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This is a group for everyone who LOVE Tea or Coffee! Also for the Teecous (Tea and Coffee Spirits) , a Species owned by AstralDallarth .You can find and submit all art of Teecous, tea or coffee here! Tea Avatar by Kezzi-Rose We accept Digital art, Traditional art, crafts and Photography!

Who are Teecous? Tea and Books Avatar by Kezzi-Rose

Teecous come from other world, but to see in our world they need eyes adapted to our world. So they sew other eyes on their hats.
If your tea or coffee tastes good - it means the spirits are happy. But if you offend them or accidently pool their hat the coffee or tea will be bitter and not that tasty as usual.

Who can get Teecous? Tea and Books Avatar by Kezzi-Rose

Everyone who is true Tea or Coffee lover will get his Teecou Spirit! There will be different kind of Tea/Coffee themed contests, Raffles and MYO Events

Why Teecous

The reason why I created Teecous is because I'm total Tea fan. Rose Tea Avatar by Kezzi-Rose I drink Tea every day and have about 50 diferent kind of Tea at home. Every cup of Tea is something magical, sometimes it's really tasty, but sometimes something goes wrong and it doesn't tastes that good, for example, it tastes a little bit bitter as usual. I could't ever understand why that happens, and then idea about Teecous came in my mind. And there is not only Tea Spirits, but also Coffee Spirits, because many people that prefer coffee feel the same way.

Coffee Lover Avatar by xXMandy20Xx Tea Avatar by xXMandy20Xx Coffee Lover Avatar by xXMandy20Xx Tea Avatar by xXMandy20Xx Coffee Lover Avatar by xXMandy20Xx Tea Avatar by xXMandy20Xx

Gallery Folders

Teecou Coffee Spirit by AstralDallarth
MYO (Make Your Own) Teecou Oc Event! CLOSED! by AstralDallarth
TEECOUs Species Guide (Closed Species) by AstralDallarth
New Species TEECOUs ! ^^ by AstralDallarth
Tea - Traditional Art
A Cup of Light and Winged Happiness by Juggernaut-Art
My fantastic's form - I'm a dragon by Blackstaff14
Tea Dragon by TrollGirl
Tea - Digital Art
Cuppa Tea? by 96PamdaWolf
Day238 by smushbox
Cute Tea Cup by iimposters
Coffee - Traditional Art
More Coffee! by chuunin7
Coffee with Classic Cherry Strudel, watercolor by SanjaDotaArt
Coffee cat. Latte by LeafArtAnna
coffee by zarathus
Coffee - Digital art
UmiEli - Coffee Date by Pummelpanda
Monday coffee by mlietzen
My sweet bunny by SneznyBars
Commission - Cafe De Biers by AtropaGrimm
Coffee - Photography
iPhoneography DXII by LDFranklin
iPhoneography DXIII by LDFranklin
Vietnamese Coffee II by LDFranklin
Vietnamese Coffee III by LDFranklin
Tea - Photography
PhotoFriday theme food by theresashaw
kyo trying to help me with photo contest by theresashaw
Hot Cup of Tea by Mouselemur
Tea at Allerdale Hall by LunaPura
Coffee Tea Crafts
Great tit and rowanberries by Xantosia
Sakura by Xantosia
Monarch butterflies by Xantosia
Yellow orchids by Xantosia
Green Tea by slayingallhumans
Chipo sketchy drawing by Cyndrawing




Again some exciting facts you might not know about coffee:

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer1.According to legend, coffee was discovered in the 9th century when an Ethiopian goat herder named Khaldi noticed that his normally lethargic goats were more excitable after they had nibbled the red berries from an evergreen tree. Khaldi took the berries to a Muslim holy man, who turned the raw fruit of the coffee tree into the delicious beverage.

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer2.Coffee was originally regarded as a wonder drug in Yemen and Arabia and was taken only at the advice of a doctor. Many saw coffee as a brain tonic or as a way to stimulate religious visions.

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer3.More than 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year, making coffee the world’s most popular beverage. It is also the world’s most traded commodity, after crude oil.

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer4.The only places in North America where coffee is grown is in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer5.The world’s first coffee house opened in 1475 in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul).

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer6.It takes 3 to 4 years for a coffee tree to mature. Once it matures, each tree will bear one to two pounds of coffee beans per growing season.

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer7.Light roast coffee has more caffeine that dark roast coffee. The longer coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is cooked from the bean.

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer8.The Turks call their coffee houses “schools for the wise.”

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer9.With more than four billion coffee trees, Brazil is the world’s leading producer of coffee. In fact, Brazil produces around one third of the world’s coffee today. Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, and India round out the top five coffee-producing countries.

Coffee-Free icon by chibiloverndrawer10.Coffee trees are cultivated in over 70 countries, mostly in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
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