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Tenth Dogtor

Tenth in my Dogtor Who series! This is David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, based on a long-haired chihuahua!
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WordPress/Zemanta's "related articles" setting sent me to your artwork via several click-throughs while I was editing my brand-new Whovian crossover blog. ;)
Well, new-ish; I really ought to actually start posting to it. ^^;

And your Tenth Dogtor looks awesome. I don't know dog breeds myself, but this one looks lovely.
Though purely as a matter of curiosity, I wonder if one of the Scottish breeds would worked as this big fella?…
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That's very similar to an Irish Wolfhound, which is what the 12th Dogtor is
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Super appropriate. It looks like a mutt, though, with some Yorkie tossed in.
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Looks exactly like David Tennant! Well done :D
The Artwork for all of them is outstanding but choosing a Chihuahua for Tennant? Seriously? It's an insult. One of the most ANNOYING breeds does not match Tennant in ANY way. 
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Rant warning- this isn't all directed at you, but I've been seeing tons of hate on chihuahuas recently, so I feel the need to write out my feelings as a HUGE dog lover. :)

Chihuahuas aren't annoying, the owners raise them to be. Any fault a dog has is it's owner's fault. Sure, there are personality tendencies in certain breeds, but only health problems are breed-related faults. I own a chihuahua/Pomeranian. I had wanted a bigger dog since my dog who passed away last year was a lab/heeler/aussie mix, but my mom picked the chihuahua mix. XD Anyway, I'm not the chihuahua type, but I have one, and after raising her like I would any other dog, she acts more or less like a larger dog. She loves to sit outside in the sun, and plays with me in a way that a big dog would (which doesn't end up near as successful due to her size, but the same thought process is behind it.), she doesn't shake like the majority of chihuahuas would (In most cases, small dogs shake because their owners don't understand the dog and end up traumatizing it. With larger breeds, the dog feels less under the control of you), and she's a very protective and loyal companion who I share a deep and meaningful bond with.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that, while dog breeds do have very slight tendencies in personality, every dog has a totally unique personality that it's born and raised to be. Almost any dog can have almost any personality, and it's mostly only owners and stereotypes that give breeds such strong reputations for being certain ways. This is also a problem because people often get dogs such as Labradors because they have a reputation for being smart, good with children, and easily trainable. Well I had a lab/aussie (Australian Shepherds are even more known for being smart), and while I loved her very much, she was flat out stupid. I can train most dogs to some extent, but that dog was as dumb as a brick. She was also anything but gentle, and was very rough with the small children. XD She was still a great dog, though, and it was devastating when she passed away.

Plus, I think the artist was mostly going for looks on these, and I also think that a chihuahua could easily look like tennant, and many other breeds that could have fit him worked better for other Doctors~
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Wow, thanks for nice words. I had a hard time choosing what to do for him...other people suggested a chihuahua, and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to fit. I was going mainly by looks. With a long-haired chihuahua I could make him the color of his own hair, and give him his hairstyle. David Tennant is my favorite, and chihuahuas are not my favorite dog, but I think it looks just like him.
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I am so thrilled that you went with a long haired chihuahua for David Tennant!  I happen to have a long haired chihuahua that I got during Ten's time, that I named The Doctor...he has his own companion I called Rory, who is also a long haired chihuahua.  Anyway...chihuahuas are my favorite dog, and Ten is my favorite you totally made my day! :)
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Thank you  thank you thank you!
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