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These are the two portfolios I made for my Senior Studio course. One for taking around to clients, the other for mailing. The photos aren't great, but whatever.
The big portfolio is actually a record box I recovered.
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What type of paper did you use to cover the record box? Where did you get it at?
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It's been a long time, but it was probably something like heavy Canson paper I found at the art store. 
Can a DVD fit in the insert? And can I buy these with my company design?
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It's the size of a vinyl record, so a DVD should fit. Can't buy them. I made this for a project in college.
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what is the size of the big portfolio?
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It's a record box, so it's about 12"x12".
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Hey bro, first of all let me say you did a GREAT job on this!

I have skimmed through the comments here and found you made this yourself, that's pretty cool, but do you remember how you've made the little box? Is it just cardboard? Did you send it to a printer?
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It's just cardboard wrapped with black paper. =)
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Haha nice, how did you bend the cardboard? How did you apply the paper?
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I know I applied the paper with white glue and a brush... I have no idea how I bent the cardboard. Can't remember. :lol:
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Oh my, this is simply incredible. If you somehow make it smell like a new record, this will be perfect. I would probably hire you without opening the box.
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what was the little box made out of? O.o
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I made that myself out of a type of cardboard. Forgot what it was called.
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This is a great idea!
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thats really awesome how u did that. and u only used a record box? i have to do something like this for my ib classes in sept, and i still need to figure out what it is i wanna make it out of...
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Yep, a lot of classical music records come in boxes like this. They're pretty cheap, too.
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thnx, i did try doing 2 like them so far, so thnx for the help
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It's well put together and I love the graphic quality of it. Btw..I was wondering if you had any suggestions on finding inspiration for your mailing portfolio?

I have a similar project coming up soon where I need to design an inexpensive portfolio I can reproduce quickly and mail to potential employers.. I just can't seem to find anything that sparks my imagination for packaging. Any tips?
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In the course where I made this portfolio, our teacher recommended finding cheap objects that you can modify into a portfolio, like a box or book. That's partly why I went with a record box. But there are a lot of possibilities. :)
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