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DarkOne4Mod v1

This is a modified and modernized design of DarkOne v4 for foobar2000

Bugfix update uploaded!

Version 1.0
* fixed: resize issues in ELPlaylist
* fixed: resize issues for Quicksearch toolbar
* added: configuration files for easier installation (read the "Install Instructions.txt" file!)

- see full Changelog in ...\foobar2000\themes\DarkOne4Mod folder -


This modified version should work with every display resolution and window size from 904*x px up to 4K.

You may only need to increase Font size in Preferences --> Columns UI --> Colours and fonts --> Fonts tab and increase row heights of the playlists as followed:

ELPlaylist (playlist View 1)
* enable playlist View 1 at the bottom of the right panel
* do a right-mouse-click on a track or empty space in the playlist to select "Settings"
* go to the "Grouping" tab and increase "Row height" (i advice you to increase in 5 pt steps only!)
* hit "OK"

EsPlaylist (playlist View 3)
* enable playlist View 3 at the bottom of the right panel
* do a right-mouse-click on a track or empty space in the playlist to select "Options --> Configure"
increase "Row height" and hit "OK"


© 2016 - 2021 tedgo
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Hi Tedgo,

Where can I download DO4Mv2b3 (as mentioned by gonzalo76 on Mar 24 2021)?

I am a long time user of your theme (current version: DarkOne4Mod Version 1.0 build20161003).

Thank you.


I am accessing/looking into Certainly need the service of Google Translate into English.

You are on the correct page , download extract from that first page (translated)


Tester version DarkOne4Mod v2.0 2019 beta 3 ( recommended ) (including fcl file and components) thread

Hello, I've been using this config for years but recently got an ultra-wide type monitor (32'' 1440p) and I've having some issues. See the attached pics.

One I could use help with is that the artwork obscures the waveform seekbar when the window is maximized. Not a problem when foobar is shrunk down to only take up half the screen. Any ideas for a fix?

The other issue I have is the prop tab. I would like to widen the column on the left if possible to give more room for the prop categories. Also, "metadata" and "general" are in tiny fonts and I would like to increase those fonts if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any help. Much appreciated.

Foobar Max No Waveform Seek
Foobar Half Size Not Max
Foo Prop Tab

I want to apply Gerhard's beta 3 version (DO4Mv2b3) to DarkOne4Mode v1 but I don't know how to copy the folders. My foobar2000 is installed (not portable).

  1. configuration: goes to C:\Users\gonza\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000

  2. cui-configs darkone4mod (I don't know where to copy this one. And then I assume I have to activate DarkOne4Mod_v2.0_build20191019.fcl in foobar2000.)

  3. user-components goes to C:\Users\gonza\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000

Thank you very much!


PS: I copied the 3 folders to C:\Users\gonza\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000 and everything seems to work fine. DarkOne4Mode v2 is already activated.

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Yes, all folders belong to the foobar2000 profile path.

But be aware of that it is still a beta... and i don't have the time to work on it at the moment...

Hi Tedgo hope you are well , any chance of a Beta 4 version that allows the use of latest jscript panel 2.5.3

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Hello all! Just started messing with this and was able to get most colors how I want. But, I just can't find a few more things.

When I select in the album list, it is blue, where can I change the color?

I was able to change color of Console, Time, Volume etc. but only Visual text is still default and didn't change with the others. Where is this found?

Also, if possible where and how can I adjust the color of the playback, power, etc. buttons?

Almost there. Just need a bit more help.

Screenshot 2021-01-31 154740
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Love this skin, thank you! I have a problem and two questions:

  1. my top bar is still white (top bar, with foobar2000 logo), how can I change colour?

  2. how can I customize "reserve" panels (those on the right side of properties)?

  3. how can I replace Lyrics panel 3 with ESLyrics?

Thank you in advance to anyone can answer!

  1. Windows Settings > Personalization > Colors > choose color then turn on 'Title bars and windows borders' from the bottom.

I love this skin, but is it possible to add the menus like File, View etc.? And also restore the volume bar instead of a knob? Thanks for the theme anyway.

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Does anyone know how to correct or speed up the playlist when many items are added? It gets very slow when scrolling that much album art. Any help would be appreciated.

will this skin work on both the portable and stand version of the new 1.6.2 version?

Still relevant

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Hi , it's the best skin ever made

is there a way to integrate foo_vis_vumeter.dll ? An anolog vu meter would amazing!

cheers ,take care

does anyone know how to remove the volume knob and how to insert a simple seekbar on the right button panel? thank you

Tedgo, are you there ?

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Absolutely amazing, thanks!

great work and great look. I'd like to remove waveform seekbar and center vertically the cover album? It's possible and how? Thanks

Looks Great!


Hello Tedgo,

I just started working with skins for Foobar2000 and would like to thank you! Nice job with DarkOne4!

After spending some time and research all is good but I do have a couple of small glitches I can't work out and I was hoping you might point me in the right direction.

1) The Album List pane 'prop' metadatd is all jammed to the left. I tried the configure button in the splitter control but no luck. (Tried to drag it but won't save) The first column is always just one letter and dot dot dot or just dot dot dot .

2) The 'pane-status-bar' selection on the control panel works but the text in the status bar is unreadably small. Any way to change that?

everything else is perfect!

Thanks again!


Well I've been sampling a few foobar skins this week and so far this one is probably the best. Good work

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New to skins in foobar2000 and after browsing a few i stopped to this, it's really good looking and offers the functions i need too.

I'm missing just a quick way to switch the outputs since i'm using a DAC/AMP for headphones and also have onboard sound and monitor sound and such, would love if i can find a guide or something to add a button (ok, adding a button i managed to do) to select the output.

Or even better, define a button for each output i need (like just changing from 1 to 2 needed).

Thanks for your work

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I'm not Tedgo, but take a look at the software SoundSwitch I think that is exactly what you are looking for however instead of a button in foobar you would set a hotkey on your keyboard that would toggle between your desired outputs. IMO this is a much cleaner solution and offers much more customization. :D

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Hi Tedgo, Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself! Glad to see you are active once more :) I have had a configuration question for many years and am finally annoyed enough to ask for help about it haha.

When in View 1 on DarkOne (Metro Version) when I have an album loaded and it included an extremely detailed (long) artist tag it doesn't truncate which means I am unable to see the track title! This is problematic on albums that are either very meticulously tagged, classical albums for example.

I believe the setting would be related to ELPlaylist, but I'm lost on how to fix it. I've been able to disable the artist column completely which is not ideal but it'd be great if it truncated after say 60 characters or so. I've looked through the foobar/ELplaylist documentation but I couldn't find anything definitive. I also wouldn't know where to make the change without potentially breaking other functionality!

Was really hoping you could help me out! ^^;

I attached an image of an example of the issue in action. Cheers!

Foobar truncate help
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