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Dogtor Who

The complete set of Dogtors! Greyhound, Boston terrier, sheepdog, flandoodle, yellow lab, cocker spaniel, basset hound, irish setter, schnauzer, doberman pinscher, long-haired chihuahua, mutt, irish wolfhound
colored pencil, digital background

I chose the dogs to use mainly based on LOOKS....and to get a variety of sizes to make it more visually interesting. I understand that there are other options, maybe even better ones that I didn't think of because there are sooooo many types of dogs!! I am supremely happy with my choices, and I think they all look like their respective Doctors! I'm sure whatever suggestions anyone has would be great, but please refrain from telling me because I'm not going to change them! You should draw them! I'd love to see them!
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13th doctor would be an lassie

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Perfect choice! I loved it! It fits well not only physically but also the temperament (the doberman is my favourite: he is spot on for Nine who is the manliest and toughest doctor)
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I quite like this!
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I think the funniest and most spot-on of them are Four and War...but man does Four manage to look every bit as insane as usual even as a dog!
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I LOVE this!! Awesome work! :happybounce:
I feel that 11 should have a fez in his mouth!  but this great!
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Fantastic! Brilliant! Cool! Haha, this is so great! Love it!
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:D   Cute !!!   Love their facial expressions !!!
So is theier K-9 a robot monkey (SIM-EN)?
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I would picture K9 as a humanoid robot, that would take the Dogtors out for walkies!
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Yes yes YES YES YESSSS!!!!! THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS! This absolutely brilliant, well done :)
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Thank you so much! :D
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Why is Tennant a chihuahua? Just wow, a laid back loner chihuahua... Just wow... :D
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Because I felt that the hair of a long haired chihuahua would look a lot like him
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Yeah, I guess it does.
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my friend and i make dogtor who videos with his corgi XD we call the tardis the corgis XD
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Any chance of this being available as a wallpaper?? It would make me smile everyday at work.
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This is perfect! Each dog looks just like their human counterpart! The faces are perfect! Fur design is astounding.

Tom Baker the 4th doctor is my favorite. I must say you made the perfect canine version!

(Ps could you make a river song by any chance?)
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The breeds u chose are completely perfect! (apart from 10 & 11 in my opinion, but who cares?!)
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