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May 10, 2009
DarkOne v1.5 by ~tedgo This is one awesome Foobar config that all Foobar users must try
Featured by mrrste
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DarkOne v1.5.2

This configuration is no longer maintained!
An updated version is available here: [link]
© 2009 - 2022 tedgo
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Добрый день, плеер перестал загружать биографию исполнителя с с чем это может быть связано?

Good afternoon, the player stopped downloading the biography of the artist with with what it could be connected?
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Thank you ~! I am using very good ... very good! ~ LOVE YOU ~!
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 Hello! ~ DARKONE VER1.3 give download it?
I like this version!
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This version is obsolete and may no longer work correctly with the latest components...
You should really take one of its successors DarkOne v3 or v4
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Thank you. I like very much all versions of ~DARKONE! Thank you again for your reply! ~
Can't find the download link anywhere, need it very badly. Please post a link...........

Note: Know that it is no longer maintained, now using v4 and waiting for v5 too....
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There is no download link anymore, since its not recommended to use this old obsolete version...

v5 isn't planned for years i guess...
v4 (and the v3.1, which is an alternate design of the same - or better: similar - config only) is almost complete ;)
No v5 :o (Eek) ???? I think you should. Anyway Thanks :happybounce:.....
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What for?
v4 and v3.1 works perfectly in my opinion, so there's no need for v5 at the moment ;)
But of course, someday...
Ối trời ơi! em không biết tiếng Anh. ai gíup em với
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This download is obsolete.
You should take a look at its successors (v3.1 or v4)
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Hi Tedgo,

Thanks for sharing this great skin ! Yesterday, I installed Foobar2000 and I'd like to know how can I install this skin easily ?

1.I suppose I need to copy all dark one folder into the foobar2000 folder.

2.If i open DarkOne v1.5.2.fcl file via Ctrl+P --> Columns UI/main tab --> "FCL importing and exporting" --> Import., is it enough ??

3. Is there anything else, I need to add ? Do I need to modify settings also, in the latest version of foobar2000 ?

Thanks in advance !
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There's a User Guide shipped with the 7zip file.
Please read its instructions :)

Maybe you should take the successor of v1.5.2 (it's v3.0.1) instead:

v1.5.2 is quite old and may not work with the latest components.
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Best Skin vor Foobar, but I liked the rotary knob for the volume, why did you change that? Thank you very much! [link]
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This v1.5.2 is quite old...
You should use v3.0 instead ;)
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Yes, thank you very much, I was a bit confused. ;) I would like to sort the tracks via tracknumbers in their tag fields and changed under "Settings" of the ELPlaylist the "sort format" in the "Grouping" field to "%tracknumber_sort%", but the tracks still get listed like they are in the explorer. Am I doing it wrong or what's the reason? I thought this would have a higher priority as the tracks are sort in the folder?

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There's no %tracknumber_sort%...
But %tracknumber% only ;)
Could you please tell me how can i remove darkone?
i would like to test hifoo instead.
Installation tuto of hifoo didn't work. i still have darkone displayed.
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You just need to open the hifoo.fcl file via Ctrl+P --> Columns UI/main tab --> "FCL importing and exporting" --> Import.

That should work.

I don't tested hifoo, does it comes with configuration files?
If you only want to test it, without removing darkone, i'd advice you to install a portable foobar2000 installation and test it in this installation instead of your main installation.
hi i have a little problem i searched all the components and installed them but when i want to import the "darkone.fcl" it is said that 3 more panels are not installed
1. wsh panel mod (
2. el playlist (v0.6.9.0b(2010/07/30))
3. biography (v0.4.2.3(2010/09/20))

i have them all but i think that mb the problem is that they arent the version you wrote but i dont find your version can you help me?

forward thanks
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It should work with the latest versions, too.
But maybe you should take a look at the latest DarkOne [link]

It has all components packed in a self-extracting archive but lacks the feature "Compact mode".
wow thanks thats much easier and it works :D
Awesome,dude.I love it!
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