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Don Rosa's version of my first tribute drawing

When I met Don Rosa at Bogforum on November 15, I received a VERY special gift - Don's version of a drawing I gave to him in 1998. The story of how this drawing came to be spans over 22 years!

It all began when I met Don for my second time, in Copenhagen, November 22, 1997. For that occasion I had made a quick idea sketch for a commission I wanted Don to make for me - Scrooge with things from different Don Rosa comics. Unfortunately Don didn't make any drawings at that occasion. He also told me it would have taken him a whole day to finish a drawing like that. So the drawing was never made. But I got all the Rosa comics I had brought with me as possible references for the drawing signed by Don.

About three months later, I read that Don was going to visit Stockholm the following month. Since Don last time couldn't make the Scrooge drawing for me I thought it would be a fun thing to make the drawing for him instead. So in Stockholm on March 21, 1998, I handed over the drawing to Don that I originally had wanted him to make for me. The only thing I added (compared to my first idea sketch) was Scrooge's trunk.

We jump forward 20 years in time. I sent an e-mail to Don and asked for a little request. I wrote that it in a couple of days it would be 20 years since I gave my first tribute drawing to him. I told the story of how it originally was a drawing I had wanted him to make for me. I explained that I - when I made the drawing - took a black and white copy of the original inked artwork before I started coloring it. But that I - after I had colored it with color pencils - had forgotten to take a close-up photo of the final result. So I asked Don if he had the opportunity to take a clear photo of the original artwork and e-mail it to me. I added "...I still think of how wonderful the drawing would have been if you had drawn it instead! It would have been the ultimate Don Rosa drawing for me!"

Don answered that he has kept EVERYTHING that anyone ever gave or sent to him and that he knows where the drawing is. (Sounds a lot like Scrooge, doesn't it?) It's in some of the piles of paper that are 20 years back inside his closet. But Don explained that digging into those piles of paper wasn't something he was planning to do in the near future. Which I totally understand!

But then he wrote something that confused me: "But I should finally do that drawing for you, eh?"..."I'll print out that 20-year-old image and trace it and ink & color it... WHEN I get around to doing some commission art."

I answered Don that I thought he had misunderstood me. That the request I had in mind was about a photo of the original artwork I gave to him. That I didn't mean that the request was about a drawing commission. I added "With that said, I would LOVE (!!) to see you making your version of my 20-year-old drawing. As I wrote, that would have been the ultimate Don Rosa drawing for me! BUT unfortunately I don’t earn enough as a comic artist to be able to pay you for such a commission."

Don answered "And I am SURE you misunderstood ME. I intend to do such a drawing for you just as a friend. (No fee!)" He asked me to send a hi-rez image of my copy that he could print out and trace for the pose and general shape, and then draw it in his own style.

I couldn't believe what I had just read! Don was finally going to make the drawing I had dreamt of for more than 20 years?!! I had to pinch myself!

We jump to September 12 this year. I knew I was going to meet Don at Bogforum in Copenhagen two months later, so I sent an e-mail to Don and asked if he had the time to make the drawing until then, because that would be a great opportunity to receive the drawing in person. Don answered that he had finished it right after I had sent him the image of my drawing, about 17 months earlier! He promised to bring it with him to Copenhagen.

The big day comes. I met Don at Bogforum November 15, on the month 25 years after I met him for the very first time! And about 19 months after Don had finished it, he gives me his version of my first tribute drawing for him. I couldn't be happier!!! What an AMAZING gift from the artist that has formed me as an artist and as a person!

It's impossible for a single drawing to be more SPECIAL to me than this one! For me it symbolizes everything I love with Don's work. It symbolizes my lifelong desire to become a professional Duck artist myself. And it symbolizes my relationship with my favorite artist. THANK YOU once again Don, for your extremely generous gift!!

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Helt fantastiskt, Ted! Jag är verkligen glad för din skull!
TedJohansson's avatar
Stort tack! :D Jag har fortfarande svårt att ta in det. Det blir inte större än så här för mig!
Ha en trevlig helg!
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Det var så lite, Ted! Detsamma! ;)
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this is such an amazing story!!! wow!! thank you for sharing this with us, I'm smiling ear to ear now :) 

and this drawing is brilliant, both of them are :) 
TedJohansson's avatar
Thank you very much for your nice words, Mina! :D As you understand, I still have to pinch myself! 
Have a nice weekend!
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I totally do :) have a nice weekend, too!!
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Super koolt.
TedJohansson's avatar
Ja, det är ett minne för livet! :D
Ha en bra dag!
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What an honor! :D
TedJohansson's avatar
It sure is!! It doesn't get any bigger than this for me!
Have a nice day!
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