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The Punishment of Katie, part 01

By tedowen
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She was the only police officer willing to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Valentino sisters. She was willing to risk her career in order to expose the corruption of Anderson County's police department. Now, she is a captive of Roy's gang. And they are going to torture and humiliate her in the worst ways possible. The last and only hope for Roy's victims has been snuffed out. Katie will serve as a reminder to all the girls currently suffering at Roy's hand: no one is coming to save them.

One can't help but wonder what would drive Katie completely insane first - the overwhelming heat from the insulation, the unbearable stench of the swine piss, the complete sensory deprivation, the restrictive breathing routine... or, the humiliation and the knowledge that she will now spend every second in mental and physical agony for the rest of her life?

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© 2020 tedowen
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bondage-barbie-dollHobbyist Digital Artist
Just realised, she is pretty much protected from Covid in this, so there is that as a plus......
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amazing .. instead of piss we could insert human sperm once a while .. wearing this copper head dome forever the only chance for her to have some food would be to sniff some sperm through her nose .. that would nicely starve her slowly (over weeks) near to death .. the only way to have some drink, well as said, she can sniff some urin through her nose and trying to manage to channel it into her esophagus and stoamch instead into her windpipe and lungs ... no an easy task .. but by all means .. the breathing and soffocation intervals need to be changed. First the length of the breathing and suffocation intervals should be randomly chosen: breathing interals can change from 2 seconds to 6 seconds at max, the suffocation intervals can change from at least 6 minutes to 10 minutes at max ... poor Katie ...

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denkira7 Writer

So creative and brutal!

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id love to be put in this

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BritBastardHobbyist Photographer
Excellent work, tedowen.  :D :D :D

Do you think that the development that I see in your work has anything due to the coronavirus pandemic through which we are all currently living?

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diNorianHobbyist Digital Artist
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armandstevenHobbyist Digital Artist
:clap: :clap: :clap: :heart:
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Shine Ted Owen work, as always delighting with his art. I really like this new captured slavegirl, I hope she is treated as severely as possible, plus she must pay for trying to free other slavegirls, the torture must be double for her. Greetings and I hope to see more of his drawings and stories.
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AnwendungsfehlerHobbyist Digital Artist

Nice work. Elise did an automatic air control paired with e-shocks video over at bondageliberation...

(Oh my, she's such a cutie ...)

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LXXTProfessional Photographer
wow! great!
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bondage-barbie-dollHobbyist Digital Artist

That is deliciously evil. Just the breathing routine on its own is harsh. Tried it for 10 minutes myself and struggled to make that much!

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so cruel, so HOT!
Cannot wait for Part 2!!
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Thank you! :)

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This is fantastic, I'd love to use it on my Rubber Asylum page, with your permission of course , full credit to you for the art, and a link back here .  Thank you
tedowen's avatar

Go ahead! I'm glad you liked it.

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Nice work!
tedowen's avatar

Thank you!

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Toilet-BoyHobbyist Digital Artist
Incredibely awesome. : o
tedowen's avatar

Thank you! :D

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Diabolically wicked !
tedowen's avatar

Thank you. :)

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Mauser712Hobbyist Writer
Nobody has commented on the fantastic arm restraints.

At first I thought the insulation was spray foam, which would be really nasty! Not a fan of the urine thing though.
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I can understand that. :D The urine is meant to be a form of humiliation.

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underworld-eleganceProfessional Traditional Artist
Now thats engineering, good work. :)
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