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I have finished the work on DarkOne4 v2.0 Mod and need some beta testers now. If anybody is interested in, please write me a message and i'll send you a download link for the needed files :) After beta phase i will create DarkOne4 v2.0 Clx (a version with the old anthracite-blue colour scheme and some visual changes compared to the Mod version that will supersede the old DarkOne v4.0) based on the "beta-tested" Mod version and will write the new manual.pdf. Thanks in advance tedgo aka Gerhard
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Hi to you all! I just want you to know, that i'm still alive. I had some serious private and health problems in the past and had no time or muse to keep my configs alive... but i will try to get back into it :-) I can't promise you any fast updates - especially because some components have had changed a lot in the meantime and i need some investigations to "update" my skills first... And there are still my health problems i can't get rid of... But at least i'm working on DarkOne4Mod v2.0. There will be no excessive feature improvements, though... (but for personal enhancements there are already the "Reserve" panels made and ment for ;-)) Most improvements will relate to usability. I will not visit this site frequently, so i hope you will appreciate when answering your questions will last some time... tedgo aka Gerhard
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Sorry for my long absence, but i had a HDD crash and after fixing and recreating the most important tasks i now can work again on DarkOne. But need to recreate all changes i made since the last upload... An update of DarkOne4Mod and expecially an update of DarkOne4 (with all changes i made) will still last some time... This will remind me to always make backups... i haven't done so far... blame on me... tedgo aka Gerhard
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Darkone 4 is my all time fave foobar skin. Any updates forthcoming?
Hi tedgo, you good?
Hi Gerhard,
no news ... bad news?
Does anybody have any update or info regarding Gerhard (Tedgo) and his wonderfull DarkOne foobar2000 skin???
Do we have to begin to worry?

Kind regards
Hi Gerhard,

I am using your theme (Dark One) for Foobar for years now and I really really love it. I was always able to fix most of my problems with Foobar myself but now I do have a problem that I can not handle. Foobar starts normally but all the playlists are gone, all the buttony for library, playlists, lyrics... are gone as well as the right window where all the songs in one playlist are listed. So it is unusable in this state. Pressing play starts the first song that was in the playlist. Using a backup from 2017 results in Foobar working normally but after 2-4 days the problem appears again.

Do you have any suggestions what could be the problem?

Here is a picture of how Foobar looks like withe the problem:


Thanks for the great work!

Kind regards from germany.

Hi Gerhard, how are you? pls can you update us about your foobar2000 skin project? No news about your DarkOne4 further releases ???
Somebody can answer?
Ciao Alberto
Happy Birthday 🍾🖖🏻
Hello tedgo, still loving eeryday your version no. 3.1. I was wondering if it's possible to change the font and font size of the right panel, I think it's by default on arial black, I'd like to give it a Segoe look, here's the image: postimg.org/image/mxmnx42mz/