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Well, I think this is a good place to start.

I had a deviantart account in highschool that I deactivated due to emotional baggage that I may or may not still be carrying around. That, and I have given up on becoming a professional cartoonist and focus on psychology and possibly psychiatry or theraphy. However, that doesn't completely kill my interest in comic art. Especially since it's a great medium for expressing emotions in a way live action can't. It's limiting when you make a video, but simply adding a thought bubble or hearts over your head makes it more obvious and creative depending on how you approach it.

Yeah, yeah, blah blah BLAH! I also have a comic strip that i've been posting without a set schedule involving my sojourns into video reviewing. It's not a new medium, but I think it has a lot of potential. It also carries a lot of fun stories to share both personal and metaphorical. If anything, It's like "American Splendor" but from a psych major anticipating years of debt in student loans :P

So don't expect updates about my show. This is more like my personal break from life.

So have fun, check out my stuff, send me requests and... yeah, not going to leave you without my links :)……