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DarkOne v2.1

This version is no longer maintained.
Look here for its successor v3.0: [link]
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Hello I'm new here.

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Hello I'm new here.  Not so new to Foobar2000.  I thought I'd try this out and did install it.  Very cool.  But it lacks some features that I would like and it blocks windows from opening without minimizing this.

How can I completely uninstall this so I can start fresh again?
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Just import another FCL file or go back to Default UI.
Its not a real installer, just an unpacker that extracts the files to the correct folders ;)

If you want to dll's, you can do this from within foobar2000 Preferences/Components page.
The image files (and manual aso.) can be easily deleted after you have selected another FCL or returned to DUI.
Like the skin,but how to down it
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Hit "Download File" right hand of the site ;)
please help me down it?
how to dowload it?
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Simply click on "Download file"
But why?
There are some successors out in the meantime...
I want this skins i like we want to use it
Thanks Tedgo, how do I view the images named "icon". Front, back, disc and artist are displayed correctly.
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Same answer as to your comment on v3.0.1 ;)
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I want this skins i like we want to use it
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wow, it really works!
Thanks for your great work! :)
Hmm..if only skinning foobar is easier, I would love this player! I desperately installed skins to foobar and only yours met my liking :D
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Maybe you should take a look at v3.0.1 [link]
Its the latest version of DarkOne and may met your liking, too
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already used :D
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i'm after download this file cannot access file 104 error, why? please tell me whats wrong from file... T_T
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Thank you!
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where the settings of DSP Manager are saved?
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They should be stored in the configuration folder (%appdata%\foobar2000\configuration) for each 3rd-party-dsp-component (as well as all other components).
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