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KaijuKing Must Die

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Published: June 30, 2013
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***NOTE*** The character Maple is actually the creation of :iconw00twithbrawl:!
***UPDATE! 7/6/13*** As a DeviantArt exclusive, you can now play as LINK! Use this password - KGMKBFTOZ -

KaijuKing has kidnapped Maple and Tiff so he can INFLATE THEM! Mario and Kirby must stop him! A quick game I made in about a week. I had a blast making this and its good for my morale (although maybe not morals). I wasn't going to release this, but I ended up putting way more effort into it then I thought. And I'm actually proud of how it turned out.

Why another flash making fun of :iconxxkaijuking91xx:? Well it's hard to some up all the things he does to irritate me. Mainly it's because he berates and blocks people who criticize him, even those genuinely trying to help him (like he did to some of my friends). And it shows since 99% of his stuff is sub-par at best. And he is pretty condescending towards his fans.

Anyway, this is a horizontal shooter. You can use the Mouse or Keyboard to play, and you can switch them anytime during game play. No auto fire option, but it's a pretty short and easy game.
--Keyboard controls--
WASD or Arrow keys to move. SPACE to fire. Press CTRL key to pause.

The game uses a password system for saves. At the end of the normal game, you get a "Main Linked" password. Use this to start a main linked game at the end of which you can get the unlock hidden character password. At the end of the hidden character game, you'll receive "Return Linked" passwords to start a return game,which will let you reach the true ending for that character. So essentially, you'll have to play the game five times to see the true ending for each character. But like I said it's a short game.

The game also features: :icondeitz94: :iconfaisaladen: and :icontufftony:. Anyways, please enjoy "KaijuKing Must Die".
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SeantheInkling Digital Artist

wow, this is the best fan game ever

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I never beat that game.
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Who is kaijuking? I found this because connor the waffle 
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i also was here from connor

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people,don't play this game. it's bad for your eyes.
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Kymanimorris6Student Filmographer
this game was connorthewaffle's summed up
teejaynumber13's avatar
I kinda wished he had reacted to it a bit more (obviously).
Kymanimorris6's avatar
Kymanimorris6Student Filmographer
who connor or him?
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FireComicNotHardHobbyist Artist
this game is a bit bad you cant savea part :(
teejaynumber13's avatar
Sorry, I made this before I learned how to save with flash games, so I went with a password system instead.
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i don't remember mario having a daughter with peach. mario didn't marry peach. he only stopped the wedding between bowser and peach.
teejaynumber13's avatar
Maple was someone else's fan character that Kaiju and his friends threw around without asking or giving credit.
masterball2's avatar
is that why kaijuking must die? because he threw someone else's fan character around?
masterball2's avatar
liar you can't play as link. i typed the password.
teejaynumber13's avatar
Make sure it's all CAPS.
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Linker1031Hobbyist General Artist
Um... listen, I do like KingAsylus's artwork, mostly his SMB: Heroes of the Stars, and several of his Godzilla images and movies, but I agree that his... fetish... is not cool at all! Still though, fun game!
Thumbs up okay Thumbs up okay Thumbs up okay Thumbs up okay Thumbs up okay Thumbs up okay 
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Shift-1347Hobbyist Filmographer
Its been years. Looking back at this game. I will admit, it was released during a period of time when satricial parodies could be taken seriously. Playing the game back then, I really wasn't open minded and I ended up saying... "This Game Sucks! Fuck you for hurting him." Yeah, that very much was my good ol insecure side being a dingus again. xD

Playing this game again since the last I played it, I very much enjoyed it at the very least. And the simplicity was pretty cool, straightforward, just a simple shooter game, with not many flaws to look about. I even laughed at the "Swedish Delicacy" joke as well. Strange considering that a couple years later, we get PewdiePie, the dick-sucking Swedish Delicacy that was ever known to exist. 

In all honestly, the game kinda reminds me of the shooter AVGN game created back in 2008, except this was made much more simpler, with simpler controls. That make it feel almost like I'm playing a NES game. Strangely enough. The other bosses were just too easy to beat. But Asylus was mostly the challenge, with the fact that you have to dodge his other attacks and can't shoot anything but his mouth. It's almost as if... The game has to be called "Kaijuking's Rampage" than "KaijuKing must Die." But hey, I'm not good with names! XD

Years ago, when I responded to this game in pure anger, I remember a sequel game would be in the works. Strangely enough, I have to say, I don't know why, but I still feel kinda excited for it, like as if, I am asking for a parody to be made myself. xD
But that kind of thing would be left for another day.

Awesome trip down memory lane. And a well thought out satricial game (Kinda Personal Attack-ish) on the lovely past. x3

- Shift
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0Scarlet-Arcadia0Hobbyist Digital Artist
you should also put that Faisal betrayed kaiju. he not into inflation
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FaisalAdenHobbyist Digital Artist
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