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DarkOne v4

This is the new design line based on DarkOne v3.1 for foobar2000

ATTENTION: DarkOne v4 only works properly in resolutions at 1280*x or higher!


Version 4.0
* updated: component package
* removed: enabling windows scripting host through batch file
* removed: additional dll's for waveform seekbar (are included now)
* fixed: freezing window with aac streams
* fixed: display issue with aac streams
* updated: component package
* added: needed dll's for waveform seekbar (temporarily)
* fixed: small cosmetic error in Manual
* fixed: rare crash in Display Panel with Pregap including Cuefiles
* fixed: display glitch in ELPlaylist Popup window
* fixed: rare crash in Display Panel when playback time is NaN
* updated: component package
* fixed: crash in Display Panel with FLAC TAGZ
* updated: component package
* Initial release

The archive contains the following components (the latest versions available at 2014-02-07):
Album List Panel, Columns UI and libpng-libraries
Biography View Panel, Channel Spectrum Panel, ELPlaylist, EsPlaylist and Panel Stack Splitter
Lyric Show Panel 3
Peakmeter Spectrum component
Playback Statistics
Quick Search Toolbar
Waveform seekbar
WSH Panel mod

This config has its official thread on the german foobar-users forum
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Congratulation for such work. it's really nice, attractive and complete.

I've tested Roon which is supposed to be the must have but it uses a lot of computer resources an needs an expensive harware.

I'm now back to Foobar which is, for me, a great player in terms of sound quality and with help of DarkOne v4 I now have a perfect sound system.

Thank a lot.

Where can I find the instructions, in English, to install this skin?


Use Foobar with Dark One for years and I am very happy with this comb.

But the last few weeks the columms keep disapearing when I restart my PC and start up Foobar. So after every restart I have to import Dark One v4 everytime to see those great columms again.

I keep Foobar up to date with latest stable versions. Is this something with the latest version 1.6.7?

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No column problems for me with foobar 1.6.7 or latest version 1.6.8.

We need to know more about your setup.

Have a look here:

Thanks for the reply. I really wasn't aware of the update function within the components. So some of them where really old. Columns UI was on version ;-)

So I did the automatic and manual update.

Hope all is good for now.

Thanks again!

I customized this theme only slightly to show data I am interested in seeing for NGP playlist view that I use most often. Below is what fb2k looks like when I play content:

I added Sample Rate and Bit Depth columns that show relevant information for all files. Additionally, all my tags have proper case. I removed upper case functions from many of the fields from taskbar display to main track title:

If there's any interest, I can share how to do this (if you do not already know).

Hi Pervyzilla, could you share with me how you set up Foobar as in your picture? Thanks.

Hi Steve. I posted steps to do it on hydrogenaudio in this thread: Adding Columns To DarkOne v4.0 Playlist View ( This shares exactly how to do it with step-by-step instructions. Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions.

Hi! Does this version works with foobar2000 v1.6.7?

Hello! I followed the text file to install. However, no PDF file popped up after installation. Where can I find the file?

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C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\themes\DarkOne_v4.0

I followed the instructions exactly got it installed but no music nothing, everything is blank? Any help would be great.

Screenshot 13

Next update should have a way to make the album artist one box, you click the artsit name and the albums of said artist pop out and then click the album you want for the track list. Keeps it neater. no reason to have one artists name 100 times . Also if there could be a way to have separate pages. In orginal foo I have a music mix playlist which has random music tracks I like. When I add the mix here it adds them as separate tracks not as a folder and then crates pop outs for the artist..


You are requesting a major change to the design of the skin. It would be better for you use another skin that does what you are looking for. This skin has worked as it currently does for quite a long time. Why not find another skin that does what you are looking for instead?

Hi, I've just re-installed Foobar2000 and applied DarkOne. Thank you.

However, I encountered problem. The themes can not loaded as it said "The layout import was aborted because the following required panels are not installed:

- Biography

I've tried to figure out what it is but can not install that panels. (others were successfully instaled).

Please help. Mine Foobar is 1.6.6. Thanks

Is there a way to create a Playback Queue auto playlist, or see the songs you added to queue in a list?

The theme supports standard fb2k functionality, so simply create a playlist as you would normally in fb2k. Select the three pane view using the button at the upper right. Library view is first, and this shows your entire library. Below this are all your playlists you have created. Select a playlist, and its contents will show in the playlist view to the right. fb2k supports queuing natively in addition to playlists.

Very nice skin!

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