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The Unlucky

By teeething
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“And I ask this of you now,” said He who was Death, “come with Me to the NetherRealm, walk before Me in the places of annihilation, become My servant, My companion, My beloved. And in return I will release all those you love from bondage.”

From my short story The Harbinger, about seventeen-year-old Leaf “the unlucky”, who strikes a bargain with Death - to spare the lives of his ailing family and kingdom in exchange for 100,000,000 years of servitude as Death’s dealer.  **Free shipping and $5 off on prints etc for a limited time only***
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THIS. Is amazing.
RenChoiKamui's avatar
Absolutely stunning picture!… but this looks more than just inspiration, and probably without your permission :/
teeething's avatar
lmao!! Omg!!! Thanks for pointing this out to me woahhh!
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you are so talented I swear
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This just remember me of the story 'Mask of the red death' from Poe (I'm not sure if the title is right, i just have a german version and translated it). It's really beaufitul drawn and i would love to read the story to this. =)
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Well this drawing is bloody beautiful!
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Traditional or digital? 
teeething's avatar
Digital :) ^^ as described in the category under the title
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Gorgeous lineart.
HumbleluluBJD's avatar
wow..thats all im going to say. 
Well I'll say a bit more, the detail on this is making the procrastinator in me want to spend longer on my art now. 
SHAME-Art's avatar
Dark, yet beautiful. I like it.
Asiulus's avatar
teeething's avatar
Meow :3 thanks my dearrr
Algolagnie's avatar
I adore you style <3
DorianWildeGray's avatar
Elegant chaos & looming feeling woven together in beautiful line work. Amazing
lacrimode's avatar
Aah, the lineork is so good. Also the boy's pose reminds me of this photograph I saw before… Did you use it for this picture? xD
teeething's avatar
thank you =D I used a couple of different references including that one, it was lots of fun!
beethy's avatar
absolutely amazing 
canoodlecake's avatar
WOW! this is stunning! I love it :heart:
BlueCaramel's avatar
amazing drawing! you have incredible style
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