 

We all get on each others nerves sometimes, we all believe things that someone else may disagree with. That doesn't mean we're all bad people. Do you really want to be someone whose friends have to walk on eggshells around?

Well, thanks for reading. I learned a little bit about myself and you probably learned a lot about me. I'm open for discussion on any of these as long as it stays respectable.

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In case you just missed it, I released a game called Pokemon WoC: Stadium a few days ago. It's a stadium-esque game based on the first season of my Pokemon fan series called World of Chaos. I wanted to release it on my birthday which was May 13 (old man now), but it wasn't quite ready. 

All attention will now be focused on making ep 9 & 10. Since I finished this stadium game in about 6 weeks, I'm hoping I can get 9 & 10 done quickly too. Getting all the voices together will probably be the toughest part. As a small consolation for taking so long, I'll give you a spoiler tidbit about ep 9 & 10:

"Teejay tracks Gardevoir back to her home town full of talking Pokemon, but they hate humans! On top of that, someone (or something) is causing Pokemon from the village to disappear!"

That only scratches the surface of the stuff that happens in the next eps, so don't think I spoiled it for you! Looking forward to seeing it finished and seeing your reactions to it!

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Hey guys. Just letting you know that I'm currently working on Pokemon World of Chaos episode 9 and 10 simultaneously. They've been a long time coming. However I've decided to go with the sprites. I know I made a big deal about switching the series to fully animated, but the brutal honest truth is that I don't have the drive or patience to do that. Not to mention it would still take me a long time to get to where I could make some decent animation and I don't want to keep what little of my fans are left waiting any longer. It was so daunting a task that it is probably what made me delay the series so long. But yeah, both 9 and 10 should be out in a few months in spirtes, but at least you'll get to see the story.

Episode 9 is really just a build up to episode 10 but I think episode 10 is very epic. I really can't wait to see it finished! There's also a couple of things that I think will be a bit controversial and I can't wait to see how people react to them. >:)

Well the SuperLab has been disbanded. I do miss the skype chats with the group and collaborating on what few projects we did. To be honest though, I may have left anyway. Things were getting rocky in there. Long story short, certain members were getting frustrated at the groups lack of progress and were taking it out on other members. I could go into a tirade about the details, but there's no point, whats done is done.

My website has gotten a overhaul as well.
It's a lot simpler then it was, but more to the point.

Anyway, look forward to episode 9 and 10 soon!

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Looks like there will be a Mass Effect 4. I'm planning on boycotting it, unless it gets me super excited, which I doubt. I'm not boycotting ME4 because I'm sick of shooters (like everyone else thinks about people boycotting ME products). On the contrary, 3rd person shooter are among some of my favorite games. I'm boycotting it to punish Bioware for the problems in Mass Effect 3 (including the shitastic ending), and for their reactions to the fans disappointments (which was basically "go fuck yourselves"). It's been two yeas since ME3 came out and I hadn't touched any of the games again till now. Only because I still need to do the Renshep play through for ME3.

Looking, back I see that three of my favorite 3rd person shooter series have now become trilogies. Let's see how each one stacks up:

The Good
For the most part, this was a great game. It did a lot of what I was hoping for. You cured the Genophage, brokered peace between the Geth and Quarians, and got the Quarians homeworld back. There was some pretty good dialogue between the chars too, and you could get EDI as a teammate. Nice touch, I especially like when EDI revealed that she had been watching Shepard and Tali doing it. Oh and you you get some bonus N7 armor in Dead Space 3 if you have an ME3 save file.
The Bad
There's a few gripes I have that didn't effect the game so much, just me personally. Like why is Shepard on trial in the beginning? Depending on your choices, he was reinstated as a spectre and given permission to be on the Cerberus mission. And as soon as it was over, he promptly returned to the Alliance and handed over the Normandy. Also, making it so Anderson stepped down from the council and Udina take over rendered your choice in ME1 useless, so what the hell? And the scene at the the end of the Quarian homeworld? They had the perfect setup for Tali to finally reveal her face but the cut away without showing us. I have never had bigger blue balls in my life after that one. Then later they give us a shitty half-assed photoshop stock picture of her, thanks Bioware. Oh and there was errors importing your characters face from ME2. Biowares response was "just remake the face you whining bastards." And also, they didn't have a final boss, which violates one of my sacred rules when making a video game. You should always have a final boss (depending on the nature of the game). ME1 and ME2 had final boss, why not this one?
The Ugly
I won't go into the godawful ending. There are plenty of vids and articles on that already. I'll just say that it ruined the story and concept of making your own choices in the first 3 games. My only other real beef with this game was the attitude of the chars. Shepard watches this kid get killed and it gives him PTSD for the rest of the game. Doesn't seem like something that would bother him, especially since one of his back stories you could choose was watching his family die. There's one part where a Cerberus agent gets the better of Shepard and he gets so depressed he can't look anyone else in the face. WTF? This isn't my Sheperd! And towards the end of the game, things get desperate and things look bad for our heroes. Okay! That's good, some desperation before the storm makes the gamers (and their hero avatars) resolve stronger. Too bad the writers didn't catch that. All the characters, even Shepard, start going all doom-and-gloom. They talk about how they hope they go to heaven when they die soon and what they're going to do when they meet each other in the afterlife. What. The. Fuck! Combine that with the not-so-rewarding ending and you get a recipe for not wanting to play the game again.

The Good
Out of the games on the list, this one disappointed me the least. The story was catching enough for me to play through the game without getting bored, and they had a final boss. The final boss was pretty cool. I was hoping for a giant Necromorph, and I thought it would be the planet's core, but the moon worked too. And you kill it by flinging Markers at it, very epic.
The Bad
Well, I think the creators must have caught some flak about the Necromorphs being naked in the previous games, cause most of them were clothed in this one. I guess that kind of makes sense, but it also takes away from they're ickyness and makes them look a little more human. Also, in the previous games, there were necro-infants, necro-toddlers, and necro-children. In DS3, the toddlers have been replaced with dogs, the infants have vanished, and the kids are now just scrawny adults. I guess the parents must have complained about how messed up it is shooting kids, probably the same parents letting their 12 year play this rated M game. Also, the game just seemed kind of long to me, which isn't so bad, more for my money. But the enviroments and the enemies don't change too much, so it can get tedious.
The Ugly
The game boasted co-op story mode, which is cool in any game. One of the people I like to play games with is my sister and she loves her some co-op play. When I introduced her to DS Extraction, she loved it. So we both got excited about co-op in Dead Space 3. But it turns out, that it's online only and not split screen (she doesn't have a 360). Would it have been so hard to make a local split screen? Lost Planet 2 had it and that game was made to be played online. Of course they only did that because local co-op menas more gamers and less copies of the game. But online co-op means all players must have a copy. Cheapskates. My only other gripe with game was that it seemed hard, even on easy mode. To kill enemies, you have to strategically dismember them. And in the other games, the enemies in the beginning were easier and got harder later on. But in DS3, they all seem to stay around the same difficulty the whole game. So it actually gets easier later in the game, when you start to get the best upgrades for your weapons. I guess the figured that everyone would be playing online in story mode and swapping around high level parts from the beginning.

The Good
You ever buy a game that was hyped up and you thought would be awesome but it ended up being shit and you spend hours lamenting all the stuff you could have bought with $60? If there is only one good thing about this game is that it taught me a valuable lesson: Never buy a non-refundable, non-trade-able, non-sell-able digital download game unless you're beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will like it.
I guess piloting the Rig was the only interesting part of this game but only in a fight (despite being mostly quicktime events) , most of the time it's just a slow lumbering way to get around the very small world this takes place in. 
The Fugly
A Lost Planet game that wants to be Dead Space, and it fails at both. It doesn't have the scale, action, or even the same engine as the other Lost Planet games. The whole game is almost a copy of the last third of Dead Space 3 and I swear they even used some of the same music. The Akrids aren't really that scary compared to the necromorphs, so trying to turn an action series into a horror series doesn't work.
The game also seems to have some features that dont really do anything. There's supposed to be some ammo mods you can get by completing the "study akrid" sidequest but I never did it. You can also listen to music while piloting the rig, but I only found three songs and half the time, it turns the music off for the important events. It seems like something they were going to expand but didn't. The main character has occsional convos with his wife via space skype. Their baby is mentioned often but never showed. You would think a father would want to see his child. It also implies that Jim had an affair during the game.
And lastly, the final boss. Kudos for having one game, but as some gamers have pointed out, it's dangerously similar to some of the Metal Gear boss fights. The game also implies that the whole planet core is an Akrid, but never calls it an Over G.
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I added episode 1-8 to my DA page at last. I don't have a following here so I appreciate any favs and comments. It's also time for my web page to get an update, and after that, I'll begin work on episode 9.

Episode 9 will be leagues above the previous eps as I am planning to drop the sprites and animate it all. Trust, no one fantasizes about finishing the series more then me. In a way, it's good that I waited so long, because I've found that some elements from X & Y will fit into upcoming eps nicely.