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September 7, 2007
A fortune cookie told me today that I'd be picking the wonderfully cute Fortune Cookie Charm Tutorial by *tedsie as today's DD. No, really - it's true!
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Fortune Cookie Charm Tutorial

Huge file.
I said I wasn't going to do tutorials, but people had so many questions that a bit ago I came up with my Clay FAQ. Since the semester ended I've had more questions and have seen more people applying their skills learned from my information, other artists' information, as well as their own experiements in making clay charms and figurines. One thing that stuck out to me was making fortune cookie charms strikingly similar to my own. Imitation is quite flattering, but none of them were doing it properly.
Seeing how I had actual time now to do such a thing, I figured a proper tutorial was in order.

Spread the word that this is here. ^_^

I'll take suggestions for other tutorials, as I rather enjoyed doing this one.

Please ignore that I misspelled "Michael's" and "Squirrel".

Tool links:
Lucky Squirrel Sanding Block
Examples of some Pasta Machines (Imperia makes a good one - look for them at Thrift Stores/Garage Sales)
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hkdsass's avatar
this is so cute

luckydesigns's avatar
Congratulations, you've been featured here! :love:
Please :+fav: the article so more people can see it. :heart:
Misa-Nami's avatar
oh me gosh awesome! >3< I must try!!! (=
MatoMiku's avatar
Oh My gosh! Time to make Friendship Fortune Cookies~!
splashysden's avatar
I made these with pink and blue, the pink one has a blue note and vice versa X3
DarklyDeath11's avatar
This is great thanks :) Very helpful oWo
ErizuStrawberries's avatar
I was wondering, you don't need to put sculpley in oven? I know you have too with "fimo" i'm not quite sure ><
splashysden's avatar
sculpey is polymer clay, so yes it goes in the oven. ^^ i just bought some
ErizuStrawberries's avatar
Okay, thank you ! But, did I have to put plastic glove when I sculpt this XD?
splashysden's avatar
It might make it look better, but it's not necessary. Plus I have a fingerprint issue with my charms.
colbyjackchz's avatar
<3 I love this tutorial!
Basilo's avatar
Sooooo Kawaii <3
millionlollipops's avatar
thank you for this!! D: I am such a nooob!!! TT
this helps me a lot hehe :)
blondilov3's avatar
i love the tutorial, but im wondering where did u get the supplies,couse i really want to make this it seams like so much fun!!
shadowqueen16's avatar
A little extra tip - I prefer using a matte glaze for the cookie as it looks more realistic, and still using dots of shiny sculpy glaze for the eyes. I just bought spray-on acrylic matte glaze that works great. it doesn't peel or crack or anything!
AngelGirlLove's avatar
I wanna make some
AngelGirlLove's avatar
Omg, so awesome and SO cute!
Mistress-Fortune's avatar
its soo cute! :)
i used it: [link]
KaoruMatsubara's avatar
can you give me again the materials pleas?
i didnt get it clear D:
wolfatmyheart's avatar
IzDatAznPerson's avatar
i wanna try to make one now~!!
seekverum's avatar
Thanks for this!
Lineysquares's avatar
Wow these where so easy to do! I love your tut! <3
Haruka-Katoaka's avatar
Adorable Charm!!
I :heart: it!
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