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on the first look this image attracted me... but i was not sure what exactly... on the second look i think its the contrasts... the straight forms of the paper-ships vs. the round horizon and dust lines... big paper ships vs. small human... sharp and detailed sand vs. blurry, fuzzy & laminar cloud forms... the sharp/blurry contrast is also intensified by the (somehow strange) depth of field... all this creates a really surreal, dreamy atmosphere... the image is very harmonic but not boring as those contrasts bring enough tension in the image... it's calm and discreet but striking... it's really outstanding

the only thing which could be improved in my opinion is the format... a quadratic format is always a bit difficult... i think the composition would be more effective with more space at the top... then you have also a good contrast between the wide free space and the small filled area below... only a little thing but maybe with a big effect;)... and i have to substract a star for originality as the style is very akin to your source of inspiration

from the technical point of view the picture isn't too complex but well executed... and complexity isn't the most important thing for a convincing artwork... and that is "folded dreams" for sure:)
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