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Hi gamers, geeks and pixel fans!

My brother Julian is currently developing a great 16bit style indie game. It's called OUTBUDDIES and captures the spirit of classics like CASTLEVANIA, GUNSTAR HEROES or especially METROID. It certainly catches you:)

Outbuddies GIF HQ boss razoth by TeeAl

Started as hobby it soon became a passion project. He has put a lot of time, money, sweat & nerves into OUTBUDDIES to lift it on a professional level. And now he needs your support on Kickstarter!

So have a look, give some love (&money:)) or simply spread the wordRage 

>>>>>> OUTBUDDIES on Kickstarter <<<<<<<

Outbuddies wallpaper HD (with title) by TeeAl

And if you're curious why a doctor starts to code and pushes pixels for several years:-? (Confused) ... listen to this interesting interview with my brother:…

Thanks for reading and supporting!!Headbang! 
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i got another DD for "march of the colossi"… :D:horns:

many many thanks to :icononefreeinternet: for suggesting and :icondestin8x: for featuring my work :worship: :worship: :worship:

and thanks a lot for all the favs and nice comments... i really appreciate them!!!

thanks to everybody for the support, i hope i can come up with some new works in the near future!!
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5800k - first 3d short film released

Tue Feb 17, 2009, 4:37 AM

hi everyboy:horns:
not much action here the last few months but with a reason:

:iconcankeeper: & i (:iconteeal:;)) finished our studies at the university of applied sciences augsburg and made an animated 3d short film for diploma which can be viewed here:

watch "5800k" on vimeo

go to the "5800k" website

it's based on the short story "fahrt zum licht" ("journey to the light") by the famous science fiction author herbert w. franke who really supported us & our project... thanks again!!!

also many thanks to :iconmihol:... he composed & produced our score and the result is great!!!

last but not least... thanks to martina treger, our main voice, who did a great job... we really appreciate that we had the opportunity to work with such a pro:D

hope you like the result & i'm curious about your opinions... comments are welcome:)

unfortunately the film is only in german at the moment... but subtitles will be provided soon... stay tuned!

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mitternachtskino -> - für alle die sich zur entspannung vom pixeln mal wieder 'n filmchen reinziehen und dabei einen gewissen grundanspruch wahren möchten:D... sorry site is in german only:(
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some of my favourite cover artists... part one - the metal basics;)
niklas sundin -> |…
travis smith ->
kristian wåhlin ->
dan seagrave ->
gyula havancsak ->
hugh syme ->
joachim luetke ->
rodney matthews ->
eric larnoy -> (really bad site) |… (some covers)
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you are busted to listen to:
fiddler's green
dropkick murphys
and all my father's cds (they rock:D)
... and all irish punk:headbang:

listen to them:horns:
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a little feature to test my journal... and promote this fucking awesome artist:P
:iconcankeeper: (no images as i'm no subscriber... grrr... but they are just one click away:D)

and check out those artist too:
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