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DarkOne v3.1

This is the successor of DarkOne v2.1 for foobar2000
If you are interested in the new design line of DarkOne please see DarkOne v4


DarkOne3 only works properly in resolutions at 1024*x or higher!

Version 3.1
* updated: component package
* removed: enabling windows scripting host through batch file
* removed: additional dll's for waveform seekbar (are included now)
* updated: components package
* added: needed dll's for waveform seekbar (temporarily)
* updated: component package
* added: Lyric Show Panel 3
* added: switchable scrollbar for panels in LIB button
* added: some options to cover panel
* added: enhanced context menu of volume knob
* changed: small cosmetic updates
* updated: components package to latest versions
* fixed: Rating Panel now works for Audio CD too
* fixed: some small code improvements
* removed: own made wsh lyrics panel
* removed: own %band% tag remapping (obsolete since foobar2000 v1.1.6)

Version 3.0.1
* updated component package
* updated component package
* fixed: components installation on XP
* fixed: Various Artists image in ELPlaylist and MiniPlaylist
* updated: EsPlaylist
* fixed: Play icon in ELPlaylist
* changed: made Rating Display more conveniant
(read more about in the new Manual.pdf, chapters 2.21, and

Version 3.0
* added: EsPlaylist as "graphical browser"
* added: Waveform seekbar with a simple setup
* updated: components package to latest versions
* changed: DarkOne-files now copied to the ...foobar2000themes folder
* changed: Components are now copied to %appdata%foobar2000user-components to meet component update option introduced in foobar2000 v1.1
* changed: behaviour of Rating Panel and Rating Display in the playlists to meet new functionality in foo_playcount 3.0
* changed: readme file, german and english user guide's now merged into one "manual.pdf" (can be found in the ...foobar2000themesDarkOne folder)
* fixed: Lyrics Panel now works with foo_lyricsgrabber2
* fixed: ELPlaylist now respects CUI colour/fonts settings (as possible)

The archive contains the following components (the latest versions available at 2014-02-07):
Album List Panel, Columns UI and libpng-libraries
Biography View Panel, Channel Spectrum Panel, ELPlaylist, EsPlaylist and Panel Stack Splitter
Lyric Show Panel 3
Peakmeter Spectrum component
Playback Statistics
Quick Search Toolbar
Waveform seekbar
WSH Panel mod

This config has its official thread on the german foobar-users forum
© 2010 - 2021 tedgo
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Hola Tedgo, estoy fascinado con tus habilidades y conocimiento para crear estas maravillas, felicidades. Tengo muchisima curiosidad por saber como o con que programa consiges crear el instalador .exe a partir de las carpetas y archivos. Si no es un secreto profesional me gustaria saberlo. Sin mas agradecido por tu dedicacion y entrega. GRACIAS

Hi Tedgo, I hope you're doing okay man, haven't seen you post any comments or anything in ages. Still using DarkOne all these years later, thanks again!

Muchas gracias por compartir, esperemos que salga todo bien.

Every time I've tried to install this theme I get this.


I've followed the PDF instruction, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Wow tedgo, This is the only theme I'll ever need! :) I use foobar2000 in portable mode. I did not use your installer but instead just placed all components in the right places myself. Works like a charm. Thank you!

Small glitch: When I'm hovering over a track with the pointer, the little overlay stays in the left screen when the player is in the right (in a dual screen setup). Maybe it's my Radeon Pro (driver), different screen sizes and resolutions? One update behind on W10 1903, latest foobar2000 (portable) version and DarkOne v3.1 and up to date drivers.

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I can't tell what's the problem...
v3.1 is quite old and i'm working on DarkOne4 v2.0 Mod & Clx (based on the Mod, but with the colour scheme of DarkOne v4.0) at the moment.

Maybe its caused by the outdated components used with v3.1...

After i finished my work on DarkOne4 i will update the current DarkOne v3.1 to DarkOne3 v2.0 (changing my complete versioning names to better differ them from each other).
But this will last some time... i still have to rewrite some JScripts and the new Manual.pdf and porting the new scripts and enhancements to the Clx colour scheme before i can work on DarkOne3.

I'm really not bothered by it at all :) but I can see you are a perfectionist. I thought you would appreciate it to know, when someone runs up against any type of glitches. Love that you are working on DarkOne and am looking forward to try out DarkOne4!

I'm okay.. I found a backup of that version (DO 3.01). Thanks again for your great work!
Greetings tedgo.. I love all of your work on the DarkOne. Is there a way I can get DO 3.0? My pc got taken down by a virus, and I lost all of my skin files. I'm really hoping you can help me! Thanks.
Hi.. I actually meant DarkOne 3.01 is what I'm requesting for. Sorry...

What is better in the older version? I really :heart: v3.1 but it's my first DarkOne :)

It's really pretty similar to v3.1, with only diff is the glassy look to it, which I like a lot. I'm sure v3.1 has lots of improvements, but I've done so much tweaking to my v3.01 that it's still my version of choice.

How do I uninstall this skin completely?
How can I disable the minimize to tray function? I want foobar to remain on taskbar
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Been using this skin for 4 yrs+, best one out there!

A question, how can I change the height of the middle panels so that the spectrum display is bigger / song list (WSH panel) is smaller?
Right-clicking on each panel appears to allow config of that panel but how do you adjust the split / frame / whatever?  I realize their may be a CPU hit.
Thanks again for a great skin!
You have to mess a bit most likely with the main panel (Panel Stack Splitter). Skinning FB2K is very easy if you understand the code.
Hi. Just installed and configured as in the PDF. However, when I exited Foobar2000 I was prompted by a popup saying that the configuration file could not be found.
I pressed retry but no change. then it just closed and all changes went back to default.
What could be the reason for that?
If you do any changes to the config, always save a FCL and you'll have a backup.
Try reloading the FCL again, save and close FB2K. I don't know what the problemo can be.
Hi folks

Has anyone run into problems with their darkone 3.1 since the most recent windows 10 update? since that update was installed the rating stars are showing as squares :( anyone else??
Sorry I use Windows 12 x-D
(this happens on the middle playlist viewing option...
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